KEGG Network Extractor, Visualizer and Analyser

This site allows you to obtain, visualize and analyze organism-specific metabolic networks based on KEGG (release 56, Dec 2010). For more help see here.

For organisms already in KEGG

1. Enter one or more KEGG organism abbreviations separated by "," (eg. "eco" or "eco,bsu") If more than one organisms are selected, a merged network containing reactions from all organisms will be generated. Organism abbreviations can be found from KEGG. You can also enter "all" to get a network including all reactions which are in at least one organism.

2. choose the network reconstruction method, you can choose KO based method(gene-KO-reaction) or EC based method (gene-EC-reaction) or both to get a more complete network.
KO based EC based ?

For newly sequenced organisms not in KEGG or any user generated network

Enter KEGG reaction IDs (eg. R00001,R00002), EC numbers(, or KO IDs (K00161,K00162) to generate a metabolic network. You can also upload a text file which contains one ID per line (an example file). Sequence based annotation services such as KAAS, RAST can be used to generate EC/KO lists from sequences.

or upload a file including a list of reactions/ECs/KOs.

A subnetwork can be generated by selecting one or more pathways below.

please enter either organism names or submit your own id lists!

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