MGEC: Modelling Genetically Engineered Circuits

In synthetic biology researches, people often need to assemble a gene with new promoters to construct new gene circuits so that the target gene can be regulated by different transcription factors. Our model build tool allows the biologists who have little modelling experience easily generate a preliminary model for the constructed gene circuit. They only need to tell which promoter (or regulatory parts in the MIT registry) and gene are assembled. Our tool will automatcally search in our database to find which transcription factor can bind to the promoter and regulate the expression of the target gene. Alternatively the users can directly tell the name of the binding Transcription factor. The users can add many promoter-gene pairs as they want to contruct very complex gene circuits. By pressing the "create model" button, a preliminary model in SBML format will be generated. The users can then open the model in software such as Copasi, SimBiology to further refine the kinetic equation and parameters for better fitting of the experimental data. In the near future, we will add function to allow the users generate models with different complexity.

or type the name of the Transcription factor which can bind to the promoter here