Network Decomposition tool

This tool allows you to obtain the hierarchical modular organization of a submitted network.
The decomoposition method includes three steps:
1. Contruct a clustering tree based on distances between nodes in a network and obtain preliminary modules with the maximal number of nodes smaller than a threshold value.
2. optional step. There are many small modules or even isolated nodes from the tree. In this step, we can first merge these small modules with other modules based on maximizing modularityso that the minimal size of modules is larger than a threshold value.
3. Join the modules successively until the modularity is maximized. In this method we generate a series of decompositions with different number of modules and the users can choose the best decomposition with the maximal modularity or a decomposition with a fixed number of modules.

Choose your network file to submit (the input file should include an edge list delimited by ',', tab or space. see an example file here).

Select the maximal size of the initial modules obtained from the clustering tree(Default value is 30)

Choose the minimal size of the initial modules (optional)

Choose the final number of modules (default value is 1)

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