Gene information

Geneid Name Description
b0001thrLRegulatory leader peptide for thrABC operon
b0002thrAAspartokinase I and homoserine dehydrogenase I, bifunctional
b0003thrBHomoserine kinase
b0004thrCThreonine synthase
b0005yaaXPredicted secreted protein, DUF2502 family, function unknown
b0006yaaAPeroxide resistance protein, lowers intracellular iron
b0007yaaJPredicted transporter, sodium:alanine (SAF) symporter family; function unknown
b0008talBTransaldolase B
b0009mogMolybdochelatase incorporating molybdenum into molybdopterin; chlorate resistance
b0010yaaHInner membrane protein, Grp1_Fun34_YaaH family; function unknown
b0011yaaWUPF0174 family, function unknown
b0013yaaIPredicted secreted protein, UPF0412 family, function unknown
b0014dnaKHsp70 molecular chaperone, heat-inducible; bichaperone with ClpB for protein disaggregation
b0015dnaJDnaK co-chaperone HSP40; DNA-binding protein; stress-related DNA biosynthesis, responsive to heat shock; binds Zn(II)
b0016insL1IS186 transposase
b0018mokCOverlapping regulatory peptide, enables hokC expression
b0019nhaANa+/H+ antiporter 1, strongly pH-dependent; helps regulate intracellular pH and extrude lithium; nhaA_P1 activated by NhaR, repressed by H-NS and stimulated by Na(+)
b0020nhaRPositive regulator of nhaA, Na(+)-dependent
b0021insB1IS1 transposase B
b0022insA1IS1 transposase A
b0023rpsT30S ribosomal subunit protein S20
b0024yaaYFunction unknown
b0025ribFRiboflavin kinase and FAD synthase, riboflavin biosynthesis
b0026ileSIsoleucine--tRNA ligase
b0027lspAProlipoprotein signal peptidase, signal peptidase II; SPII
b0028fkpBFKBP-type peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase
b0029ispH4-hydroxy-3-methylbut-2-enyl diphosphate reductase; last, branched, step of isopentenyl diphosphate (IPP) and dimethylallyl diphosphate (DMAPP) synthesis from 1-hydroxy-2-methyl-2-(E)-butenyl 4-diphosphate; alternative nonmevalonate (DXP) pathway for terp
b0030rihCRibonucleoside hydrolase
b0031dapBDihydrodipicolinate reductase
b0032carACarbamoyl phosphate synthase, small subunit; glutamine-hydrolyzing, tetramer of heterodimers
b0033carBCarbamoyl phosphate synthase, ammonia, large subunit; tetramer of heterodimers
b0034caiFTranscriptional activator of cai operon
b0035caiEStimulates activities of CaiD and CaiB
b0036caiDCarnitinyl-CoA dehydratase
b0037caiCCrotonobetain/carnitine-CoA ligase
b0038caiBCarnitine dehydratase; crotonobetaine reductase, CI component
b0039caiACrotonobetaine reductase, CII component
b0040caiTL-carnitine/gamma-butyrobetaine antiporter; trimeric; BCCT family
b0041fixARequired for anaerobic carnitine reduction
b0042fixBRequired for anaerobic carnitine reduction
b0043fixCPredicted flavoprotein oxidoreductase; may be involved in anaerobic carnitine reduction; predicted FAD-binding domain; function unknown
b0044fixXRelated to carnitine metabolism
b0045yaaUPredicted transporter, MFS family, function unknown; membrane protein
b0046kefFPotassium-efflux system ancillary protein for KefC; glutathione-regulated; quinone oxidoreductase, FMN-dependent
b0047kefCNEM-activatable K+/H+ antiporter
b0048folADihydrofolate reductase; trimethoprim resistance
b0049apaHDinucleoside tetraphosphatase, symmetrical; diadenosine tetraphosphatase; bis(5'-nucleosyl)-tetraphosphatase, symmetrical
b0050apaGExpressed as part of complex ksgA operon, function unknown; Salmonella ortholog involved in Co2+ and Mg2+ efflux; upstream of apaH
b0051rsmA16S rRNA m(6)A1518, m(6)A1519 dimethyltransferase, SAM-dependent; mutant is kasugamycin resistant; multicopy suppressor of era(Cs)
b0052pdxA4-hydroxythreonine-4-phosphate dehydrogenase; fourth step in pyridoxal 5-phosphate biosynthesis; isoniazid resistance; requires divalent cations and NAD(P)+
b0053surAPeriplasmic OM porin chaperone, has PPIase activity; required for stationary-phase survival
b0054lptDLPS assembly OM complex LptDE, beta-barrel component
b0055djlADnaK co-chaperone, membrane-asssociated, DNA-binding; mutants rapidly accumulate suppressors
b0058rluA23S rRNA pseudouridine(746), tRNA pseudouridine(32) synthase; dual specificity
b0059rapARNA polymerase-associated, ATP-dependent RNA translocase; RNA polymerase PTC complex remodeling/recycling factor ATPase
b0060polBDNA polymerase II, capable of translesion synthesis; role in the resumption of DNA synthesis after UV irradiation
b0061araDL-ribulose-5-phosphate 4-epimerase
b0062araAL-Arabinose isomerase; first step in arabinose catabolism; converts L-arabinose to L-ribulose
b0064araCTranscriptional activator for the ara regulon; autorepressor in the absence of arabinose co-activator
b0065yabIInner membrane protein, DedA family, function unknown
b0066thiQABC transporter ATPase for thiamine, thiamine pyrophosphate
b0067thiPABC transporter permease for thiamine, thiamine pyrophosphate
b0068thiBPeriplasmic thiamin binding protein; TBP; monomeric
b0069sgrRTranscriptional activator of sgrS sRNA; sgrS destabilizes ptsG mRNA
b0070setABroad specificity sugar efflux transporter
b0071leuD3-isopropylmalate dehydratase small subunit; also called alpha-Isopropylmalate isomerase
b0072leuC3-isopropylmalate dehydratase large subunit; also called alpha-isopropylmalate isomerase
b0073leuB3-isopropylmalate dehydrogenase, NAD(+)-dependent
b0074leuAalpha-Isopropylmalate synthase
b0075leuLleu operon leader peptide
b0076leuOPleiotropic transcriptional regulator; regulates dsrA; relieves bgl silencing, multi-copy represses cadC
b0077ilvIAcetohydroxy acid synthase III (AHAS-III); acetolactate synthase III (ALS-III); valine sensitive; large subunit
b0078ilvHAcetohydroxy acid synthase III (AHAS-III) regulatory subunit; acetolactate synthase III (ALS-III); valine sensitive; small subunit
b0080craCatabolite repressor-activator
b0081mraZInhibitor of RsmH methyltransferase activity; expressed gene in dcw (division, cell wall) gene cluster
b0082rsmH16S rRNA m(4)C1402 methyltransferase, SAM-dependent; membrane-associated. expressed gene in dcw gene cluster; non-essential
b0083ftsLCell division and growth, membrane protein
b0084ftsITranspetidase, PBP3; penicillin-binding protein 3 involved in septal peptidoglycan synthesis
b0085murEmeso-diaminopimelate adding enzyme; UDP-N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanyl-D-glutamate:meso-diaminopimelate ligase
b0086murFD-alanyl:D-alanine adding enzyme; UDP-N-acetylmuramoyl-tripeptide:D-alanyl-D-alanine ligase
b0087mraYUDP-N-acetylmuramoyl-pentapeptide:undecaprenyl-PO4 phosphatase
b0088murDD-glutamic acid adding enzyme; UDP-N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine:D-glutamate ligase
b0089ftsWLipid II flippase; divisome protein recruiting FtsI; SEDS protein
b0090murGN-acetylglucosaminyl transferase; UDP-N-acetylglucosamine:N-acetylmuramyl-(pentapeptide) pyrophosphoryl-undecaprenol N-acetylglucosamine transferase; murein synthesis peripheral membrane protein interacting with cardiolipin
b0091murCUDP-N-acetylmuramate:L-alanine ligase; L-alanine adding enzyme
b0092ddlBD-alanine:D-alanine ligase B, ADP-forming
b0093ftsQDivisome assembly protein; cell division and growth of wall at septum
b0094ftsACell division and septation protein, specific role unknown; recruited to FtsZ ring
b0095ftsZSeptal ring GTPase required for cell division and growth; initiation of septation; tubulin-like protein
b0096lpxCLipid A synthesis, UDP-3-O-(R-3-hydroxymyristoyl)-N-acetylglucosamine deacetylase; zinc metalloamidase; cell envelope and cell separation
b0097secMSecretion monitor controlling secA expression
b0098secAPreprotein translocase secAYEG receptor/ATPase subunit; autogenous translational repressor; ATP-dependent helicase activity on secMA mRNA; homodimeric/monomeric
b0099mutT8-oxo-dGTPase, antimutator; prevents AT-to-GC transversions; dGTP pyrophosphohydrolase
b0101yacGDNA gyrase inhibitor; Zn(2+)-binding protein
b0102zapDFtsZ stabilizer
b0103coaEDephospho-CoA kinase; final step in CoA synthesis
b0104guaCGMP reductase
b0106hofCHomologous to PilC of P. aeruginosa; function not established, insertion mutation gives no phenotype
b0107hofBHomologous to PilB of Pseudomonas aeruginosa; function not established, insertion mutation gives no phenotype
b0108ppdDType IV pilin; function unknown; first 6 residues may be cleaved by prepilin peptidase to leave an N-terminal methylphenylalanine
b0109nadCQuinolinate phosphoribosyl transferase
b0110ampD1,6-anhydro-N-acetylmuramyl-L-alanine amidase, Zn-dependent; murein amidase
b0111ampEAmpicillin resistance; membrane protein
b0112aroPGeneral aromatic amino acid transport permease
b0113pdhRPyruvate dehydrogenase operon (pdhR-aceEF-lpd) repressor; autoregulatory; pyruvate relieves repression; monomeric
b0114aceEPyruvate dehydrogenase, decarboxylase component E1; acetate requirement
b0115aceFPyruvate dehydrogenase, dihydrolipoamide acetyltransferase E2; acetate requirement
b0116lpdLipoamide dehydrogenase, NADH-dependent; E3 component of pyruvate and 2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase complexes; also functions as glycine cleavage system L protein; binds Zn(II)
b0117yacHFunction unknown
b0118acnBAconitase B; 2-methylaconitate hydratase; apo-enzyme binds mRNA for negative translational autoregulation; iron-sulfur cluster; monomeric
b0119yacLFunction unknown
b0120speDS-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase, spermidine biosynthesis; two subunits by cleavage: residues 1-111 are the beta chain and 112-264 are the alpha chain (153 aa)
b0121speESpermidine synthase
b0122yacCExpressed protein, function unknown, PulS_OutS family
b0123cueOMulticopper oxidase (laccase), confers copper tolerance; oxidizes model substrate dimethoxyphenol; in vitro ferroxidase and phenoloxidase activities; regulated by copper-responsive CueR activator
b0124gcdGlucose dehydrogenase (pyrroloquinoline-quinone) quinoprotein; inner membrane protein
b0125hptHypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase
b0126canCarbonic anhydrase, beta class
b0127yadGABC family transporter ATPase, function unknown
b0128yadHPredicted ABC transporter permease, function unknown
b0129yadIPredicted PTS Enzyme IIA, sugar specificity unknown
b0130yadEPolysaccharide deacetylase-like protein, function unknown
b0131panDAspartate 1-decarboxylase; pantothenate biosynthesis; residues 1-24 constitute the beta chain; C-terminal 102 residues constitute the alpha chain
b0132yadDPutative transposase, function unknown
b0133panCPantothenate synthase, dimeric
b0134panBKetopantoate hydroxymethyltransferase
b0135yadCHyperlethality gene, FimA homolog
b0136yadKFunction unknown, FimA homolog
b0137yadLPredicted minor fimbrial gene, function unknown
b0138yadMFunction unknown, FimA homolog
b0139htrEPutative outer membrane fimbrial subunit export usher protein; required for growth at high temperature; induced by heat shock
b0140yadVPredicted periplasmic pilus chaperone, function unknown
b0141yadNFunction unknown, FimA homolog
b0142folK6-Hydroxymethyl-7,8-dihydropterin pyrophosphokinase; monomeric
b0143pcnBPoly(A) polymerase; controls plasmid copy number; rare AUU start codon, growth-rate regulated; monomeric; degradosome component in stationary phase
b0144gluQGlutamyl-queuosine tRNA(Asp) synthase
b0145dksARNAP-binding protein modulating ppGpp and iNTP regulation; reduces open complex half-life on rRNA promoters; removes transcriptional roadblocks to replication
b0146sfsAOverexpression increases maltose utilization; stimulates MalQ
b0147ligT2'-5' RNA ligase
b0148hrpBPredicted ATP-dependent helicase, function unknown
b0149mrcBMurein polymerase, PBP1B; bifunctional murein transglycosylase and transpeptidase; penicillin-binding protein 1B; dimeric
b0150fhuAOuter membrane transporter for ferrichrome-iron; interacts with TonB; receptor for microcin J25, colicin M, and phages T1, T5, phi80; transports albomycin and rifamycin
b0151fhuCABC transporter ATPase, Fe(3+)-ferrichrome uptake
b0152fhuDFerric hydroxamate-binding protein, periplasmic; fhuD mutants are albomycin resistant
b0153fhuBFe(3+)-ferrichrome ABC transporter permease
b0154hemLGlutamate-1-semialdehyde aminomutase
b0155clcAH(+)/Cl(-) exchange transporter; involved in the extreme acid response
b0156erpAIron-sulfur cluster insertion protein; A-type Fe-S protein; essential for respiratory growth
b0157yadSInner membrane protein, UPF0126 family, function unknown
b0158btuFVitamin B12-binding protein, periplasmic
b0159mtn5'-Methylthioadenosine nucleosidase; S-adenosylhomocysteine and 5'-deoxyadenosine are also substrates
b0160dgtDeoxyguanosine 5'-triphosphate triphosphohydrolase; dGTPase
b0161degPPeriplasmic, membrane-associated serine endoprotease; protease Do, required for high-temperature growth and the degradation of damaged proteins
b0162cdaRTranscriptional regulator for gar and gud operons
b0163yaeHFunction unknown, UPF0325 family
b0164yaeIPhosphodiesterase, function unknown; has activity on model substrate bis-pNPP
b0166dapD2,3,4,5-tetrahydropyridine-2-carboxylate N-succinyltransferase; mutations suppress growth defects of strains lacking superoxide dismutase
b0167glnDBifunctional uridylyltransferase/uridylyl-removing enzyme; (UTase/UR); controls uridylylation state and activity of PII(GlnB)
b0168mapMethionine aminopeptidase
b0169rpsB30S ribosomal subunit protein S2; binds Zn(II)
b0170tsfEF-Ts, Elongation Factor-Translation, stable; exchanges GDP for GTP in EF-Tu-GDP complex; binds Zn(II); subunit of RNA phage Q beta replicase
b0171pyrHUridylate kinase; hexameric
b0172frrRibosome recycling factor (RRF); dissociates ribosomes from mRNA after termination of translation; tRNA mimic
b0173dxr1-deoxy-D-xylulose 5-phosphate (DXP) reductoisomerase, NAPDH-dependent; also called 2-C-methyl-D-erythritol 4-phosphate (MEP) synthase; alternative nonmevalonate (DXP) pathway for terpenoid biosynthesis; dimeric
b0174ispUUndecaprenyl pyrophosphate synthase; dimeric
b0175cdsACDP-diglyceride synthase, integral membrane protein with eight transmembrane helices; also known as phosphatidate cytidylyltransferase
b0176rsePInner membrane zinc RIP metalloprotease; activates RpoE by degrading RseA; multicopy rpoE suppresses rseP mutation
b0177bamAOuter membrane protein required for OM biogenesis; in BamABCDE complex; forms pores; PORTA repeats
b0178skpPeriplasmic molecular chaperone for outer membrane proteins; trimeric
b0179lpxDLipid A synthesis, UDP-3-O-(R-3-hydroxymyristoyl)-glucosamine N-acyltransferase
b0180fabZ3R-hydroxymyristoyl acyl carrier protein (ACP) dehydratase
b0181lpxALipid A synthesis, UDP-N-acetylglucosamine acyltransferase
b0182lpxBLipid A disaccharide synthase
b0183rnhBDegrades RNA of DNA-RNA hybrids; RNase HII; nicks DNA 5' to misincorporated ribonucleotides
b0184dnaEDNA polymerase III, alpha subunit; suppressor of dnaG-Ts
b0185accAAcetyl-CoA carboxylase, carboxyltransferase alpha subunit
b0186ldcCLysine decarboxylase, constitutive
b0187yaeRFunction unknown
b0188tilStRNA(Ile) lysidine (L34) synthase, ATP-dependent; solely responsible for tRNA(Ile) lysidine 34 (L34) formation
b0189rofanti-Rho (termination factor); pleiotropic multicopy suppressor of Ts mutations; ribosome-associated; growth-rate regulated
b0190yaeQMulti-copy suppressor of E. coli rfaH anti-termination defect responsible for reduced hlyCABD expression
b0191arfBAlternative stalled-ribosome rescue factor B; peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase, ribosome-attached
b0192nlpELipoprotein activating Cpx in response to adhesion; copper resistance; outer membrane protein
b0193yaeFPredicted lipoprotein, function unknown; Cys conserved
b0194proSProline--tRNA ligase
b0195tsaAtRNA-Thr(GGU) m(6)t(6)A37 methyltransferase, SAM-dependent
b0196rcsFLipoprotein that signals increased capsule synthesis; upstream of RcsCDB phoshorelay; overexpression confers mucoid phenotype and increases colanic acid capsule synthesis; restores colony formation of ftsZ84 mutants on low salt
b0197metQPeriplasmic methionine binding lipoprotein; methionine sulfoximine sensitivity
b0198metIABC transporter permease, L,D-methionine uptake; methionine sulfoximine sensitivity
b0199metNABC transporter ATPase, L,D-methionine uptake; methionine sulfoximine sensitivity
b0200gmhBHeptose 1,7-bisphosphate phosphatase; LPS biosynthesis; HAD20
b0201rrsH16S rRNA of rrnH operon
b0202ileVIsoleucine tRNA(GAU) 1, triplicate
b0203alaVAlanine tRNA(UGC) 1B
b0204rrlH23S rRNA of rrnH operon
b0205rrfH5S rRNA of rrnH operon
b0206aspUAspartate tRNA(GUC) 1 triplicated gene
b0207dkgB2,5-diketo-D-gluconate reductase B
b0208yafCPutative LysR-family transcriptional regulator, function unknown
b0209yafDPredicted hydrolase, UPF0294 family, function unknown
b0210yafEPredicted SAM-dependent methyltransferase, function unknown
b0211mltDMembrane-bound lytic transglycosylase D, murein hydrolase; periplasmic OM-attached lipoprotein
b0212gloBGlyoxalase II, hydroxyacylglutathione hydrolase, Zn(2+) cofactor
b0213yafSPredicted SAM-dependent methyltransferase, function unknown
b0214rnhARNase HI; participates in DNA replication
b0215dnaQDNA polymerase III epsilon subunit; streptomycin, azaserine resistant; 3' to 5' proofreading, lexA regulon
b0216aspVAspartate tRNA(GUC) 1 triplicated gene
b0217yafTNovel verified lipoprotein, function unknown
b0218yafUPseudogene, C-terminal fragment; overexpressed fragment localized to inner membrane
b0219yafVAmidase/nitrilase superfamily, function unknown
b0220ivyInhibitor of c-type lysozyme, periplasmic
b0221fadEMedium-long-chain fatty acyl-CoA dehydrogenase
b0222gmhAPhosphoheptose isomerase; D-sedoheptulose 7-phosphate isomerase; GDP-heptose biosynthesis; T-phage resistance
b0223yafJPredicted amidotransferase, function unknown
b0224yafKRequired for biofilm production in enteroaggregative E. coli
b0225yafQTranslation inhibitor toxin of TA pair YafQ/DinJ
b0226dinJAntitoxin of TA pair YafQ/DinJ
b0227yafLPredicted peptidase, C40 clan; probable lipoprotein, Cys conserved; putative PG hydrolase
b0228rayTRAYT REP element-mobilizing transposase; TnpA(REP)
b0229lfhAPseudogene, lateral flagellar assembly protein fragment
b0230lafUPseudogene, lateral flagellar motor protein fragment
b0231dinBDNA polymerase IV, capable of translesion synthesis; overexpression enhances mutagenesis; mediates targeted mutagenesis by 4-NQO; intrinsic AP lyase activity
b0232yafNAntitoxin for YafO toxin
b0233yafOmRNA interferase, toxin-antitoxin pair YafNO
b0234yafPPredicted acetyltransferase; antimutator activity towards 4-nitroquinoline-1-oxide; lexA regulon
b0235ykfJPseudogene, N-terminal fragment
b0236prfHPseudogene, protein release factor homolog
b0237pepDPeptidase D, Xaa-His dipeptidase
b0238gptGuanine-xanthine phosphoribosyltransferase phosphotransferase
b0239frsAFermentation-respiration switch protein; PTS Enzyme IIAGlc-binding protein, binds unphosphorylated form; has pNP-butyrate esterase activity in vitro
b0240crlSigma factor-binding protein, stimulates RNAP holoenzyme formation; stimulates RpoS activity during stationary phase; mutants display rpoS mutant phenocopy; mutant does not have reduced amount of RpoS protein
b0241phoEOuter membrane phosphoporin protein E; trimeric
b0242proBGlutamate 5-kinase, proline biosynthesis; dimeric; feedback inhibition by proline
b0243proAgamma-Glutamyl phosphate reductase, proline biosynthesis
b0244thrWThreonine tRNA(CGU) 2
b0245ykfIToxin component of toxin-antitoxin protein pair YkfI-YafW; CP4-6 prophage
b0246yafWAntitoxin component of toxin-antitoxin protein pair YkfI-YafW; CP4-6 putative prophage remnant
b0247ykfGFunction unknown, CP4-6 putative prophage remnant
b0248yafXFunction unknown, CP4-6 putative prophage remnant
b0249ykfFFunction unknown, CP4-6 putative prophage remnant
b0250ykfBFunction unknown, CP4-6 putative prophage remnant
b0251yafYInner membrane lipoprotein, function unknown; overproduction stimulates degP expression; CP4-6; putative prophage remnant
b0252yafZFunction unknown, CP4-6 putative prophage remnant
b0253ykfAPutative GTP-binding protein, function unknown, CP4-6; putative prophage remnant
b0254perRRegulatory gene for peroxide resistance in stationary phase; CP4-6 putative defective prophage
b0256insI1IS30 transposase
b0258ykfCPseudogene, retron-type reverse transcriptase family, CP4-6; putative defective prophage; N-terminal fragment
b0259insH1IS5 transposase
b0260mmuPS-methylmethionine permease, CP4-6 putative prophage remnant
b0261mmuMS-methylmethionine:(seleno)homocysteine methyltransferase; CP4-6 putative prophage remnant
b0262afuCPredicted ferric iron ABC transporter ATP-binding protein; orphan; part of a defective ABC transporter, probably silent; CP4-6 prophage remnant; missing its promoter and co-functional components; homologous to an iron-uptake system gene in Actinobacillus
b0263afuBPseudogene, ferric ABC transporter permease; C-terminal fragment; CP4-6 putative prophage remnant
b0264insB2IS1 transposase B
b0265insA2IS1 transposase A
b0266yagBPseudogene, antitoxin-related, defective prophage CP4-6; N-terminal fragment
b0267yagAFunction unknown, CP4-6 putative prophage remnant
b0268yagE2-keto-3-deoxy gluconate (KDG) aldolase, tetrameric; CP4-6 putative prophage remnant
b0269yagFPredicted dehydratase, function unknown, CP4-6 prophage; thymol sensitivity determinant
b0270yagGPutative sugar symporter, function unknown, CP4-6; putative prophage remnant
b0271yagHPutative beta-xylosidase, function unknown, CP4-6; putative prophage remnant
b0272yagIFunction unknown, CP4-6 putative prophage remnant
b0273argFOrnithine carbamoyltransferase; ornithine transcarbamylase; OTCase; CP4-6 putative prophage remnant
b0274insB3IS1 transposase B
b0275insA3IS1 transposase A
b0276yagJPseudogene, helicase superfamily II related; CP4-6 putative prophage remnant
b0277yagKFunction unknown, CP4-6 putative prophage remnant
b0278yagLFunction unknown, CP4-6 putative prophage remnant
b0279yagMFunction unknown, CP4-6 putative prophage remnant
b0280yagNFunction unknown, CP4-6 putative prophage remnant
b0281intFPutative integrase gene, CP4-6 putative prophage remnant
b0283paoDMoco insertion factor for PaoABC aldehyde oxidoreductase
b0284paoCPaoABC aldehyde oxidoreductase, Moco-containing subunit; periplasmic
b0285paoBPaoABC aldehyde oxidoreductase, FAD-containing subunit; periplasmic
b0286paoAPaoABC aldehyde oxidoreductase, 2Fe-2S subunit; periplasmic
b0287yagURequired for acid resistance, inner membrane protein, DUF1440 family
b0288ykgJUPF0153 cysteine cluster protein, function unknown
b0289ecpEPilus chaperone required for ECP formation
b0290ecpDPolymerized tip adhesin of ECP fibers
b0291ecpCOuter membrane protein required for ECP formation
b0292ecpBPilus chaperone required for ECP formation
b0293ecpAECP pilin
b0294ecpRPutative transcriptional regulator for ecp operon
b0295ykgLFunction unknown
b0296ykgM50S ribosomal protein L31 type B; alternative L31 utilized during zinc limitation
b0297eaeHPseudogene, intimin homolog; N-terminal fragment, interrupted/deleted by IS3A
b0298insE1IS3 transposase A
b0299insF1IS3 transposase B
b0300ykgAPseudogene, N-terminal fragment, AraC family; interrupted/deleted by IS3A
b0301ykgBInner membrane protein, DUF417 family, function unknown
b0303ykgIPredicted periplasmic protein, YhcN family, function unknown
b0304ykgCPredicted pyridine nucleotide-disulfide oxidoreductase
b0305ykgDAraC family transcriptional activator, function unknown
b0306ykgECysteine-rich protein, predicted lactate-related catabolism; function unknown
b0307ykgFElectron transport protein with ferridoxin-like domain; predicted lactate-related catabolism; function unknown
b0308ykgGDUF162 protein, predicted lactate-related catabolism; function unknown
b0310ykgHFunction unknown
b0311betACholine dehydrogenase, oxygen-dependent; bet genes confer protection against osmotic stress by making the osmoprotectant glycine betaine from choline
b0312betBBetaine aldehyde dehydrogenase, NAD-dependent; bet genes confer protection against osmotic stress by making the osmoprotectant glycine betaine from choline; tetrameric
b0313betIRepressor for the betIBA betT divergon, choline-sensing; bet genes confer protection against osmotic stress by making the osmoprotectant glycine betaine from choline
b0314betTHigh-affinity choline transporter; BCCT family; bet genes confer protection against osmotic stress by making the osmoprotectant glycine betaine from choline
b0315yahAc-di-GMP-specific phosphodiesterase, PDE-A; reaction product is 5'pGpG; dependent on Mg+2 or Mn+2, Ca+2 inhibitory; optimum pH 9.35; monomeric
b0316yahBLysR family of transcriptional regulators, function unknown
b0317yahCPredicted inner membrane protein, function unknown
b0318yahDAnkyrin repeat protein, function unknown
b0319yahEFunction unknown
b0320yahFFunction unknown
b0321yahGFunction unknown
b0323yahICarbonate kinase homolog, function unknown
b0324yahJFunction unknown, related to cytosine deaminase
b0325yahKPredicted oxidoreductase, function unknown
b0326yahLFunction unknown
b0327yahMFunction unknown
b0328yahNAmino acid exporter for proline, lysine, glutamate, homoserine
b0329yahOPeriplasmic protein, YhcN family, function unknown
b0330prpRTranscriptional regulator of prp operon; propionate catabolism via 2-methlycitrate cycle, characterized primarily in Salmonella
b0331prpB2-Methylisocitrate lyase; propionate catabolism via 2-methlycitrate cycle, characterized primarily in Salmonella
b0333prpC2-Methylcitrate synthase; propionate catabolism via 2-methlycitrate cycle, characterized primarily in Salmonella
b0334prpD2-Methylcitrate dehydratase, 2-methylisocitrate hydratase; propionate catabolism via 2-methlycitrate cycle; active on citrate and isocitrate; responsible for residual apparent aconitase activity in acnAB double mutant; monomeric iron-sulfur protein
b0335prpEPropionate--CoA ligase; propionate catabolism via 2-methlycitrate cycle, characterized primarily in Salmonella
b0336codBCytosine transport
b0337codACytosine/isoguanine deaminase
b0338cynRTranscriptional activator for the cyn operon; autorepressor
b0339cynTCarbonic anhydrase, beta class
b0340cynSCyanate aminohydrolase
b0341cynXPutative transporter, function unknown, cyn operon
b0342lacAThiogalactoside acetyltransferase
b0343lacYLactose permease; galactoside permease
b0345lacITranscriptional repressor of lac operon
b0346mhpRTranscriptional activator, mhp operon; utilizes MHP
b0347mhpA3-(3-Hydroxyphenyl)propionate 2-hydroxylase; utilizes MHP
b0348mhpB3-(2,3-Dihydroxyphenyl)propionate dioxygenase; utilizes MHP
b0349mhpCDihydroxyphenylpropionate-ring-fission-product hydrolase; 2-hydroxy-6-ketonona-2,4-dienedioic acid hydrolase; utilizes MHP
b0350mhpD2-keto-4-pentenoate hydratase; utilizes MHP
b0351mhpFAcetaldehyde dehydrogenase, acylating; utilizes MHP
b0352mhpE4-Hydroxy-2-oxovalerate aldolase; utilizes MHP
b0353mhpTPredicted 3-hydroxyphenylpropionic acid import transporter
b0354yaiLFunction unknown
b0355frmBS-formylglutathione hydrolase, formaldehyde degradation
b0356frmAGlutathione-dependent formaldehyde dehydrogenase
b0357frmRNegative regulator of the frmRAB operon
b0358yaiOOuter membrane protein, function unknown
b0360insC1IS2 transposase A
b0361insD1IS2 transposase B
b0363yaiPFunction unknown, related to intercellular adhesion proteins and glucosyltransferases
b0364yaiSPredicted deacetylase; N-acetylglucosaminyl phosphatidylinositol deacetylase family
b0365tauAPeriplasmic taurine binding protein, TauABC transporter
b0366tauBABC transporter ATPase, TauABC transporter
b0367tauCTaurine permease, TauABC ABC transporter
b0368tauDTaurine/alpha-ketoglutarate dioxygenase
b0369hemB5-Aminolevulinate dehydratase; also known as porphobilinogen synthase; binds Zn(II)
b0372insF2IS3 transposase B
b0373insE2IS3 transposase A
b0375yaiVPredicted transcriptional regulator, function unknown
b0376ampHD-alanyl-D-alanine-carboxypeptidase/endopeptidase; peptidoglycan recycling or remodeling; penicillin-binding protein; very weak beta-lactamase
b0377sbmAMicrocin B17 transporter
b0378yaiWRequired for swarming phenotype, probable lipoprotein; Cys conserved
b0379yaiYInner membrane protein, DUF2755 family, function unknown
b0380yaiZPredicted inner membrane protein, DUF2754 family; function unknown
b0381ddlAD-alanine:D-alanine ligase A, ADP-forming
b0382iraPAnti-RssB factor, RpoS stabilzer during Pi starvation; anti-adapter protein
b0383phoAAlkaline phosphatase, periplasmic; binds Zn(II); dimeric
b0384psiFPredicted exported protein, phosphate starvation inducible, function unknown
b0385yaiCCellulose, biofilm, motility regulator, diguanylate cyclase; CsgD-regulated; membrane sensor protein
b0386proCPyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase, proline biosynthesis
b0387yaiIDownregulated by beryllium, UPF0178 family, function unknown
b0388aroLShikimate kinase II
b0389yaiAOxyR-regulated protein
b0390aroMFunction unknown
b0391yaiEFunction unknown, UPF0345 family
b0392ykiAPseudogene reconstruction, C-terminal fragment, PF10971 family
b0393rdgCCompetitive inhibitor of RecA function; nucleoid-associated ssDNA and dsDNA binding protein; synthetic lethal with priA
b0394makCryptic manno(fructo)kinase
b0396araJArabinose-inducible MFS family transporter, function unknown; not involved in arabinose uptake or utilization
b0397sbcCDNA hairpin dsDNA 3'-exonuclease SbcCD, Mn(2+), ATP-dependent; ATP-independent 5' ssDNA endonuclease; required for recombinational repair of dsDNA breaks; cosuppressor with sbcB of recB recC mutations; heterodimeric
b0398sbcDDNA hairpin dsDNA 3'-exonuclease SbcCD, Mn(2+), ATP-dependent; ATP-independent 5' ssDNA endonuclease; cosuppressor with sbcB of recB recC mutations; heterodimeric
b0399phoBPositive response regulator for pho regulon, two-component system
b0400phoRSensor histidine kinase/phosphatase for pho regulon; cognate to phoB
b0401brnQBranched-chain amino acid transport system 2 carrier protein; LIV-II transport system for Ile, Leu, and Val; mutants are valine and o-methylthreonine resistant, glycylvaline sensitive
b0402proYProbable histidine or proline permease
b0403malZMaltodextrin glucosidase
b0404acpHAcyl carrier protein (ACP) phosphodiesterase; ACP hydrolyase
b0405queAS-adenosylmethionine:tRNA ribosyltransferase-isomerase; queuosine biosynthesis
b0406tgttRNA-guanine transglycosylase; queuosine biosynthesis; zinc metalloprotein
b0407yajCSecDFyajC membrane secretion complex subunit; assists the SecYE translocon to interact with SecA and export proteins
b0408secDSecDFyajC inner membrane secretion protein complex subunit; assists the SecYEG translocon to interact with SecA and export proteins
b0409secFSecDFyajC inner membrane secretion protein complex subunit; assists the SecYE core translocon to interact with SecA and export proteins
b0410yajDFunction unknown, HNH family
b0411tsxOuter membrane channel for nucleosides; receptor for phage T6 and colicin K
b0412yajIProbable lipoprotein, function unknown; Cys conserved
b0413nrdRNrd regulon repressor
b0414ribDBifunctional enzyme for second and third steps in riboflavin biosynthesis; 2,5-diamino-6-ribosylamino-4(3H)-pyrimidinone 5'-phosphate deaminase; ribosyl reductase
b0415ribELumazine (6,7-dimethyl-8-ribityllumazine) synthase; 60-mer capsid; penultimate step in the biosynthesis of riboflavin; binds RibC homotrimer
b0416nusBTranscription termination/antitermination factor; mutant survives lambda induction
b0417thiLThiamine monophosphate kinase, involved in thiamine salvage
b0418pgpAPhosphatidylglycerophosphatase A, membrane bound
b0419yajO2-carboxybenzaldehyde reductase
b0420dxsDXP synthase; DXP is precursor to isoprenoids, thiamin, pyridoxol
b0421ispAFarnesyl diphosphate synthase, isoprenoid biosynthesis
b0422xseBExonuclease VII, small subunit
b0423thiItRNA s(4)U8 sulfurtransferase, activated by IscS; ThiS-thiocarboxylate (ThiS-COSH) synthesis; mutant is near-UV resistant
b0424yajLCovalent chaperone for sulfenylated thiol proteins; confers resistance to oxidative stress, chaperone activity; mutant accumulates protein aggregates
b0425panE2-dehydropantoate 2-reductase, NADPH-dependent; also known as ketopantoate reductase (KPR)
b0426yajQCell survival gene, function unknown, UPF0234 family; binds tRNA, ATP and GTP; activator of phage Phi6 L segment transcription; Phi6 host factor; low abundance protein
b0427yajRPutative transporter, function unknown; no overexpression resistances found
b0428cyoECytochrome o oxidase protoheme IX farnesyltransferase subunit
b0429cyoDCytochrome o oxidase subunit IV; cytochrome bo(3) ubiquinol oxidase subunit IV
b0430cyoCCytochrome o oxidase subunit III; cytochrome bo(3) ubiquinol oxidase subunit III
b0431cyoBCytochrome o oxidase subunit I, quinone-binding domain; cytochrome bo(3) ubiquinol oxidase subunit I
b0432cyoACytochrome o oxidase subunit II, lipoprotein; also called cytochrome bo(3) ubiquinol oxidase subunit II
b0433ampGMuropeptide permease, imports GlcNAc-anhMurNAc-peptides; required for cloned Citrobacter freundii AmpR-regulated beta-lactamase induction and murein recycling
b0434yajGProbable lipoprotein, function unknown; Cys conserved
b0435bolAStationary-phase morphogene, transcriptional repressor; predicted reductase; regulates mreB, dacA, dacC, and ampC transcription; shape determinant; FtsZ dependent; induced by AI-2 pheromone
b0436tigTrigger factor, protein folding chaperone; also peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase; interacts with nascent polypeptide chains
b0437clpPProteolytic subunit of ClpXP and ClpAP ATP-dependent proteases; protease Ti
b0438clpXATPase subunit of ClpXP protease; ClpXP degrades ssrA-tagged proteins; molecular chaperone
b0439lonDNA-binding, ATP-dependent protease LA; lon mutants form long cells
b0440hupBHistone-like protein HU-beta, HU-1
b0441ppiDPeriplasmic folding chaperone, has an inactive PPIase domain
b0442ybaVCompetence protein ComEA homolog, function unknown
b0443fadM long-chain acyl-CoA thioesterase III
b0444queC7-cyano-7-deazaguanine (preQ0) synthase; queuosine biosynthesis
b0445ybaEPredicted ABC transporter periplasmic-binding protein, function unknown
b0446cofHMP-PP phosphatase; catalyzes hydrolysis of 4-amino-2-methyl-5-hydroxymethylpyrimidine pyrophosphate (HMP-PP); MeO-HMP-PP and CF3-HMP-PP also serve as substrates for Cof; HAD18
b0447ybaOFunction unknown, predicted transcriptional regulator; Lrp family
b0448mdlAABC exporter permease-ATPase, function unknown
b0449mdlBABC exporter permease-ATPase, function unknown
b0450glnKPotent activator of NRII(GlnL/NtrB) phosphatase; trimeric; regulated through NRI/NRII two-component regulatory system; binds to membrane when inhibiting AmtB
b0451amtBAmmonia gas channel; sequesters GlnK, a negative regulator of AmtB activity, to the inner membrane; bi-directional facilitated diffusion
b0452tesBAcyl-CoA thioesterase II
b0453ybaYNovel verified lipoprotein, function unknown
b0454ybaZExcision repair protein; alkyltransferase-like protein ATL; binds and enhances nucleotide excision repair of O(6)-alkylguanine; DNA-binding protein; degenerate Ada/Ogt cysteine methyltransferase paralog
b0455ffs4.5S sRNA component of Signal Recognition Particle (SRP); works with the Ffh protein; involved in co-translational protein translocation into and possibly through membranes
b0456ybaAFunction unknown, DUF1428 family
b0457ylaBPredicted membrane-anchored cyclic-di-GMP phosphodiesterase
b0458ylaCInner membrane protein, DUF1449 family, function unknown
b0459maaMaltose O-acetyltransferase
b0460hhaModulates hemolysin expression, in complex with H-NS; stimulates transposition events; induced by AI-2 pheromone; promotes conjugation and conjugation-induced biofilms
b0461tomBAttenuates Hha toxicity, possibly by blocking activation of prophage lytic genes; promotes conjugation and conjugation-induced biofilms; deceases motility in presence of a conjugative plasmid (R1drd19)
b0462acrBAcrAB-TolC multidrug efflux pump; additionally dye, detergent and solvent resistance; RND-type transporter
b0463acrAAcrAB-TolC multidrug efflux pump; additionally dye, detergent, solvent resistance; membrane-fusion lipoprotein
b0464acrRTranscriptional repressor for acrAB
b0465mscKMechanosensitive channel protein, intermediate (smaller, MscS-like) conductance, K+ regulated; regulation of ion balance and turgor pressure at high osmolarity; also may affect activity of mechanosensitive channel MscS
b0466ybaMFunction unknown, DUF2496 family
b0467priCPrimosomal protein n
b0468ybaNInner membrane protein, DUF454 family, function unknown
b0469aptAdenine phosphoribosyltransferase; adenine salvage, AMP from PRPP + Ade
b0470dnaXDNA polymerase III holoenzyme, tau and gamma ATPase subunits; gamma chain (aa 1-431) is main subunit of the clamp loader complex
b0471ybaBDNA-binding protein, function unknown; homodimer; in recR operon; may be involved in DNA repair
b0472recRRecombination and DNA repair
b0473htpGProtein refolding molecular co-chaperone Hsp90, Hsp70-dependent; heat-shock protein; ATPase; dimeric
b0474adkAdenylate kinase; weak nucleoside diphosphate kinase activity; pleiotropic effects on glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase activity; monomeric
b0476aesShort acyl chain and triacetyl glycerol esterase; affects maltose gene expression
b0477gskInosine-guanosine kinase
b0478ybaLPotassium transporter homolog, function unknown
b0479fsrProbable fosmidomycin exporter, membrane protein; overexpression confers fosmidomycin resistance
b0480ushAUDP-glucose hydrolase, 5'-nucleotidase, CDP-alcohol hydrolase; also has dinucleoside-polyphosphate hydrolase activity; periplasmic and exported enzyme; monomeric
b0481ybaKCys-tRNAPro and Cys-tRNACys deacylase, tRNA editing
b0482ybaPconserved protein, TraB family
b0483ybaQPredicted transcriptional regulator, function unknown
b0484copACopper-, silver-translocating P-type ATPase efflux pump; involved in copper resistance; copper- and silver-inducible; regulated by copper-responsive CueR activator
b0485glsAGlutaminase 1, GlsA1
b0486ybaTPredicted amino acid transporter
b0487cueRActivator of copper-responsive regulon genes cueO and copA; MerR homolog
b0488ybbJInner membrane protein stimulating the ftsH htpX mutant suppressor activity of QmcA
b0489qmcAMulticopy suppressor of ftsH htpX double mutant; membrane-anchored predicted protease with C-terminal cytoplasmic PHB domain
b0490ybbLFunction unknown
b0491ybbMInner membrane protein, UPF0014 family, function unknown
b0492ybbNDnaK co-chaperone, thioredoxin-like protein; probable DNA replicase folding chaperone; has SXXC not CXXC motif
b0493ybbOPredicted oxidoreductase, COG1028 family; function unknown
b0494tesAAcyl-CoA thioesterase I; also protease I; also lysophospholipase L1; monomeric
b0495ybbAFunction unknown
b0496ybbPPredicted ABC transporter permease, function unknown
b0497rhsDFunction unknown, encoded within RhsD repeat; hotspot for chromosomal duplication formation
b0498ybbCFunction unknown, downstream of rhsD
b0499ylbHPseudogene, copy of Rhs core with unique extension; function unknown; rhsC-linked; C-terminal fragment
b0501ybbDPseudogene reconstruction, novel conserved family
b0502ylbGPseudogene reconstruction, discontinuous N-terminal fragment
b0503mnmHtRNA 2-selenouridine synthase, selenophosphate-dependent; replaces a sulfur atom in 2-thiouridine in tRNA with selenium; required for 5-methylaminomethyl-2-selenouridine synthesis
b0504allSTranscriptional activator for the allD operon
b0505allAUreidoglycolate hydrolase: allantoin for anaerobic nitrogen
b0506allRRepressor for all (allantoin) and gcl (glyoxylate) operons; glyoxylate-induced
b0507gclGlyoxylate carboligase, glyoxylate-inducible
b0508hyiHydroxypyruvate isomerase, glyoxylate-inducible; product is tartronate semialdehyde
b0509glxRTartronate semialdehyde reductase, glyoxylate-inducible, NADH-dependent
b0511ybbWProbable allantoin permease, glyoxylate-inducible or allantoin-inducible (anaerobic)
b0512allBAllantoinase: allantoin for anaerobic nitrogen; tetrameric
b0513ybbYPredicted xanthine/uracil permease, function unknown; glyoxylate-inducible
b0514glxKGlycerate 3-kinase, glyoxylate-inducible; GKII; produces 3-phospho-glycerate
b0515ylbAFunction unknown, allantoin- and glyoxylate-inducible anaerobically
b0516allCAllantoate amidohydrolase: allantoin for anaerobic nitrogen
b0517allDUreidoglycolate dehydrogenase: allantoin for anaerobic nitrogen
b0518fdrAMulticopy suppressor of dominant negative ftsH mutations
b0520ylbFDUF2877 family protein, function unknown
b0521ybcFPredicted carbonate kinase
b0522purKN5-carboxyaminoimidazole ribonucleotide (N-CAIR) synthase; purine synthesis
b0523purEN5-carboxyaminoimidazole ribonucleotide (N-CAIR) mutase; purine synthesis
b0524lpxHLipid A synthesis, UDP-2,3-diacylglucosamine pyrophosphatase
b0525ppiBPeriplasmic peptidylprolyl-cis-trans-isomerase B, rotamase
b0526cysSCysteine--tRNA ligase; binds Zn(II)
b0527ybcIInner membrane protein, DUF457 family, function unknown
b0528ybcJRibosome-associated protein, function unknown; predicted RNA binding protein
b0529folDMethenyltetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase/cyclohydrolase
b0530sfmAFunction unknown, FimA homolog
b0531sfmCPeriplasmic pilus chaperone
b0532sfmDPutative outer membrane fimbrial subunit export usher protein; function unknown
b0533sfmHFunction unknown, FimA homolog
b0534sfmFFunction unknown, FimA homolog
b0535fimZPredicted fimbriae protein synthesis regulator
b0536argUArginine tRNA(UCU) 4
b0537intDIntegrase gene within defective prophage DLP12
b0539exoDPseudogene, C-terminal exonuclease fragment, DLP12 prophage
b0540insE3IS3 transposase A
b0541insF3IS3 transposase B
b0542renDPseudogene reconstruction, DLP12 prophage; lambda ren homolog, interrupted by IS3C; putative activator of lit transcription
b0543emrEMultidrug resistance pump, DLP12 prophage; methylviologen sensitivity
b0544ybcKFunction unknown, DLP12 prophage
b0545ybcLRaf kinase inhibitor RKIP homolog, function unknown; UPF0098 family; periplasmic; DLP12 prophage
b0546ybcMHyperlethality gene, predicted transcriptional activator; DLP12 prophage; AraC family
b0547ybcNFunction unknown, DLP12 prophage, binds G:T-mismatch
b0548ninEHomolog of phage lamdba nin, DLP12 prophage
b0549ybcOFunction unknown, DLP12 prophage
b0550rusAEndonuclease, Holliday structure resolvase, DLP12 prophage
b0551quuDQ-like transcriptional regulator, DLP12 prophage; up-regulator of essD; QDLP12; capable of substituting for lambda Q protein
b0552insH2IS5 transposase
b0553nmpCPseudogene reconstruction, OM porin, DLP12 prophage; interrupted by IS5B
b0554essDPhage lambda S lysis protein homolog, DLP12 prophage
b0555rrrDPhage lambda lysozyme R protein homolog, DLP12 prophage
b0556rzpDRz homolog, DLP12 prophage
b0557borDLipoprotein in DLP12 prophage; possibly involved in bacterial virulence
b0558ybcVDUF1398 family protein, function unknown, DLP12 prophage
b0559ybcWFunction unknown, DLP12 prophage
b0560nohDPhage lambda Nu1 homolog, DLP12 prophage, terminase family; small subunit, putative DNA packaging protein
b0561tfaDPseudogene, tail fiber assembly gene, DLP12 prophage; C-terminal fragment
b0562ybcYPseudogene reconstruction, predicted methyltransferase, DLP12
b0563tfaXPseudogene reconstruction, tail fiber assembly gene, DLP12 prophage; C-terminal fragment
b0564appYGlobal transcription regulator, AraC family, DLP12 prophage
b0565ompTOuter membrane protease VII, DLP12 prophage; OM protein a (3b); omptin
b0566envYThermoregulatory activator of porin expression, AraC family
b0567ybcHFunction unknown, PRK09936 family
b0568nfrABacteriophage N4 adsorption protein A, outer membrane protein; TPR repeat protein
b0569nfrBPhage N4 susceptibility; membrane protein
b0570cusSCopper ion sensor regulating cusCFBA expression; may also sense silver
b0571cusRResponse regulator of the cusCFBA-cusRS divergon; cusS sensor and cusR mediate copper induction
b0572cusCSilver and copper efflux, OMF lipoprotein component; outer membrane factor (OMF) of a tripartate efflux pump; confers copper and silver resistance; required for invasion of brain microvascular endothelial cells in strain K1
b0573cusFSilver- and cuprous copper-binding protein, periplasmic; efflux metallochaperone; confers copper and silver resistance; CusF binds both Cu(I) and Ag(I) with high affinity, but does not bind Cu(II)
b0574cusBSilver and copper efflux, membrane fusion protein; confers copper and silver resistance
b0575cusASilver and copper efflux, membrane transporter; overexpression confers low level fosfomycin resistance; confers copper and silver resistance
b0576phePPhenylalanine-specific permease
b0577ybdGMechanosensitive channel protein, MscM-like; heptameric
b0578nfsBNitroreductase B, oxygen-insensitive, NAD(P)H, FMN-dependent; minor; reduces a variety of nitroaromatics, e.g. dihydropteridine, nitrofurantoin, nitrofurazone, quinones; monomeric or homodimeric
b0579ybdFDUF419 family protein, function unknown
b0580ybdJDUF1158 protein, function unknown
b0581ybdKWeak gamma-glutamyl:cysteine ligase activity
b0582insL2IS186 transposase
b0583entDEnterochelin synthase, component D; EntB(ArCP)/EntF-CoA phosphopantetheinyltransferase; facilitates secretion of enterobactin peptide
b0584fepAFerrienterobactin outer membrane receptor
b0585fesEnterochelin esterase
b0586entFEnterochelin synthase, component F; multifunctional: holo-EntF(PCP), primed by EntD; seryl-AMP, seryl-S-EntF synthase; DHB-Ser-S-EntF intermediate formation
b0587fepEFerrienterobactin transport, membrane protein; regulator of length of O-antigen component of lipopolysaccharide chains
b0588fepCFerrienterobactin transporter, membrane ATP protein
b0589fepGFerrienterobactin transporter, membrane permease
b0590fepDFerrienterobactin transporter, membrane permease
b0591entSEnterobactin exporter, iron-regulated; hyperlethality gene
b0592fepBFerrienterobactin-binding protein, periplasmic
b0593entCIsochorismate synthase
b0594entEEnterochelin synthase, component E; 2,3-dihydroxybenzoate (DHB)-AMP ligase; holo-EntB(ArCP)-S-DHB formation
b0595entBIsochorismatase, aryl carrier protein (ArCP); also called 2,3-dihydro-2,3-dihydroxybenzoate synthase
b0596entA2,3-Dihydro-2,3-dihydroxybenzoate dehydrogenase
b0597entHThioesterase required for efficient enterobactin production; may correct misacylation of the aryl carrier protein domain of EntB
b0598cstACarbon starvation protein involved in peptide utilization
b0599ybdHRequired for swarming phenotype, function unknown; alcohol dehydrogenase homolog
b0600ybdLMethionine aminotransferase, PLP-dependent
b0601ybdMFunction unknown
b0602ybdNFunction unknown
b0603ybdORequired for swarming phenotype, function unknown; probable LysR-family transcriptional regulator
b0604dsbGThiol:disulfide interchange protein, periplasmic; molecular chaperone; multicopy resistance to DTT; mutants accumulate reduced proteins
b0605ahpCAlkyl hydroperoxide reductase, subunit C; reduced by the AhpF subunit
b0606ahpFAlkyl hydroperoxide reductase, subunit F; NAD(P)H:peroxiredoxin oxidoreductase, reduces AhpC; contains one FAD/monomer
b0607uspGStress protein, induced in stationary phase; native GroEL substrate; heat shock; mutant sensitive to CCCP; dimeric
b0608ybdRFunction unknown
b0610rnkRegulator of nucleoside diphosphate kinase; suppresses Pseudomonas algR2
b0611rnaRNase I, periplasmic; endoribonuclease; RNase A; RNase M; RNase T2
b0612citTCitrate/succinate antiporter
b0613citG2-(5''-triphosphoribosyl)-3'-dephosphocoenzyme-A synthase
b0614citXApo-citrate lyase phosphoribosyl-dephospho-CoA transferase
b0615citFCitrate lyase alpha chain
b0616citECitrate lyase beta chain
b0617citDCitrate lyase acyl carrier protein
b0618citC[Citrate [pro-3S]-lyase] ligase
b0619dpiBTwo-component system histidine protein kinase; DpiA is cognate sensor; regulates citCDEFXGT operon; represses appY; periplasmic domain functions as a high-affinity citrate receptor; destabilizes plasmid inheritance
b0620dpiATwo-component system sensor protein; cognate histidine protein kinase is DpiB; regulates citCDEFXGT operon; represses appY; destabilizes plasmid inheritance
b0621dcuCC4-dicarboxylate carrier, anaerobic; W3110 has an IS5 insertion
b0622pagPPhospholipid:lipid A palmitoyltransferase; confers resistance to cationic antimicrobial peptides; multicopy suppressor of camphor-induced or mukB mutant chromosome condensation
b0623cspEBinds and melts RNA, involved in cold acclimation; binds ssDNA; antitermination protein; confers camphor sensitvity in a crcB mutant; dimeric
b0624crcBProbable fluoride exporter; inner membrane protein involved with chromosome condensation; confers camphor sensitvity in a cspE mutant; multicopy suppressor of chromosome condensation defects
b0627tatEProtein translocase, Sec-independent; mediates export of folded and ligand-bound proteins
b0628lipALipoyl synthase, iron-sulfur protein; SAM-dependent chemistry
b0629ybeFPutative LysR-family transcriptional regulator, function unknown LysR-family transcriptional regulator, function unknown
b0630lipBOctanoyltransferase; octanoyl-[ACP]:protein N-octanoyltransferase
b0631ybeDRequired for swarming and phage lambda growth; UPF0250 family, function unknown; structural similarity to the regulatory domain from d-3-phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase
b0632dacAD-alanine D-alanine carboxypeptidase PBP5, cell morphology; penicillin-binding protein 5; beta-lactamase activity
b0633rlpASeptal ring protein, suppressor of prc, minor lipoprotein
b0634mrdBAffects cell shape, mecillinam sensitivity; recruits cognate transpetidase MrdA; SEDS protein
b0635mrdAPenicillin-binding protein PBP2; transpeptidase recruited by cognate SEDS protein MrdB; mecillinam resistance
b0636rlmH23S rRNA m(3)Psi1915 pseudouridine methyltransferase; SAM-dependent
b0637rsfSRibosomal silencing factor
b0638cobCProbable alpha-ribazole-5'-phosphate phosphatase; potential partial cobalamin biosynthesis pathway
b0639nadDNicotinate mononucleotide adenylyltransferase, NAD(P) biosynthesis
b0640holADNA polymerase III, delta subunit; part of the DnaX clamp loader complex; acts as a wrench to open the sliding clamp
b0641lptELPS assembly OM complex LptDE, LPS-binding lipoprotein component
b0642leuSLeucine--tRNA ligase
b0643ybeLFunction unknown, DUF1451 family
b0644ybeQFunction unknown, TPR-like repeats, Sel1 family
b0645ybeRFunction unknown
b0646djlBDnaJ homolog near hscC; not cognate to HscC
b0647ybeTFunction unknown, TPR-like repeats, Sel1 family
b0648ybeUFunction unknown, DUF1266 family
b0649djlCHsc56, DnaJ-like co-chaperone of HscC; stimulates the ATPase activity of HscC(Hsc62), which binds to and inhibits RpoD
b0650hscCHsc62, DnaK-like chaperone; binds to RpoD and inhibits transcription; inhibits growth when overexpressed; Hsc56(DjlC) is DnaJ-like co-chaperone; ATPase activity is stimulated by GrpE, DjlC; mutant grows slow and is hypersensitive to Cd(II) and UV
b0651rihARibonucleoside hydrolase, pyrimidine specific
b0652gltLGlutamate, aspartate ABC transporter ATP-binding protein
b0653gltKGlutamate, aspartate ABC transporter permease
b0654gltJGlutamate, aspartate ABC transporter permease
b0655gltIGlutamate, aspartate binding protein, periplasmic; DEBP; part of GltJKLI ABC transporter
b0656insH4IS5 transposase
b0657lntApolipoprotein N-acyltransferase; copper sensitivity
b0658ybeXHeat shock protein, putative Co2+ and Mg2+ efflux protein; contains two CBS domains; integral membrane protein; possible hemolysin (by homology)
b0659ybeYrRNA maturation factor; metal-binding heat shock protein needed for 42C translation; UPF0054 family; required for optimal 30S subunit activity
b0660ybeZHeat shock protein, PhoH paralog, function unknown
b0661miaBtRNA-i(6)A37 methylthiotransferase; contains an iron-sulfur center, SAM-dependent
b0662ubiF2-octaprenyl-3-methyl-6-methoxy-1,4-benzoquinol hydroxylase; produces 2-octaprenyl-3-methyl-5-hydroxy-6-methoxy-1,4-benzoquinol; required for ubiquinone synthesis; mutation confers resistance to bleomycin, phleomycin and heat
b0664glnXGlutamine tRNA(CUG) 2
b0665glnVGlutamine tRNA(CUG) 2
b0666metUMethionine tRNA(CAU) m; duplicate gene
b0668glnWGlutamine tRNA(UUG) 1
b0670glnUGlutamine tRNA(UUG) 1
b0672leuWLeucine tRNA(CAA) 3; anticodon has cmo(5)U
b0673metTMethionine tRNA(CAU) m; duplicate gene
b0674asnBAsparagine synthase B [glutamine-hydrolyzing]
b0675nagDUMP phosphatase; HAD23
b0676nagCTranscriptional regulator of nag operon
b0677nagAN-acetylglucosamine-6-phosphate deacetylase
b0678nagBGlucosamine-6-phosphate deaminase; hexameric trimer of dimers
b0679nagE PTS system EIIABC(Nag) component; N-acetylglucosamine transport
b0680glnSGlutamine--tRNA ligase
b0681chiPChitoporin, uptake of chitosugars; repressed by chiX(micM) sRNA
b0682chiQNovel verified lipoprotein, function unknown; induced by chitosugars
b0683furFerric iron uptake global transcriptional repressor; activated by Fe+2; zinc metalloprotein
b0684fldAFlavodoxin I
b0685ybfELexA-regulated protein, function unknown
b0686ybfFAcyl-CoA esterase in vitro, function unknown; low abundance protein
b0687seqASequesters newly replicated hemimethylated oriC origins to prevent re-initiation; binds hemimethylated GATC sequences; SeqA foci required for chromosome segregation; binds and stimulates Topo IV
b0689ybfPNovel verified lipoprotein, function unknown
b0691ybfGPseudogene reconstruction, novel conserved family; downregulated by beryllium
b0692potEPutrescine-lyase antiporter
b0693speFOrnthine decarboxylase, inducible
b0694kdpEResponse regulator of kdp operon; two-component system phosphorylation state and activity modulated by sensor kinase KdpD; responds to ionic strength, ATP and potassium
b0695kdpDSensor kinase for the kdp operon; two-component system; has autokinase activity and KdpE-directed phosphotransferase and phosphatase activities; responds to ionic strength, ATP and potassium; dimeric
b0696kdpCPotassium-translocating ATPase, C subunit; high-affinity potassium transport
b0697kdpBPotassium-translocating ATPase, B subunit; high-affinity potassium transport
b0698kdpAPotassium-translocating ATPase, A subunit; high-affinity potassium transport
b0699ybfAFunction unknown, DUF2517 family
b0700rhsCFunction unknown, encoded within RhsC repeat; hotspot for chromosomal duplication formation
b0702ybfBPredicted membrane protein, function unknown
b0703ybfOPseudogene, copy of Rhs core with unique extension; function unknown; RhsC-linked; C-terminal fragment
b0704ybfCFunction unknown
b0705ybfLPseudogene reconstruction, H repeat-associated protein; RhsC-linked,
b0706ybfDH repeat-associated protein, RhsC-linked, function unknown
b0707ybgAFunction unknown, DUF1722 family
b0708phrDeoxyribodipyrimidine photolyase; DNA photolyase; monomeric
b0709dtpDDipeptide and tripeptide permease D
b0710ybgIConserved metal-binding protein, NIF3 family, function unknown
b0711ybgJPredicted allophanate hydrolase, subunit 1
b0712ybgKPredicted allophanate hydrolase, subunit 2
b0713ybgLFunction unknown, low abundance protein, UPF0271 family
b0714neiDNA glycosylase/apurinic lyase, deoxyinosine-specific; endonuclease VIII
b0715abrBRegulator of aidB expression; inner membrane protein
b0716ybgOFimbrial protein, function unknown
b0717ybgPPredicted periplasmic pilus chaperone, function unknown
b0718ybgQPutative outer membrane fimbrial subunit export usher protein; function unknown
b0719ybgDFunction unknown, FimA homolog
b0720gltACitrate synthase; hexameric
b0721sdhCSuccinate dehydrogenase (SQR) cytochrome b556; membrane anchor; succinate:ubiquinone oxidoreductase (SQR); complex II of aerobic respiration
b0722sdhDSuccinate dehydrogenase (SQR) hydrophobic subunit; succinate:ubiquinone oxidoreductase (SQR); complex II of aerobic respiration
b0723sdhASuccinate dehydrogenase (SQR) flavoprotein subunit; succinate:ubiquinone oxidoreductase (SQR); complex II of aerobic respiration
b0724sdhBSuccinate dehydrogenase (SQR) iron-sulfur protein; succinate:ubiquinone oxidoreductase (SQR); complex II of aerobic respiration
b0726sucA2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase, E1 component; yields succinyl-CoA and CO(2); also knwon as alpha-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase
b0727sucB2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase, E2 component; dihydrolipoamide succinyltransferase; acid-inducible; yields succinyl-CoA and CO(2); also knwon as alpha-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase
b0728sucCSuccinyl CoA synthase beta-subunit; acid-inducible
b0729sucDSuccinyl CoA synthase alpha-subunit
b0730mngRmngAB operon repressor, mannosyl glycerate utilization
b0731mngA2-O-alpha-mannosyl-D-glycerate transport, EIIABC component; PTS system; overproduction suppresses the defective ompC thermoresponse of a micF mutant
b0732mngBalpha-Mannosidase, 2-O-alpha-mannosyl-D-glycerate catabolism
b0733cydACytochrome d (bd-I) terminal oxidase subunit I; upregulated in biofilms and microaerobic conditions; aerobically repressed by H-NS; anaerobically repressed by Fnr
b0734cydBCytochrome d (bd-I) terminal oxidase subunit II; upregulated in biofilms and microaerobic conditions; aerobically repressed by H-NS; anaerobically repressed by Fnr
b0735ybgEFunction unknown, cydAB operon, expressed in minicells
b0736ybgCAcyl-CoA thioesterase, involved in phospholipid metabolism; binds ACP; acyl-ACP could be native substrate
b0737tolQTolerance to group A colicins and ssDNA filamentous phage; cell envelope integrity; inner membrane protein
b0738tolRColicin import; Tolerance to group A colicins, single-stranded DNA filamentous phage; cell envelope integrity; inner membrane protein;
b0739tolATolerance to group A colicins, single-stranded filamentous DNA phage; required for OM integrity; membrane protein; bacteriocin tolerant
b0740tolBUptake of group A colicins, mutants are tolerant to colicins E1-3, A, and K
b0741palLipoprotein associated with peptidoglycan; involved in maintaining cell membrane integrity
b0742ybgFTolA-binding protein, periplasmic, function unknown; TPR domain; trimeric; last gene in tolB-pal operon; secAB-dependent cleavage/secretion; no phenotype of kan insertion
b0743lysTLysine tRNA(UUU)
b0744valTValine tRNA(UAC) 1; duplicate gene with triplicated valUXY
b0745lysWLysine tRNA(UUU)
b0746valZValine tRNA(UAC) 1
b0747lysYLysine tRNA(UUU)
b0748lysZLysine tRNA(UUU)
b0749lysQLysine tRNA(UUU)
b0750nadAQuinolinate synthase, [4Fe-4S] cluster subunit, A protein
b0751pnuCNicotinamide riboside uptake permease
b0752zitBZn(II) efflux transporter; zinc-inducible
b0753ybgSFunction unknown
b0754aroG3-deoxy-D-arabino-heptulosonate-7-phosphate (DAHP) synthase; phenylalanine repressible; TyrR regulon
b0755gpmAPhosphoglycerate mutase, 2,3-bisphosphoglycerate-dependent; dPGM; Fur regulon; dimeric
b0756galMGalactose mutarotase, aldose-1-epimerase; monomeric
b0758galTGalactose-1-phosphate uridylyltransferase; Rob regulon, repressed
b0759galEUDP-galactose 4-epimerase; hexose-1-phosphate uridylyltransferase
b0760modFMolybdate uptake
b0761modERepressor of the modABC operon for molybdenum transport; secondary activator of hyc and nar operons; dimeric
b0762acrZAcrAB-TolC efflux pump accessory protein, membrane-associated
b0763modAMolybdate-binding protein, periplasmic; chlorate resistance
b0764modBMolybdate uptake; chlorate resistance; membrane-spanning ABC protein
b0765modCMolybdate uptake; chlorate resistance
b0766ybhAPyridoxal phosphate (PLP) phosphatase; phosphoramidase; physiological role unknown; HAD14
b0767pgl6-phosphogluconolactonase, pentose phosphate shunt
b0768ybhDPutative LysR-family transcriptional regulator, function unknown
b0769ybhHFunction unknown
b0770ybhIPutative transporter, function unknown
b0771ybhJAcnA homolog, function unknown; not responsible for the residual aconitase activity in acnAB double mutants
b0772ybhCAcyl-CoA thioesterase, verified lipoprotein; physiological role unknown
b0773ybhBRaf kinase inhibitor RKIP homolog, function unknown; UPF0098 family; cytoplasmic protein
b0774bioA7,8-diaminopelargonic acid aminotransferase
b0775bioBBiotin synthase; dethiobiotin to biotin pathway; iron-sulfur enzyme
b0776bioF7-keto-8-amino pelargonic acid synthase
b0777bioCMalonyl-CoA methyltransferase, SAM-dependent; biotin synthesis blocked prior to pimeloyl CoA formation
b0778bioDDethiobiotin synthase
b0779uvrBExcision nuclease subunit B, ATPase I and helicase II; repair of UV damage to DNA
b0780ybhKComplements B. subtilis yvcK mutant, function unknown; Yvck, and perhaps YbhK, has a role in carbon metabolism
b0781moaAMPT synthesis; chlorate resistance protein A
b0782moaBMPT synthesis; chlorate resistance protein B
b0783moaCMPT (molybdopterin ) biosynthesis; chlorate resistance protein C
b0784moaDMolybdopterin (MPT) synthase, small subunit; chlorate resistance; dimer of dimers with MoaE
b0785moaEMolybdopterin (MPT) synthase, large subunit; chlorate resistance; dimer of dimers with MoaD
b0786ybhLInner membrane protein, UPF0005 family, function unknown
b0787ybhMInner membrane protein, UPF0005 family, function unknown
b0788ybhNFunction unknown
b0789clsBCardiolipin synthase 2
b0790ybhPEndo/exonuclease/phosphatase family protein, function unknown
b0791ybhQInner membrane protein, function unknown
b0792ybhRPredicted ABC transporter permease, function unknown; probable exporter YbhGFSR
b0793ybhSPredicted ABC transporter permease, function unknown; probable exporter YbhGFSR
b0794ybhFPredicted ABC transporter ATP-binding protein, function unknown; probable exporter YbhGFSR
b0795ybhGPredicted membrane fusion protein (MFP), function unknown; probable exporter YbhGFSR; signal anchor
b0796ybiHPredicted transcriptional regulator of the ybiHybhGFSR operon; function unknown
b0797rhlEATP-dependent RNA helicase, in RNA degradasome
b0798ybiAPutative component of NAD-utilizing pathway; may operate on ADP-ribose derivatives; required for swarming phenotype
b0799dinGATP-dependent DNA helicase; putative repair and recombination enzyme, monomeric
b0800ybiBPredicted family 3 glycosyltransferase, function unknown
b0801ybiCFunction unknown, lactate, malate dehydrogenase family
b0802ybiJPredicted periplasmic protein, YhcN family, function unknown
b0803ybiIFunction unknown, DksA-type zinc finger protein
b0804ybiXFunction unknown; Fe(II)-dependent oxygenase superfamily
b0805fiuTonB-dependent ferric iron outer membrane transporter; siderophore receptor for ferri-dihydroxybenzoylserine, ferri-dihydroxybenzoate and other catecholate siderophores; surface receptor for colicins G, H, and E492
b0806mcbAStimulates colanic acid mucoidy, YhcN family, periplasmic; suppresses biofilm formation; repressed by McbR
b0807rlmF23S rRNA m(6)A1618 methyltransferase, SAM-dependent
b0808ybiOMechanosensitive channel protein, intermediate (MscS-like) conductance
b0809glnQGlutamine high-affinity transport system, ATP-binding protein
b0810glnPGlutamine transport system permease protein GlnP
b0811glnHGlutamine-binding protein, periplasmic
b0812dpsStress-induced Fe-binding and storage protein; forms biocrystals with DNA; copper homeostatsis
b0813rhtATransporter involved in threonine and homoserine efflux; overproduction confers resistance to elevated levels of exogenous L-threonine and L-homoserine
b0814ompXOuter membrane protein X; role in inducing RNAP-sigma E production
b0815ybiPFunction unknown, EptAB family
b0817mntRMn(2+)-responsive transcriptional repressor of mntH
b0818ybiRPutative transporter, function unknown
b0819ybiSL,D-transpeptidase linking Lpp to murein, periplasmic
b0820ybiTFunction unknown, ABC transporter family
b0821ybiUDUF1479 family protein, function unknown
b0822ybiVSugar phosphatase; preference for fructose-1-P, ribose-5-P and glucose-6-P; phosphoramidase and acetyl phosphatase; HAD12
b0823ybiWPyruvate formate-lyase homolog, function unknown
b0824ybiYPyruvate formate-lyase activase homolog, function unknown
b0825fsaAFructose-6-phosphate aldolase A
b0826moeBMolybdopterin-synthase sulfurylase; adenylation of MoaD C-terminus; chlorate resistance; zinc-containing enyzyme
b0827moeAMolybdopterin molybdenumtransferase; molybdopterin (MPT) synthesis; incorporation of molybdenum into MPT; chlorate resistance
b0828iaaAisoAsp aminopeptidase, cleaves isoAsp-X dipeptides; Ntn hydrolase; glutathione utilization; weak L-asparaginase activity in vitro (EcAIII); precursor is cleaved into an alpha and beta subunit; heterotetrameric
b0829gsiAGlutathione transporter ATP-binding protein; GsiABCD is an ABC transporter system
b0830gsiBGlutathione-binding protein, periplasmic; GsiABCD constitutes an ABC transporter
b0831gsiCGlutathione ABC transporter permease
b0832gsiDGlutathione ABC transporter permease
b0833yliEPredicted membrane-anchored cyclic-di-GMP phosphodiesterase
b0834yliFPredicted membrane-anchored diguanylate cyclase
b0835rimORibosomal protein S12 methylthiotransferase; radical SAM superfamily
b0836bssRRepressor of biofilm formation by indole transport regulation; global regulator. e.g. of AI-2 transport and motility genes
b0837yliISoluble aldose sugar dehydrogenase; Asd; binds PQQ; outer membrane protein
b0838gstBGlutathione transferase, iodoacetate-, bromoacetate-specific; natural substrate unknown
b0839dacCD-alanine D-alanine carboxypeptidase PBP6; penicillin-binding protein 6
b0840deoRRepressor for deo operon, nupG and tsx; binds deoxyribose-5-phosphate inducer
b0841ybjGUndecaprenyl pyrophosphate phosphatase YbjG(UppP), minor
b0842mdfATransmembrane multidrug efflux transporter; confers alkaline pH tolerence
b0843ybjHPredicted periplasmic protein, function unknown
b0844ybjIFMN and erythrose-4-P phosphatase; physiological role unknown; HAD15
b0845ybjJPredicted transporter, function unknown
b0846rcdATranscriptional regulator of csgD and ybiJI; autoregulator
b0847ybjLPutative AAE family transporter, function unknown
b0848ybjMInner membrane protein, function unknown
b0849grxAGlutaredoxin 1
b0850ybjCFunction unknown, DUF1418 family
b0851nfsANitroreductase A; oxygen-insensitive, NADPH, FMN-dependent, major; reduces a variety of nitroaromatics, e.g. dihydropteridine, nitrofurantoin, nitrofurazone, quinones; SoxS regulon; homodimeric
b0852rimKRibosomal protein S6 modification, C-terminal glutmate addition; polyglutamate synthase
b0853ybjNNegative regulator of motility; multicopy suppressor of coaA(Ts)
b0854potFPutrescine ABC transporter periplasmic binding protein
b0855potGPutrescine ABC transporter ATP-binding protein
b0856potHPutrescine ABC transporter permease
b0857potIPutrescine ABC transporter permease
b0858ybjOInner membrane protein, DUF2593 family, function unknown
b0859rlmC23S rRNA m(5)U747 methyltransferase, SAM-dependent
b0860artJArginine-binding protein, periplasmic
b0861artMArginine ABC transporter permease
b0862artQArginine ABC transporter permease
b0863artIPeriplasmic binding protein in artPIQM operon, ligand unknown
b0864artPArginine ABC transporter ATP-binding protein
b0865ybjPNovel verified lipoprotein, function unknown
b0866ybjQConserved protein, UPF0145 family, function unknown
b0867amiD1,6-anhydro-N-acetylmuramyl-L-alanine amidase, Zn-dependent; verified OM lipoprotein
b0868ybjSFunction unknown; predicted enzyme with a nucleoside diphosphate sugar substrate and an NAD(P) cofactor
b0869ybjTFunction unknown
b0870ltaEL-allo-threonine aldolase
b0871poxBPyruvate oxidase
b0872hcrHydrid-cluster protein oxidoreductase; FAD and [2Fe-2S] cofactors, NADH as electron donor
b0873hcpHydroxylamine reductase, hybrid-cluster [2Fe-2S] protein
b0874ybjEFunction unknown
b0875aqpZAquaporin Z, glycerol and water channel; RpoS regulon
b0876ybjDFunction unknown
b0877ybjXFunction unknown, homologous to somA (S.t.) and virK (S.f.)
b0878macAMembrane fusion protein (MFP) for macrolide efflux; subunit of ABC-type, TolC-dependent transporter MacAB; signal anchor; periplasmic
b0879macBABC-type macrolide efflux transporter, with MacA and TolC
b0880cspDInhibitor of DNA replication; cold shock protein homolog, not cold shock inducible; stationary phase and starvation inducible; lethal when overproduced
b0881clpSSubstrate modulator for ClpAP; directs protease activity towards aggregated proteins
b0882clpAATPase subunit of ClpAP ATP-dependent protease; protease Ti; molecular chaperone
b0883serWSerine tRNA(GGA) 5
b0884infAProtein chain initiation factor IF1
b0885aatLeucyl, phenylalanyl-tRNA-protein transferase; L/F-transferase; transfers Leu or Phe to N-terminal Arg or Lys residues; required for the N-end rule degradation by ClpAP protease
b0886cydCGlutathione, cysteine export permease/ATP-binding protein; ABC transporter; exports glutathione and cysteine to the periplasm as required for cytochrome assembly; fused ABC subunits: N-terminal permease domain and C-terminal cytoplasmic ATP-binding domain
b0887cydDGlutathione, cysteine export permease/ATP-binding protein; ABC transporter; exports cysteine to periplasm as required for cytochrome assembly; N-terminal permease domain and C-terminal cytoplasmic ATP-binding domain
b0888trxBThioredoxin reductase, NADP+, FAD-binding; with TrxA, also has general chaperone activity; dimeric
b0889lrpGlobal regulatory protein, Leu responsive; regulator of high-affinity branched-chain amino acid transport system; octameric or hexadecameric functional state
b0890ftsKDNA translocase at septal ring sorting daughter chromsomes
b0891lolAPeriplasmic protein responsible for sorting and transporting lipoproteins to outer membrane
b0892rarADNA-dependent ATPase involved in processing recombination intermediates; tetrameric
b0893serSSerine--tRNA ligase; serine hydroxamate resistance
b0894dmsADMSO reductase subunit A, anaerobic, periplasmic
b0895dmsBDMSO reductase subunit B; apparent Fe-S binding subunit; anaerobic
b0896dmsCDMSO reductase subunit C, periplasmic; has a membrane bound anchor
b0897ycaCPredicted hydrolase, isochorismatase family, function unknown; homologous to pyrazinamidase and carbamoylsarcosine amidohydrolase; homooctamer
b0898ycaDPredicted transporter, MFS-type, inner membrane protein; function unknown
b0899ycaMPutative transporter, function unknown
b0900ycaNPutative transcriptional regulator, function unknown
b0901ycaKPutative NAD(P)H oxidoreductase, function unknown
b0902pflAPyruvate formate lyase I activase
b0903pflBFormate acetyltransferase 1; pyruvate formate lyase I; induced anaerobically; radical activated by PflA; deactivated by AdhE
b0904focAFormate channel; mutants are hypophosphite resistance and have elevated intracellular formate and reduced excreted formate
b0905ycaORibosomal protein S12 methylthiotransferase accessory factor
b0906ycaPPredicted inner membrane protein, function unknown, UPF0702
b0907serCPhosphoserine aminotransferase
b0908aroA5-enolpyruvyl shikimate-3-phosphate synthase; ESPS synthase; 3-phosphoshikimate-1-carboxyvinyltransferase
b0909ycaLVerified lipoprotein, predicted metalloprotease
b0910cmkCytidylate kinase; multicopy suppressor of UMP kinase mutations
b0911rpsA30S ribosomal subunit protein S1; subunit of RNA phage Q beta replicase; binds and stimulates RNAP
b0912ihfBIntegration Host Factor (IHF), beta subunit; host infection, mutant phage lambda; site-specific recombination; sequence-specific DNA-binding transcriptional activator
b0913ycaICompetence protein ComEC homolog, inner membrane protein, function unknown
b0914msbALipid exporter, fused permease and ATPase components; exports LPS, phospholipids, and lipid A to the outer membrane outer leaflet; drug export and resistance; ABC family transporter; flippase; biogenesis of outer membrane; lipid-activated ATPase
b0915lpxKLipid A 4' kinase
b0916ycaQFunction unknown, DUF1006 family
b0917ycaRFunction unknown, UPF0434 family; low abundance protein
b0918kdsB3-deoxy-manno-octulosonate cytidylyltransferase; CMP-KDO synthase (CKS); LPS biosynthesis
b0919ycbJFunction unknown
b0920ycbCFunction unknown, DUF218 superfamily
b0921smtAPutative methyltransferase, SAM-dependent, Hns-regulated
b0922mukFChromosome condensin MukBEF, kleisin-like subunit, binds calcium
b0923mukEChromosome condensin MukBEF, MukE localization factor
b0924mukBChromosome condensin MukBEF, ATPase and DNA-binding subunit; SMC-related protein
b0925ycbBMurein L,D-transpeptidase, periplasmic
b0926ycbKFunction unknown, peptidase homolog; probably periplasmic
b0927ycbLGlyoxalase II homolog, function unknown
b0928aspCAspartate aminotransferase, AspAT; kynurenine aminotransferase; glutamine transaminase K
b0929ompFOuter membrane porin F
b0930asnSAsparagine--tRNA ligase
b0931pncBNicotinate phosphoribosyltransferase
b0932pepNAminopeptidase N
b0933ssuBAliphatic sulfonate transport ATP-binding protein; SsuABC ABC transporter; sulfur starvation inducible
b0934ssuCAliphatic sulfonate transport membrane component; SsuABC ABC transporter; sulfur starvation inducible
b0935ssuDFMNH2-dependent aliphatic sulfonate monooxygenase; sulfur starvation inducible
b0936ssuAAliphatic sulfonate-binding protein, SsuABC ABC transporter; sulfur starvation inducible
b0937ssuENADP(H):FMN oxidoreductase; sulfur starvation inducible
b0938elfALaminin-binding fimbrin subunit, fimA homolog
b0939elfDPutative periplasmic pilus chaperone, induced by AI-2 pheromone
b0940elfCPutative outer membrane fimbrial subunit export usher protein
b0941elfGFimA homolog, function unknown
b0942ycbUFunction unknown, FimA homolog
b0943ycbVFunction unknown, FimA homolog
b0944ycbFPutative periplasmic pilus chaperone, function unknown
b0945pyrDDihydroorotate dehydrogenase, UMP biosynthesis
b0946zapCFtsZ stabilizer
b0947ycbX6-N-hydroxylaminopurine resistance, function unknown
b0948rlmLFused 23S rRNA m(2)G2445 and m(7)G2069 methyltransferase; SAM-dependent
b0949uupDNA-binding ATPase involved in replication; cytosolic; mutant displays an increased frequency of precise excision of transposons and defective growth of bacteriophage Mu
b0950pqiAInduced by paraquat, regulated by SoxRS
b0951pqiBInduced by paraquat, regulated by SoxRS
b0952ymbAProbable lipoprotein, function unknown; Cys conserved
b0953rmfRibosome Modulation Factor RMF; binds 70S ribosome dimers to form 100S; occurs in stationary phase
b0954fabA3R-3-hydroxydecanoyl acyl carrier protein (ACP) dehydratase; also called beta-hydroxydecanoylthioester dehydrase
b0955ycbZFunction unknown, S16 peptidase family
b0956matPTer macrodomain organizer matS-binding protein
b0957ompAOuter membrane protein A; Outer membrane porin A; T-even phage receptor; weak porin; homodimer, abundant cell surface protein
b0958sulAInhibits cell division and ftsZ ring formation; lexA regulon
b0959sxyRequired for expression of CRP-S-dependent promoters
b0960yccSInner membrane protein, function unknown
b0961yccFInner membrane protein, DUF307 family, function unknown
b0962helDATP-dependent DNA Helicase IV
b0963mgsAMethylglyoxal synthase
b0964yccTFunction unknown, UPF0319 family
b0965yccUFunction unknown, oleic-acid induced
b0966hspQHeat shock protein involved in degradation of mutant DnaA; hemimethylated oriC DNA-binding protein; mutation suppresses some dnaA(Ts)
b0967rlmI23S rRNA m(5)C1962 methyltransferase, SAM-dependent
b0968yccXAcylphosphatase, weak activity
b0969tusESulfurtransferase for 2-thiolation step of mnm(5)-s(2)U34-tRNA synthesis; binding partner linking TusBCD to MnmA; may transfer sulfur first to MnmA or directly to tRNA
b0970yccAHflBKC-binding inner membrane protein, UPF0005 family; UPF0005 family; mutant YccA stabilizes SecY(Ts); suppression requires HflKC; YccA is a native substrate for the FtsH(HflB) protease
b0971serTSerine tRNA(UGA) 1
b0972hyaAHydrogenase 1 small subunit [NiFe], periplasmic
b0973hyaBHydrogenase 1 large subunit [NiFe], periplasmic
b0974hyaCHydrogenase 1 b-type cytochrome subunit
b0975hyaDHydrogenase 1 maturation protease
b0976hyaEProbable HyaA chaperone
b0977hyaFNickel incorporation into hydrogenase 1 subunits
b0978appCCytochrome bd-II oxidase subunit I
b0979appBCytochrome bd-II oxidase subunit II
b0980appAAcid phosphatase, pH 2.5, exopolyphosphatase; phytase
b0981etkCryptic autophosphorylating protein tyrosine kinase Etk; role in polymyxin resistance; cognate with Etp phosphatase; required for formation of the O-antigen capsule; silenced by IS1D insertion in promoter region
b0982etpCryptic phosphotyrosine-protein phosphatase; responsible for dephosphorylating the Etk-P autokinase; required for formation of the O-antigen capsule; silenced by IS1D insertion in promoter region
b0983gfcELipoprotein required for formation of the O-antigen capsule; predicted exopolysaccharide export protein; silenced by IS1D insertion in promoter region
b0984gfcDRequired for formation of the O-antigen capsule; silenced by IS1D insertion in promoter region
b0985gfcCRequired for formation of the O-antigen capsule; silenced by IS1D insertion in promoter region
b0986gfcBLipoprotein required for formation of the O-antigen capsule; silenced by IS1D insertion in promoter region
b0987gfcARequired for formation of the O-antigen capsule; threonine-rich protein; silenced by IS1D insertion in promoter region
b0988insB4IS1 transposase B
b0989cspHCold shock protein homolog, not cold-inducible
b0990cspGCold shock protein homolog, cold-inducible
b0991ymcECold shock gene, function unknown; mistakenly thought to be sfa, which is the adjacent gene, now called gnsA
b0992yccMPutative polyferredoxin, function unknown
b0993torSSensor kinase for torCAD operon
b0994torTPeriplasmic TMAO binding protein; required for ToSrR response to TMAO
b0995torRResponse regulator for torCAD operon
b0996torCc-Type cytochrome
b0997torAMolybdoprotein trimethylamine N-oxide reductase
b0998torDRedox enzyme maturation protein (REMP) for TorA; cytoplasmic chaperone for TorA activation; GTPase; protects TorA TAT signal peptide from degradation
b0999cbpMModulator of CbpA co-chaperone activity
b1000cbpADnaK co-chaperone, binds curved DNA
b1001yccEFunction unknown
b1002agpPeriplasmic glucose-1-phosphatase, acidic; has inositol phosphatase activity
b1003yccJFunction unknown
b1004wrbANAD(P)H:quinone oxidoreductase, type IV NQO; may protect against oxidative stress; dimeric, binds one FMN per monomer
b1006rutGPyrimidine permease; pyrimidine nitrogen catabolism; required for efficient utilization of uracil and thymine
b1007rutF Flavin:NADH reductase; required for the regeneration of FMN for RutA in vivo
b1008rutEMalonic semialdehyde reductase; pyrimidine nitrogen catabolism; reduces toxic product malonic semaldehyde to 3-hydroxypropionic acid, which is excreted; required for pyrimidine nitrogen degradation in vivo but not in vitro
b1009rutDPutative aminoacrylate hydrolase; reactive intermediate detoxification; required for pyrimidine nitrogen degradation in vivo but not in vitro
b1010rutCPutative aminoacrylate deaminase; reactive intermediate detoxification; required for pyrimidine nitrogen degradation in vivo but not in vitro
b1011rutBUreidoacrylate amidohydrolase; pyrimidine nitrogen catabolism
b1012rutAPyrimidine oxygenase, FMN-dependent; pyrimidine nitrogen catabolism; requires RutF to regenerate FMN in vivo
b1013rutRRepressor for rut operon; pyrimidine nitrogen catabolism
b1014putAProline dehydrogenase and repressor for the putAP divergon
b1015putPProline/Na+, Li+ symport protein; also transports propionate (Reed, 2006)
b1018efeOInactive acid-inducible low-pH ferrous ion transporter EfeUOB; acid-inducible periplasmic protein; hyperlethality gene
b1019efeBDeferrrochelatase, periplasmic; inactive acid inducible low-pH ferrous ion transporter EfeUOB; periplasmic acid peroxidase; heme cofactor
b1020phoHATP-binding protein, function unknown
b1021pgaDBiofilm PGA synthase PgaCD, regulatory subunit; c-di-GMP-stimulated activity and dimerization
b1022pgaCBiofilm PGA synthase PgaCD, catalytic subunit; poly-beta-1,6-N-acetyl-D-glucosamine synthase; c-di-GMP-stimulated activity and dimerization
b1023pgaBPoly-beta-1,6-N-acetyl-D-glucosamine (PGA) N-deacetylase; deacetylase required for biofilm adhesin polysaccharide PGA export; outer membrane lipoprotein
b1024pgaABiofilm adhesin polysaccharide PGA secretin; OM porin
b1025ycdTDiguanylate cyclase, membrane-anchored
b1026insF4IS3 transposase B
b1027insE4IS3 transposase A
b1028ymdEPseudogene, C-terminal fragment; ancestral gene related to fabD (malonyl-CoA-acyl carrier protein transacylase)
b1029ycdUPredicted inner membrane protein, function unknown
b1032serXSerine tRNA(GGA) 5
b1033ghrAGlyoxylate/hydroxypyruvate reductase A; activity higher on glyoxylate than hydroxypyruvate
b1034ycdXAlkaline phosphatase; required for swarming phenotype; chaperoned by YcdY
b1035ycdYYcdX chaperone; redox enzyme maturation protein (REMP); required for swarming phenotype
b1036ycdZInner membrane protein, DUF1097 family, function unknown
b1037csgGPore-forming OM lipoprotein for curli subunit secretion; CsgEFG curlin secretion complex
b1038csgFOM protein required for curli nucleation by CsgB; CsgEFG curlin secretion complex
b1039csgECurlin secretion specificity factor; blocks CsgA amyloid formation; CsgEFG curlin secretion complex
b1040csgDTranscriptional activator for csgBA and other genes
b1041csgBCurli nucleator protein curlin CsgB, minor curli subunit
b1042csgACurli subunit, major; CsgA curlin, cryptic
b1043csgCCurli assembly protein
b1044ymdAFunction unknown, pfam00419 family, fimbrial protein
b1045ymdBO-acetyl-ADP-ribose deacetylase; RNase III inhibitor during cold shock; putative cardiolipin synthase C regulatory subunit
b1046clsCCardiolipin synthase 3, active in stationary phase
b1047opgCSuccinylation of osmoregulated periplasmic glucans (OPGs); membrane protein
b1048opgGOsmoregulated periplasmic glucan (OPG) biosynthesis; periplasmic protein
b1049opgHMembrane glycosyltransferase, OPG biosynthesis
b1050yceKOuter membrane integrity lipoprotein
b1051msyBIn multicopy restores growth and protein export functions of secY and secA mutants
b1053mdtGMultidrug resistance efflux transporter; overexpression resistance to fosfomycin and deoxycholate
b1054waaMLipid A synthesis, KDO2-lipid IVA lauroyl-ACP acyltransferase; not under heat shock regulation; membrane protein affecting cell division, growth, and high-temperature survival
b1055yceAPredicted rhodanese, function unknown
b1056yceISecreted protein, function unknown
b1057yceJCytochrome b561 homolog, function unknown
b1058yceOExpressed protein, function unknown
b1059solAN-methyltryptophan oxidase, FAD-containing; monomeric
b1060bssSRepressor of biofilm formation by indole transport regulation; global regulator, e.g. of AI-2 transport and motility genes; cold shock gene
b1061dinIStabilizes RecA filaments; multicopy suppressor of dinD cold-sensitive filamentous phenotype; possible ssDNA mimic
b1062pyrCDihydroorotase, the third step in pyrimidine biosynthesis; dimeric; Zn(II) metalloenzyme, binuclear metal center
b1063yceBNovel verified lipoprotein, DUF1439 family, function unknown
b1064grxBGlutaredoxin 2; regulated by RpoS and ppGpp
b1065mdtHMultidrug resistance efflux transporter; overexpression resistance to norfloxacin and enoxacin
b1066rimJRibosomal protein S5 N-acetyltransferase; modification of 30S ribosomal subunit protein S5; acetylation of N-terminal alanine
b1067yceHFunction unknown, UPF0502 family
b1068yceMPredicted oxidoreductase, function unknown
b1069murJProbable peptidoglycan lipid II flippase; required for murein synthesis
b1070flgNInitiation of flagellar filament assembly
b1071flgMAnti-sigma 28 (FliA) factor; regulator of FlhD
b1072flgAFlagellar basal body P-ring formation
b1073flgBFlagellar basal body rod subunit
b1074flgCFlagellar basal body rod subunit
b1075flgDFlagellar basal body rod modification
b1076flgEFlagellar hook subunit protein
b1077flgFFlagellar basal body rod subunit
b1078flgGFlagellar basal body rod major subunit
b1079flgHFlagellar synthesis, basal body L-ring lipoprotein
b1080flgIBasal body P-ring flagellar protein
b1081flgJFlagellum-specific muramidase
b1082flgKFlagellar synthesis, hook-associated protein
b1083flgLFlagellar synthesis, hook-associated protein
b1084rneRNase E; component of RNA degradosome; mRNA turnover; 5S and 16S RNA maturation
b1085yceQFunction unknown
b1086rluC23S rRNA pseudouridine(955,2504,2580) synthase
b1087yceFMaf-like protein, function unknown
b1088yceDFunction unknown, DUF177 family
b1089rpmF50S ribosomal subunit protein L32
b1090plsXProbable phosphate acyltransferase
b1091fabHbeta-Ketoacyl-ACP synthase III; KAS III; monomer
b1092fabDMalonyl-CoA-acyl carrier protein transacylase
b1093fabGbeta-Ketoacyl-ACP reductase
b1094acpPAcyl carrier protein ACP
b1095fabFbeta-Ketoacyl-ACP synthase II; KAS II; homodimeric
b1096pabCSulfonamide resistance; aminodeoxychorismate lyase
b1097yceGSeptation protein, ampicillin sensitivity
b1098tmkThymidylate kinase
b1099holBDNA polymerase III, delta' subunit; part of the DnaX clamp loader complex, the stator protein
b1100ycfHPredicted DNase, tatD paralog, no Tat phenotype
b1101ptsGGlucose phophotransferase Enzyme IIBC(Glc); glucose permease; dimeric
b1102fhuEOuter membrane receptor for ferric-rhodotorulic acid; also receptor for ferric siderophores coprogen and ferrioxamine B
b1103hinTActivator of DadA, D-alanine catabolism; purine nucleoside phosphoramidase; aminoacyl-adenylate hydrolase
b1104ycfLProbable lipoprotein, function unknown; Cys conserved
b1105lpoBOM lipoprotein stimulator of MrcB transpeptidase
b1106thiKThiamine kinase involved in thiamine salvage
b1108ycfPPredicted esterase, UPF0227 protein, function unknown
b1109ndhRespiratory NADH dehydrogenase II; NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase II; membrane-bound flavoprotein; cupric reductase
b1110ycfJPutative periplasmic protein, UmoD homolog
b1111ycfQRepressor for bhsA(ycfR)
b1112bhsABiofilm, cell surface and signaling defects, YhcN family
b1113ycfSL,D-transpeptidase linking Lpp to murein, periplasmic
b1114mfdTranscription repair coupling factor
b1115ycfTInner membrane protein, function unknown
b1116lolCLolA-dependent release of lipoproteins from inner membrane; essential gene
b1117lolDLolA-dependent release of lipoproteins from inner membrane; essential gene
b1118lolELolA-dependent release of lipoproteins from inner membrane; essential gene
b1119nagKN-Acetyl-D-glucosamine kinase; phosphorylates GlcNAc in the cytoplasm
b1120cobBProtein lysine deacetylase, NAD(+)-dependent; chemotaxis regulator; sirituin homolog; known in vivo substrates include acetyl-CoA synthase (Acs) and CheY; deacetylation of K609 activates Acs; acetylation and deacetylation of CheY affects chemotaxis
b1121ycfZInner membrane protein, function unknown
b1122ymfARequired for swarming phenotype, inner membrane protein, function unknown
b1123potDSpermidine ABC transporter periplasmic binding protein; also binds putrescine
b1124potCSpermidine/putrescine ABC transporter permease
b1125potBSpermidine/putrescine ABC transporter permease
b1126potASpermidine/putrescine ABC transporter ATP-binding protein
b1127pepTPeptidase T, aminotripeptidase; anaerobically induced, biofilm-induced, cell-density induced
b1128roxA50S ribosomal protein L16 Arg81 hydroxylase; ROX; 2-oxoglutarate oxygenase
b1129phoQHistidine protein kinase sensor protein, two-component system; cognate to phoP; response to extracellular divalent cations, pH, and acetate
b1130phoPResponse regulator, two-component system; cognate to phoQ; response to extracellular divalent cations, pH, and acetate; DNA-binding protein
b1131purBAdenylosuccinate lyase, purine synthesis
b1132hflDDownregulates lambda lysogenization; interacts with cII protein; first gene in purB operon; peripheral membrane protein
b1133mnmAtRNA(Gln,Lys,Glu) U34 2-thiouridylase; first step in mnm(5)-s(2)U34-tRNA synthesis; TusE binding partner; antisuppressor
b1134nudJThiamin pyrophosphate (TPP) phosphatase; non-specific nucleoside tri-and diphosphatase; bacimethrin resistance
b1135rluE23S rRNA pseudouridine(2457) synthase
b1136icdIsocitrate dehydrogenase, NADP(+)-specific; e14 attachment site
b1137ymfDPredicted SAM-dependent methyltransferase, function unknown; e14 prophage
b1138ymfEPredicted membrane protein, function unknown, e14 prophage
b1139litCell death peptidase, expression of T4 late genes; e14 prophage
b1140intEe14 integrase, in defective prophage
b1141xisEe14 excisionase, in defective prophage
b1143ymfIFunction unknown, e14 prophage
b1144ymfJFunction unknown, e14 prophage
b1145cohECI-like repressor, e14 prophage
b1146croECro-like repressor, e14 prophage
b1147ymfLFunction unknown, e14 prophage
b1148ymfMFunction unknown, e14 prophage
b1150ymfRFunction unknown, e14 prophage
b1151beeEPseudogene, N-terminal fragment, portal protein, e14 prophage
b1152jayEPseudogene, C-terminal fragment, baseplate, e14 prophage
b1153ymfQPutative baseplate or tail fiber protein, e14 prophage
b1154stfPPredicted tail fiber protein, e14 prophage; alternate virion-host specificity protein; Tail Collar domain
b1155tfaPPredicted tail fiber assembly gene, e14 prophage
b1156tfaEPredicted tail fiber assembly gene, e14 prophage
b1157stfEC-terminal Stf variable cassette, e14 prophage, pseudogene; alternate virion-host specificity protein; Tail Collar domain
b1158pinEDNA invertase, site-specific recombination, e14 prophage
b1159mcrA5-methylcytosine-specific DNA binding protein; restriction endonuclease B homolog, e14; prophage gene
b1160iraMRpoS stabilzer during Mg starvation, anti-RssB factor; anti-adapter protein
b1161ycgXDUF1398 family protein, function unknown
b1162bluRRepressor of blue light-responsive genes; modulates biofilm with a YmgAB to RcsBCD relay
b1163bluFAnti-repressor for BluR(YcgE), blue light-responsive; cold shock gene, binds FAD; photoinduced dimerization
b1164ycgZConnector protein for RcsB regulation of biofilm and acid-resistance; blue light, low temperature and stress induction, BluRF(YcgEF) and RpoS regulons
b1165ymgAConnector protein for RcsB regulation of biofilm; blue light, low temperature and stress induction, BluRF(YcgEF) and RpoS regulons
b1166ariRConnector protein for RcsB regulation of biofilm and acid-resistance
b1167ymgCBlue light, low temperature and stress induced, function unknown; BluRF(YcgEF) and RpoS regulons
b1168ycgGPredicted membrane-anchored cyclic-di-GMP phosphodiesterase
b1171ymgDPredicted secreted protein, function unknown
b1172ymgGConserved protein, UPF0757 family, function unknown; glycine-rich
b1174minEBlocks MinCD inhibition of FtsZ polymerization at cell center; forms membrane-associated coiled arrays in a ring at the cell center
b1175minDInhibition of FtsZ ring polymerization; membrane ATPase that activates MinC; forms membrane-associated coiled arrays on the cytoplasmic face of the inner membrane, more concentrated at the poles
b1176minCInhibition of FtsZ ring polymerization; forms membrane-associated coiled arrays, more concentrated at the poles
b1177ycgJFunction unknown, Fels-1 prophage protein family
b1178pliGInhibitor of g-type lysozyme, periplasmic
b1179ycgLFunction unknown, UPF0745 family; low abundance protein
b1180ycgMFunction unknown
b1181ycgNUPF0153 cysteine cluster protein, function unknown
b1182hlyELatent secreted hemolysin E; regulated by SlyA, Fnr and HN-S
b1183umuDDNA polymerase V subunit, capable of translesion synthesis; inducible mutagenesis; error-prone repair; UmuDC single-stranded binding protein with RecA-coated DNA; intrinsic AP lyase activity
b1184umuCDNA polymerase V subunit, capable of translesion synthesis; polymerase activity subunit; UV induction of mutations, error-prone repair; forms complex with UmuD and UmuD'; intrinsic AP lyase activity; lexA regulon
b1185dsbBDisulfide oxidoreductase, membrane-spanning protein; oxidizes periplasmic DsbA; DTT-sensitive phenotype
b1186nhaBNa+/H+ antiporter 2, weakly pH-dependent; helps regulate intracellular pH and extrude lithium
b1187fadRRepressor/activator for fatty acid metabolism regulon; fatty acid-responsive transcription factor; fabAB, iclR activator (regulates aceBAK, glyoxylate shunt); fad repressor; homodimeric
b1188ycgBFunction unknown
b1189dadAD-amino acid dehydrogenase
b1190dadXAlanine racemase; homodimeric
b1191cvrARequired for growth at low osmolarity; similar to eukaryotic Na+/H+ exchangers, but not involved in Na+ extrusion; proposed to be involved in the regulation of cell volume
b1192ldcAMurein tetrapeptide carboxypeptidase; LD-carboxypeptidase A; cytoplasmic protease that cleaves the terminal D-alanine from cytoplasmic muropeptides
b1193emtAMembrane-bound lytic transglycosylase E, lipoprotein; involved in limited murein hydrolysis
b1194ycgRFlagellar velocity braking protein, c-di-GMP-regulated
b1195ymgEFunction unknown
b1196ycgYFunction unknown
b1197treATrehalase, periplasmic
b1198dhaMMultidomain dihydroxyacetone-specific PTS protein; phosphoryl donor for dihydroxyacetone kinase; DhaK(2):DhaL:DhaM(2) complex
b1199dhaLDihydroxyacetone kinase, PTS-dependent ADP-binding subunit II; DhaK(2):DhaL:DhaM(2) complex
b1200dhaKDihydroxyacetone kinase, PTS-dependent, dihydroxyacetone-binding subunit; DhaK(2):DhaL:DhaM(2) complex
b1201dhaRTranscription activator of the dhaKLM operon
b1202ycgVOverexpression increases adhesion and biofilm formation; probable adhesin, function unknown
b1203ychFCatalase inhibitor protein; ATPase, K+-dependent, ribosome-associated; monomeric
b1204pthPeptidyl-tRNA hydrolase; required for phage lambda growth
b1205ychHStress-induced protein, function unknown; involved in cadmium and peroxide resistance
b1206dauAC4-dicarboxylic acid transporter at low pH; STAS domain
b1207prsPhosphoribosylpyrophosphate synthase
b1208ispE4-diphosphocytidyl-2-C-methylerythritol kinase; isopentenyl phosphate kinase; alternative nonmevalonate (DXP) pathway for terpenoid biosynthesis; essential gene
b1209lolBOM lipoprotein required for localization of lipoproteins; essential gene
b1210hemAGlutamyl-tRNA reductase, hemin biosynthesis; neomycin sensitivity
b1211prfAPeptide chain release factor 1, RF-1; translation termination factor recognizes UAG and UAA.
b1212prmCRelease factor (RF1, RF2) glutamine methyltransferase
b1213ychQPredicted inner membrane protein, Salmonella sirB2 ortholog, function unknown
b1214ychASalmonella sirB1 ortholog, function unknown
b1215kdsA3-deoxy-D-manno-octulosonate 8-phosphate (KDO8-P) synthase; LPS biosynthesis
b1216chaACa2+/H+ and K+/H+ antiporter; extrudes potassium ions, and also sodium ions at alkaline pH; regulated by osmolarity and pH
b1217chaBAccessory and regulatory protein for chaA
b1218chaCAccessory and regulatory protein for chaA
b1219ychNPredicted sulfur relay protein; dimer of trimers
b1220ychOIntimin/invasin homolog, function unknown
b1221narLTwo-component regulator protein for nitrate/nitrite response; cognate sensor is NarX
b1222narXTwo-component nitrate/nitrite sensor-transmitter protein; NarL is cognate regulator; functional redundance with narQ
b1223narKNitrate/nitrite antiporter; promotes nitrite extrusion and uptake
b1224narGNitrate reductase I (NRA), alpha subunit
b1225narHNitrate reductase I (NRA), beta subunit
b1226narJRedox enzyme maturation protein (REMP) for NarG; facilitates molybdenum insertion; binds NarG
b1227narINitrate reductase I (NRA), gamma subunit
b1229tprProtamine-like protein, in tyrT primary transcript
b1230tyrVTyrosine tRNA(GUA) 1; tandemly duplicated
b1231tyrTTyrosine tRNA(GUA) 1; tandemly duplicated
b1232purUFormyltetrahydrofolate hydrolase; mutation causes transient glycine starvation
b1233ychJUPF0225 family protein, function unknown,
b1234rssAPredicted phospholipase, patatin-like family, function unknown
b1235rssBResponse regulator binding RpoS to initiate proteolysis by ClpXP; required for the PcnB-degradosome interaction during stationary phase; major cognate sensor kinase is ArcB
b1236galUGlucose-1-P uridylyltransferase; also called UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase
b1237hnsDNA-binding global regulator H-NS; diverse mutant phenotypes affecting transcription, transposition, inversion, cryptic-gene expression; involved in chromosome organization; preferentially binds bent DNA; has N-terminal dimerization domain
b1238tdkDeoxythymidine kinase
b1241adhEAlcohol dehydrogenase, largely anaerobic; aerobic antioxidant; acetaldehyde-CoA dehydrogenase, CoA-linked; allyl alcohol resistance
b1242ychEMembrane protein, UPF0056 family, function unknown
b1243oppAOligopeptide-binding protein, periplasmic
b1244oppBOligopeptide transport, permease
b1245oppCOligopeptide transport, permease
b1246oppDOligopeptide transport, ATP-binding protein
b1247oppFOligopeptide transport, ATP-binding protein
b1248yciUFunction unknown, UPF0263 family
b1249clsACardiolipin synthase 1; mutants are dihydroxybutylphosphonate resistant; novobiocin sensitivity
b1250kchVoltage-gated potassium channel protein; overproduction increases the permeability of the cytoplamsic membrane to K+; not involved in K+ uptake; overproduction alters membrane composition; homotetrameric membrane protein
b1251yciIFunction unknown
b1252tonBUptake of chelated Fe(2+) and cyanocobalamin; works in conjunction with OM receptors; energy transducer; sensitivity to T1, phi80, and colicins; forms a complex with ExbB and ExbD
b1253yciAAcyl-CoA esterase, role unknown
b1254yciBInvolved in intracellular septation in Shigella
b1255yciCUPF0259 family protein, function unknown
b1256ompWOuter membrane protein W; colicin S4 receptor
b1257yciEFunction unknown, rubrerythrin/ferritin-like putative metal-binding protein
b1258yciFFunction unknown, H-NS repressed; dimeric; rubrerythrin/ferritin-like putative metal-binding protein
b1259yciGRequired for swarming phenotype, function unknown
b1260trpATryptophan synthase, alpha subunit
b1261trpBTryptophan synthase, beta subunit
b1262trpCTryptophan synthesis, bifunctional: N-(5-phosphoribosyl)anthranilate isomerase and indole-3-glycerolphosphate synthase
b1263trpDAnthranilate synthase component II, bifunctional; glutamine amidotransferase and phosphoribosyl anthranilate transferase; tryptophan biosynthesis
b1264trpEAnthranilate synthase component I
b1265trpLRegulatory leader peptide for trp operon
b1266yciVFunction unknown, PHP family
b1267yciOPredicted RNA binding protein; low abundance protein
b1268yciQFunction unknown
b1269rluB23S rRNA pseudouridine(2605) synthase
b1270btuRRegulatory gene affecting btuB
b1271yciKPredicted oxidoreductase, COG1028 family; function unknown
b1272sohBMulticopy suppressor of htrA(degP); probable protease
b1273yciNFunction unknown, DUF2498 family
b1274topATopoisomerase I
b1275cysBTranscriptional activator for the Cys regulon; N-acetylserine induced; autorepressor
b1276acnAAconitase A, stationary phase induced; iron-sulfur cluster; apo-enzyme binds mRNA for negative translational autoregulation; negatively regulated by ryhB RNA as part of indirect positive regulation by Fur
b1277ribAGTP cyclohydrolase II, riboflavin biosynthesis
b1278pgpBPhosphatidylglycerophosphatase B, membrane bound; C(55)-PP phosphatase; also has a minor undecaprenyl pyrophosphate pyrophosphatase (UppP) activity
b1279yciSInner membrane protein, function unknown, DUF1049 family
b1280yciMTPR-repeats-containing protein, function unknown
b1281pyrFOrotidine-5'-phosphate decarboxylase; OMP decarboxylase
b1282yciHMimics some initiation factor functions, binds 30S subunit; SUI1 family; eIF1 homolog
b1283osmBOsmotically and stress inducible lipoprotein; function unknown; mutation confers partial resistance to osmotic stress
b1284yciTGlobal regulator of transcription, DeoR family
b1285gmrCyclic-di-GMP phosphodiesterase; csgD regulator; modulates protein stability of RNase II; dual domain protein; defective cyclase domain
b1286rnbRNase II; mRNA degradation
b1287yciWFunction unknown, CMD superfamily
b1288fabIEnoyl-ACP reductase, NADH dependent
b1289ycjDFunction unknown
b1290sapFAntimicrobial peptide ABC transporter ATP-binding protein
b1291sapDAntimicrobial peptide ABC transporter ATP-binding protein; required for ATP-dependence of Trk K+ uptake systems
b1292sapCAntimicrobial peptide ABC transporter permease
b1293sapBAntimicrobial peptide ABC transporter permease
b1294sapAAntimicrobial peptide binding protein, periplasmic
b1295ymjAFunction unknown
b1296puuPPutrescine importer
b1297puuAgamma-Glutamylputrescine synthase, ATP-dependent; putrescine utilization pathway; glutamate-putrescine ligase
b1298puuDgamma-Glutamyl-GABA hydrolase, putrescine utilization pathway
b1299puuRTranscriptional repressor for the puu divergon; induced by putrescine; putrescine utilization pathway
b1300puuCgamma-Glutamyl-gamma-aminobutyraldehyde dehydrogenase, NAD-dependent; gamma-Aminobutyraldehyde dehydrogenase, NAD-dependent; Succinate semialdehyde dehydrogenase, NAD-dependent; putrescine utilization pathway
b1301puuBgamma-Glutamylputrescine oxidase, putrescine utilization pathway
b1302puuE4-aminobutyrate aminotransferase, putrescine utilization pathway
b1303pspFTranscriptional sigma 54-dependent activator of psp
b1304pspAPhage shock protein A, negative regulator of psp operon; stress-inducible; binds PspB and PspC; enhances protein export through Tat pathway
b1305pspBPositive regulator, with PspC, activates expression of psp operon; binds PspA; membrane protein
b1306pspCPositive regulatory gene, cooperatively with PspB; facilitates binding of PspA to PspB; membrane protein; dimer
b1307pspDExpressed protein in psp operon; peripheral inner membrane protein
b1308pspERhodanese, thiosulfate:cyanide sulfurtransferase; expressed in response to stress as part of psp operon, but also transcribed independently
b1309ycjMFunction unknown, homologous to sucrose phosphorylase
b1310ycjNVerified lipoprotein, predicted ABC transporter periplasmic binding protein
b1311ycjOFunction unknown, probable ABC transporter permease
b1312ycjPFunction unknown, probable ABC transporter permease
b1313ycjQFunction unknown, alcohol dehydrogenase homolog
b1314ycjRFunction unknown, sugar isomerase homolog
b1315ycjSFunction unknown, putative oxidoreductase
b1316ycjTFunction unknown, homologous to glycosyl hydrolases
b1317ycjUbeta-Phosphoglucomutase; HAD11; hyperlethality gene
b1319ompGOuter membrane porin G; induced by AI-2 pheromone
b1320ycjWHyperlethality gene, required for swarming phenotype
b1321ycjXHeat shock protein, DUF463 domain, function unknown
b1322ycjFInner membrane heat shock protein, UPF0283 family; function unknown
b1323tyrRTyrR regulon repressor or activator; regulates aroF, aroG, tyrA, and aromatic amino acid transport; autoregulation of tyrR not mediated by tyrosine; ATPase activity; zinc-stimulated phosphatase activity
b1324tpxLipid hydroperoxide peroxidase; thiol peroxidase, antioxidant, thioredoxin-dependent; peroxiredoxin; scavengase P20; induced by acid or base
b1325ycjGL-Ala-D/L-Glu epimerase; also epimerizes some other Ala-X dipeptides
b1326mpaAMurein peptide amidase A; murein tripeptide hydrolysis, cleaves glutamyl-DAP bond
b1327ycjYPredicted serine dipeptidyl peptidase possibly involved in cleavage of murein peptides; no activity on model substrates detected
b1328pgrRMurein peptide degradation regulator
b1329mppAMurein tripeptide-, heme-binding protein, periplasmic; L-ala-gamma-D-glutamyl-meso-DAP binding protein; feeds into the Dpp (heme) and Opp (murein peptide) transport systems
b1330ynaIMechanosensitive channel protein, very small conductance
b1331insH6IS5 transposase
b1332ynaJPredicted inner membrane protein, DUF2534 family, function unknown
b1333uspEStress-induced protein; UV-resistance; tandem Usp domains
b1334fnrGlobal transcription factor for anaerobic growth; [4FE-4S] cluster; homodimeric
b1335ogtO6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase, constitutive
b1336abgTp-Aminobenzoyl-glutamate transporter; membrane protein
b1337abgBp-Aminobenzoyl-glutamate hydrolase, B subunit; PGH; manganese-dependent; required for p-aminobenzoyl-glutamate utilization
b1338abgAp-Aminobenzoyl-glutamate hydrolase, A subunit; PGH; manganese-dependent; required for p-aminobenzoyl-glutamate utilization
b1339abgRPredicted regulator of the abgABT operon
b1340smrADNA endonuclease, function unknown
b1341ydaMDiguanylate cyclase, csgD regulator; also regulates GGDEF protein YaiC(AdrA)
b1342ydaNZn(II) transporter
b1343dbpAATP-dependent 3'-5' RNA helicase, specific for 23S rRNA
b1344ttcARequired for the formation of 2-thiocytidine s(2)C32 in tRNA
b1345intRIntegrase gene, Rac prophage
b1346ydaQPutative exisionase, Rac prophage
b1347rcbADouble-strand break reduction protein, Rac prophage
b1348ralRRestriction alleviation gene in Rac prophage
b1349recTRecET recombinase, annealing protein, Rac prophage; recombination and repair
b1350recERecET recombinase, exonuclease VIII, Rac prophage; recombination and repair; degrades one strand 5'-3' in duplex DNA
b1351racCFunction unknown, Rac prophage
b1352kilRKilling function of the Rac prophage during zygotic induction; causes cell division arrest and altered cell morphology, suppressed by ftsZ overexpression
b1353sieBSuperinfection exclusion protein, Rac prophage
b1355ydaGExpressed protein, function unknown, Rac prophage
b1356racRRac prophage repressor
b1357ydaSPredicted Cro-like repressor, Rac prophage
b1358ydaTRequired for swarming phenotype, function unknown; Rac prophage
b1359ydaUFunction unknown, Rac prophage
b1360ydaVFunction unknown, Rac prophage
b1361ydaWPseudogene, N-terminal fragment, Rac prophage
b1362rzpRPseudogene, Rz homolog, Rac prophage
b1363trkGMajor constitutive K+ uptake permease TrkAG; high-rate, low-affinity transport; K+-translocating subunit; binds TrkA to inner membrane; Rac prophage
b1365ynaKBlue light induced, function unknown, Rac prophage; BluRF(YcgEF) regulon
b1366ydaYPseudogene, Rac prophage
b1368ynaAPseudogene, N-terminal fragment, Rac prophage
b1370insH25IS5 transposase, pseudogene
b1372stfRSide-tail fiber protein, Rac prophage
b1373tfaRPhage lambda tail fiber assembly gene homolog, Rac prophage
b1374pinRDNA invertase, site-specific recombination, Rac prophage
b1375ynaECold shock gene, function unknown, Rac prophage
b1376uspFStress-induced protein, binds ATP; dimer
b1377ompNOuter membrane porin N
b1378ydbKProbable pyruvate-flavodoxin oxidoreductase
b1379hslJHeat-inducible lipoprotein involved in novobiocin resistance
b1380ldhAD-lactate dehydrogenase, NAD-dependent
b1381ydbHFunction unknown
b1382ynbENovel verified lipoprotein, function unknown
b1383ydbLFunction unknown, DUF1318 family
b1384feaRTranscriptional activator for tynA and feaB, AraC family
b1385feaBPhenylacetaldehyde dehydrogenase
b1386tynACopper amine oxidase; tyramine oxidase; Cu(II) and topaquinone cofactors; homodimer
b1387paaZOxepin-CoA hydrolase/3-oxo-5,6-dehydrosuberyl-CoA semialdehyde dehydrogenase; enoyl-CoA hydratase; mutants are unable to use phenylacetate as a carbon source
b1388paaARing 1,2-phenylacetyl-CoA epoxidase subunit; phenylacetyl-CoA oxygenase, alpha subunit; heteromultimeric diiron oxygenase component; phenylacetic acid degradation
b1389paaBRing 1,2-phenylacetyl-CoA epoxidase subunit; phenylacetyl-CoA oxygenase, effector protein; phenylacetic acid degradation
b1390paaCRing 1,2-phenylacetyl-CoA epoxidase subunit; phenylacetyl-CoA oxygenase, beta subunit; heteromultimeric diiron oxygenase component; phenylacetic acid degradation
b1391paaDRing 1,2-phenylacetyl-CoA epoxidase possible subunit; phenylacetyl-CoA oxygenase, gamma subunit; heteromultimeric diiron oxygenase component; phenylacetic acid degradation
b1392paaERing 1,2-phenylacetyl-CoA epoxidase subunit; phenylacetyl-CoA oxygenase, NAD(P)H oxidoreductase component; phenylacetic acid degradation
b1393paaF2,3-dehydroadipyl-CoA hydratase; enoyl-CoA hydratase; phenylacetic acid degradation
b1394paaG1,2-epoxyphenylacetyl-CoA isomerase, oxepin-CoA-forming; phenylacetic acid degradation
b1395paaH3-hydroxyadipyl-CoA dehydrogenase, NAD+-dependent; phenylacetic acid degradation
b1396paaIThioesterase in phenylacetic acid degradation operon; most active with ring-hydroxylated phenylacetyl-coenzyme A thioesters
b1397paaJ3-oxoadipyl-CoA/3-oxo-5,6-dehydrosuberyl-CoA thiolase; phenylacetic acid degradation
b1398paaKPhenylacetate-coenzyme A ligase, phenylacetic acid degradation
b1399paaXRepressor for the paa operon, phenylacetyl-CoA induced
b1400paaYPhenylacetic acid degradation, acetyltransferase homolog; possible regulator through acetylation of PaaK
b1402insD4IS2 transposase B
b1403insC4IS2 transposase A
b1404insI3IS30 transposase
b1406ydbCPredicted oxidoreductase, NAD(P)-binding, function unknown
b1407ydbDMethylglyoxal sensitivity, function unknown; PF10971 family
b1408ynbAPhosphatidylglycerophosphate synthase homolog, function unknown; inner membrane protein
b1409ynbBCDP-diglyceride synthase homolog, function unknown; predicted inner membrane protein
b1410ynbCPredicted bifunctional lysophospholipase and SAM methyltransferase, function unknown
b1411ynbDPredicted phospholipid or protein phosphatase; predicted inner membrane protein
b1412azoRNADH-azoreductase, FMN-dependent
b1413hrpAPredicted ATP-dependent RNA helicase
b1414ydcFSAM-binding protein, function unknown; low abundance protein
b1415aldAAldehyde dehydrogenase, NAD-dependent; active on lactaldehyde, glycolaldehyde, and other aldehydes
b1418cybBCytochrome b561
b1419ydcAFunction unknown
b1420mokBOverlapping regulatory peptide, enables hokB expression
b1421trgRibose, galactose chemoreceptor, methyl-accepting; MCP III; flagellar regulon
b1422ydcIPredicted transcriptional regulator, function unknown
b1423ydcJPredicted metalloenzyme, function unknown
b1424opgDOsmoregulated periplasmic glucan (OPG) biosynthesis; periplasmic protein
b1426ydcHDUF465 family protein, function unknown
b1427rimLRibosomal protein L7/L12 N-acetyltransferase; modification of 50S ribosomal subunit protein L7; acetylation of N-terminal serine
b1428ydcKFunction unknown
b1429tehAK+-tellurite, ethidium and proflavin efflux transporter
b1430tehBTellurite, selenium methyltransferase; tellurite, selenium resistance protein; dimeric
b1431ydcLNovel verified lipoprotein, function unknown
b1432insQIS609 transposase B
b1433ydcOInner membrane protein, predicted transporter, function unknown
b1434ydcNPredicted transcriptional regulator, function unknown
b1435ydcPFunction unknown, U32 peptidase family
b1436yncJPredicted secreted protein, function unknown
b1438hicBAntitoxin of HicAB TA pair; mutational suppressor of null rpoE lethality
b1439ydcRPutative HTH transcriptional regulator with aminotransferase domain; MocR family
b1440ydcSPolyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) synthase; ABC transporter periplasmic binding protein homolog; upregulated during glucose-limitation
b1441ydcTPutative ABC transporter ATP-binding protein; function unknown
b1442ydcUPutative ABC transporter permease protein; function unknown
b1443ydcVPutative ABC transporter permease protein; function unknown
b1444patDgamma-Aminobutyraldehyde dehydrogenase, NAD-dependent; ABALDH; ABDH; pyrroline dehydrogenase; also active on medium chain aldehydes
b1445ydcXRequired for swarming phenotype, DUF2566 family, function unknown
b1446ydcYFunction unknown
b1447ydcZRequired for swarming phenotype, inner membrane protein, function unknown
b1448mnaTMethionine N-acyltransferase; L-amino acid N-acyltransferase
b1449curACurcumin/dihydrocurcumin reductase, NADPH-dependent
b1450mcbRMqsR-controlled colanic acid and biofilm regulator; represses mcbA
b1451yncDPutative TonB-dependent outer membrane receptor
b1452yncEDNA-binding, ATP-binding periplasmic protein, function unknown
b1453ansPL-Asparagine permease
b1454yncGFunction unknown, glutathione S-transferase homolog
b1455yncHRequired for swarming phenotype, function unknown
b1456rhsEPseudogene, rhs family, encoded within RhsE repeat; hotspot for chromosomal duplication formation
b1457ydcDFunction unknown
b1459yncIPseudogene reconstruction, H repeat-associated, RhsE-linked
b1460ydcCH repeat-associated protein, RhsE-linked, function unknown
b1461pptAPhenylpyruvate tautomerase; other substrates are (p-hydroxyphenyl)pyruvate and 2-hydroxy-2,4-pentadienoate; homodimeric
b1462yddHPredicted FMN-binding protein, function unknown
b1463nhoAN-hydroxyarylamine O-acetyltransferase
b1464yddEConserved predicted enzyme, PhzC-PhzF family, function unknown
b1465narVNitrate reductase II (NRZ), gamma-subunit
b1466narWRedox enzyme maturation protein (REMP) for for NarZYV, molybdenum insertion; binds NarZ
b1467narYNitrate reductase II (NRZ), beta subunit
b1468narZNitrate reductase II (NRZ), alpha subunit
b1469narUNitrite extrusion protein 2
b1471yddKPseudogene, frameshifted, leucine-rich protein
b1472yddLPseudogene, OmpCFN porin family, N-terminal fragment
b1473yddGAromatic amino acid exporter
b1474fdnGFormate dehydrogenase-N, selenopeptide, anaerobic; FDH-N; periplasmic
b1475fdnHFormate dehydrogenase-N, Fe-S subunit, anaerobic; FDH-N; periplasmic
b1476fdnIFormate dehydrogenase-N, cytochrome subunit, anaerobic; FDH-N
b1477yddMPredicted transcriptional regulator, function unknown
b1478adhPEthanol-active dehydrogenase/acetaldehyde-active reductase
b1479maeAMalic enzyme, NAD-dependent; NAD-ME
b1480sraSRA (stationary-phase-induced ribosome-associated) protein; Protein D; present in copy number/ribosome = 0.1 (exp) to 0.4 (stat); previously called 30S ribosomal subunit protein S22, RpsV
b1481bdmOsmoresponsive gene with reduced expression in biofilms; function unknown
b1482osmCLipoyl-dependent Cys-based peroxidase, hydroperoxide resistance; stress-induced peroxiredoxin; salt-shock inducible membrane protein; required for long-term survival in stationary phase
b1483ddpFD,D-dipeptide permease system, ATP-binding component
b1484ddpDD,D-dipeptide permease system, ATP-binding component
b1485ddpCD,D-dipeptide permease system, membrane translocase
b1486ddpBD,D-dipeptide permease system, membrane translocase
b1487ddpAD,D-dipeptide-binding protein, periplasmic
b1488ddpXD-Ala-D-Ala dipeptidase
b1489dosPHeme-regulated oxygen sensor, c-di-GMP phosphodiesterase; biofilm regulator; may have weak cAMP PDE activity; cold- and stationary phase-inducible; dimeric; dual domain protein; defective cyclase domain
b1490dosCDiguanylate cyclase, binds oxygen, positive biofilm regulator; cold- and stationary phase-induced
b1491yddWNovel verified lipoprotein, function unknown; related to glycosyl hydrolases
b1492gadCGlutamate-GABA antiporter; glutamate-dependent enzyme, may function in protection against cytoplasmic acidification
b1493gadBGlutamate decarboxylase B, vitamin B6-dependent; hexameric
b1494pqqLPutative secreted zinc protease, function unknown; induced by AI-2 pheromone
b1495yddBPutative TonB-dependent outer membrane receptor; function unknown
b1496yddAABC-type transporter, no overexpression resistances
b1497ydeMFunction unknown, Radical SAM superfamily
b1498ydeNPredicted periplasmic arylsulphatase, function unknown
b1499ydeOUV-inducible global regulator, EvgA-, GadE-dependent; transcriptional activator for mdtEF; required for acid resistance conferred by EvgA overexpression; AraC family
b1500safATwo-component system connector protein, EvgSA to PhoQP; TCS regulon connector; EvgSA-regulated membrane protein that activates the PhoQP regulon
b1501ydePRequired for acid resistance conferred by EvgA overexpression; oxidoreductase homolog
b1502ydeQFunction unknown, FimH homolog
b1503ydeRFunction unknown, FimA homolog
b1504ydeSFunction unknown, FimA homolog
b1505ydeTPseudogene, FimD family, C-terminal fragment
b1506yneLPseudogene reconstruction, C-terminal fragment, AraC family
b1507hipAEF-Tu kinase; serine protein kinase required for persister formation; toxin of HipAB TA pair
b1508hipBAntitoxin of HipAB TA pair; transcriptional repressor of the hipBA operon; role in persister formation
b1511lsrKAutoinducer-2 (AI-2) kinase; upregulated in biofilms
b1512lsrRlsrACDBFGE operon regulator for autoinducer-2 (AI-2) uptake; induced by phospho-AI-2
b1513lsrAAutoinducer 2 (AI-2) import ATP-binding protein; essential for aerobic growth; upregulated in biofilms
b1514lsrCAutoinducer 2 (AI-2) import system permease protein
b1515lsrDAutoinducer-2 (AI-2) import system permease protein
b1516lsrBAutoinducer-2 (AI-2)-binding protein
b1517lsrFFunction unknown, involved in AI-2 catabolism
b1518lsrGAutoinducer 2-degrading protein; ygiN paralog
b1519tamTrans-aconitate 2-methyltransferase, SAM-dependent
b1520yneEPredicted inner membrane protein, bestrophin family; possible chloride channel; required for swarming phenotype
b1521uxaBD-Altronate oxidoreductase, NAD-dependent; galacturonate branch of hexuronate pathway
b1522yneFPredicted membrane-bound diguanylate cyclase
b1523yneGDUF4186 protein
b1524glsBGlutaminase 2; GlsA2
b1525sadSuccinate semialdehyde dehydrogenase, NAD(P)(+)-dependent; SSADH; SSDH
b1526yneJLysR-family transcriptional regulator, lamB regulator
b1527yneKFunction unknown
b1528ydeAArabinose efflux transporter, arabinose-inducible
b1529marCInner membrane protein, function unknown; not involved in antibiotic resistance
b1530marRTranscription repressor of multiple antibiotic resistance; resistance to tetracycline, chloramphenicol, etc.; dimeric
b1531marATranscriptional activator for multiple antibiotic resistance; AraC family; resistance to tetracycline, chloramphenicol
b1532marBFunction unknown; probable periplasmic protein in marRAB multiple antibiotic resistance operon
b1533eamAEfflux pump for cysteine and O-acetyl-L-serine; part of a L-cysteine/L-cystine shuttle system confering hydrogen peroxide resistance
b1534ydeEPutative arabinose efflux transporter
b1535ydeHDiguanylate cyclase, required for pgaD induction
b1536ydeIPredicted secreted protein, function unknown
b1537ydeJInactive PncC domain protein, function unknown
b1538dcpDipeptidyl carboxypeptidase II
b1539ydfGMalonic semialdehyde reductase, NADPH-dependent; L-allo-threonine dehydrogenase, NADP+-dependent, other in vitro substrates include L-serine, D-serine, D-threonine and 3-hydroxyisobutyrate
b1540rspRTranscriptional repressor for rspAB
b1541ydfZSelenoprotein, function unknown
b1542ydfIPredicted D-mannonate oxidoreductase, NAD-dependent
b1544ydfKCold shock gene, function unknown, Qin prophage
b1545pinQDNA invertase, site-specific recombination, Qin prophage
b1546tfaQPhage lambda tail fiber assembly gene homolog, Qin prophage
b1547stfQSide-tail fiber protein, Qin prophage
b1548nohQPseudogene, phage lambda Nu1 homolog, Qin prophage; terminase small subunit family, putative DNA packaging protein
b1549ydfODUF1398 family protein, function unknown, Qin prophage
b1550gnsBMulticopy suppressor of secG(Cs) and fabA6(Ts), Qin prophage; overexpression increases unsaturated fatty acid content of phospholipids; gnsA paralog
b1551ynfNCold shock-induced protein, function unknown, Qin prophage
b1552cspICold shock protein, Qin prophage; cold shock inducible
b1553rzpQRz-like equivalent, Qin prophage
b1554rrrQPhage lambda lysozyme R protein homolog, Qin prophage
b1555ydfRFunction unknown, Qin prophage
b1556essQPhage lambda S lysis protein homolog, Qin prophage
b1557cspBCold shock protein, Qin prophage; cold shock inducible
b1558cspFCold shock protein homolog, Qin prophage; not cold-inducible
b1559quuQLambda Q antitermination protein homolog, Qin prophage
b1560ydfUFunction unknown, Qin prophage
b1561remFunction unknown, Qin prophage; downstream of relF gene
b1562hokDSmall toxic membrane polypeptide, Qin prophage; homologous to plasmid-encoded plasmid stabilization toxins regulated by antisense RNA; functional relevance of chromosomal homologs is unknown
b1563relESequence-specific mRNA endoribonuclease, Qin prophage; toxin-antitoxin (TA) pair RelEB, RelE inhibitor of translation cleaves mRNA in A site; binds to its antitoxin RelB and to ribosomes; co-repressor of relB operon transcription; stress-induced
b1564relBAntitoxin for RelE, Qin prophage; transcriptional repressor of relB operon; mutants have a delayed relaxed regulation of RNA synthesis and slow recovery from starvation
b1565ydfVFunction unknown, Qin prophage
b1566flxAMember of FliA regulon, function unknown, Qin prophage
b1567intKPseudogene, integrase fragment, Qin prophage
b1568ydfXPseudogene, Qin prophage
b1569dicCTranscriptional repressor for dicB, Qin prophage
b1570dicATranscriptional repressor for dicB, Qin prophage
b1571ydfAFunction unknown, Qin prophage
b1572ydfBExpressed protein, function unknown, Qin prophage
b1573ydfCConserved protein, function unknown, Qin prophage
b1574dicFDicF antisense sRNA, inhibits ftsZ, Qin prophage
b1575dicBControl of cell division, activates MinC, Qin prophage
b1576ydfDFunction unknown, Qin prophage
b1577ydfEPseudogene, N-terminal fragment, Qin prophage
b1578insD5IS2 transposase B, pseudogene
b1579intQPseudogene, integrase fragment, Qin prophage
b1580rspBFunction unknown, transcribed with rspA, starvation induced
b1581rspABifunctional D-altronate/D-mannonate dehydratase; overproduction prevents homoserine lactone-induced synthesis of RpoS
b1582ynfAInner membrane protein, UPF0060 family, function unknown
b1583ynfBPredicted secreted protein, function unknown
b1584speGSpermidine acetyltransferase
b1585ynfCVerified lipoprotein, UPF0257 family, function unknown
b1586ynfDSecreted protein, DUF1161 family, function unknown
b1587ynfEProbable selenate reductase, periplasmic
b1588ynfFS- and N-oxide reductase, A subunit; periplasmic
b1589ynfGS- and N-oxide reductase, apparent Fe-S binding subunit; required for swarming phenotype
b1590ynfHS- and N-oxide reductase, membrane bound anchor
b1591dmsDRedox enzyme maturation protein (REMP) for DmsA; twin-arginine leader-binding protein; binds DmsA and TorA TAT signal peptides; required for anaerobic growth on glycerol-DMSO medium; stimulates growth on glycerol-fumarate
b1592clcBH(+)/Cl(-) exchange transporter; involved in the extreme acid response
b1593ynfKPredicted dethiobiotin synthase, function unknown
b1594mlcGlobal transcriptional repressor; regulates pts operon expression at P0; required for anaerobic growth on glucosamine, binds nagC promoters; regulates manX and malT; makes large colonies; autorepressor
b1595ynfLPutative LysR-family transcriptional regulator, function unknown; overexpression confers sensitivity to acriflavin and trimethoprim
b1596ynfMPutative arabinose efflux transporter
b1597asrAcid shock-inducible periplasmic protein required for acid tolerance; expression controlled by phoBR
b1598ydgDPutative periplasmic serine protease; function unknown
b1599mdtIMultidrug resistance efflux protein, with MdtJ; overexpression resistance to deoxycholate, SDS, nalidixic acid and fosfomycin
b1600mdtJMultidrug resistance efflux protein, with MdtI; overexpression resistance to deoxycholate, SDS, nalidixic acid and fosfomycin
b1601tqsAPheromone AI-2 transporter; mutants have increased intracellular AI-2 and decreased extracellular AI-2; controls biofilm formation
b1602pntBProton-translocating NAD(P) transhydrogenase, beta subunit; membrane protein
b1603pntAProton-translocating NAD(P) transhydrogenase, alpha subunit; membrane protein
b1604ydgHPredicted periplasmic protein, YhcN family, function unknown; contains 3 tandem YhcN domains
b1605ydgIPredicted arginine/ornithine antiporter
b1606folMDihydromonapterin reductase, tetrahydromonapterin synthesis; NADPH-dependent; dihydrofolate reductase isozyme
b1607ydgCInner membrane protein, GlpM family, function unknown
b1608rstAMulticopy suppressor of yjeE, yeaZ or ygjD deletion lethality; predicted response regulator of two-component regulatory system with sensor protein RstB
b1609rstBSensory histidine kinase in two-component regulatory system with RstA
b1610tusDNA contrahelicase, terminus utilization substance
b1611fumCFumarase C, aerobic
b1612fumAFumarase A, aerobic; negatively regulated by ryhB RNA as part of indirect positive regulation by Fur
b1613manAMannose-6-phosphate isomerase
b1614ydgARequired for swarming phenotype, DUF945 family; slightly upregulated by beryllium
b1615uidCEnhances UidB-mediated glucuronide transport; putative OM porin
b1616uidBGlucuronide permease, inactive point mutant
b1618uidRTranscriptional repressor for uidABC(gusABC)
b1619hdhA7-alpha-Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase
b1620malIMaltose regulon regulatory protein
b1621malXPTS enzyme II homolog; malI regulated
b1622malYAntagonist of MalT transcriptional activator of maltose regulon, binds MalT in absence of maltotriose; cysteine desulfhydrase
b1623addAdenosine deaminase
b1624ydgJPredicted oxidoreductase; yhhX paralog
b1625cnuOriC-binding complex H-NS/Cnu; binds 26 bp cnb site; also forms a complex with StpA; complex formation may protect HN-S and StpA from Lon degradation
b1626ydgKInner membrane protein, DUF2569 family, function unknown
b1627rsxARequired for the reduction of SoxR; inner membrane protein
b1628rsxBRequired for the reduction of SoxR; predicted iron-sulfur protein
b1629rsxCElectron transport complex protein required for the reduction of SoxR; predicted membrane-associated NADH oxidoreductase
b1630rsxDElectron transport complex protein required for the reduction of SoxR; predicted membrane protein
b1631rsxGRequired for the reduction of SoxR; putative membrane protein
b1632rsxERequired for the reduction of SoxR; membrane protein
b1633nthEndonuclease III, DNA glycosylase/apyrimidinic (AP) lyase
b1634dtpADipeptide and tripeptide permease A
b1635gstAGlutathione S-transferase; hydrogen peroxide resistance
b1636pdxYPyridoxamine kinase
b1637tyrSTyrosine--tRNA ligase
b1638pdxHPyridoxine/pyridoxamine phosphate (PNP/PMP) oxidase; isoniazid resistance
b1639mliCInhibitor of c-type lysozyme, membrane-bound; predicted lipoprotein, lipobox conserved
b1640anmKAnhydro-N-acetylmuramic acid kinase, murein recycling
b1641slyBNovel verified lipoprotein, function unknown
b1642slyAActivates crytpic hemolysin gene hlyE; global transcriptional regulator
b1643ydhIPredicted inner membrane protein; in operon with putative efflux pump YdhJK
b1644ydhJPredicted membrane fusion protein (MFP) of YdhJK efflux pump; function unknown
b1645ydhKEfflux protein family (PET) component of predicted YdhJK efflux pump, function unknown
b1646sodCSuperoxide dismutase, Cu, Zn, periplasmic; mutants are sensitive to exogenous hydrogen peroxide in early stationary phase
b1647ydhFPredicted aldo/keto NAD(P) oxidoreductase, function unknown
b1648ydhLFunction unknown
b1649nemRnemRA-gloA operon repressor; quinone-, glyoxal-, and HOCl-activated
b1650nemAChromate reductase, quinone reductase, FMN-linked; N-Ethylmaleimide reductase; old yellow enzyme
b1651gloAGlyoxalase I, lactoylglutathione lyase, Ni(2+) cofactor; inactivated by zinc; dimeric
b1652rntRNase T; RNA processing
b1653lhrProbable ATP-dependent helicase, function unknown
b1654grxDMonothiol glutaredoxin Grx4 with CGFS motif; substrate for thioredoxin reductase; mutants are hypersensitive to iron depletion
b1655mepHMurein DD-endopeptidase, space-maker hydrolase
b1656sodBSuperoxide dismutase, Fe; response to oxidative stress; chromate resistance; negatively regulated by ryhB RNA as part of indirect positive regulation by Fur; acid-inducible
b1657ydhPPredicted transporter, function unknown; membrane protein
b1658purRPurine regulon repressor
b1659ydhBFunction unknown, LysR family of transcriptional regulators
b1660ydhCPutative arabinose efflux transporter
b1661cfaCyclopropane fatty acid synthase; CFA lipid modification is required for acid resistance in early stationary phase
b1662ribCRiboflavin synthase; homotrimer; associated with RibE 60-mer
b1663mdtKMultidrug resistance efflux protein; overexpression resistance to norfloxacin, acriflavine, deoxycholate, trimethoprim
b1664ydhQFunction unknown
b1665valVValine tRNA(GAC) 2B
b1666valWValine tRNA(GAC) 2A
b1667ydhRPredicted monooxygenase, function unknown; dimeric
b1668ydhSPredicted NAD-binding protein, function unknown
b1669ydhTFunction unknown, FNR, NarL and NarP regulons
b1670ydhUFunction unknown, FNR, NarL and NarP regulons; homologous to Salmonella PhsC
b1671ydhXFerredoxin-like protein, function unknown; FNR, NarL and NarP regulons
b1672ydhWFunction unknown, FNR, NarL and NarP regulons
b1673ydhVPredicted oxidoreductase, function unknown; FNR, NarL and NarP regulons
b1674ydhYFerredoxin-like protein; FNR, NarL and NarP regulons
b1675ydhZFunction unknown
b1676pykFPyruvate kinase I, fructose 1,6-bisphosphate-activated
b1677lppMurein lipoprotein; Braun's lipoprotein
b1678ynhGMurein L,D-transpeptidase, periplasmic
b1679sufEBinds and stimulates SufS activity; in sufABCDSE operon involved in iron-sulfur center formation of FhuF; homodimeric
b1680sufSCysteine desulfurase, stimulated by SufE; selenocysteine lyase
b1681sufDSufBCD Fe-S assembly scaffold, FADH2-dependent
b1682sufCSufBCD Fe-S cluster assembly scaffold protein, ATP-binding protein
b1683sufBSufBCD Fe-S assembly scaffold, FADH2-dependent
b1684sufAScaffold protein for assembly of iron-sulfur clusters; facilitates delivery to target proteins; Fe-S transfer protein
b1685ydiHFunction unknown
b1686ydiIAcyl-CoA esterase in vitro
b1687ydiJPredicted FAD-linked oxidoreductase, function unknown
b1688ydiKInner membrane protein, UPF0118 family; has predicted PurR box
b1689ydiLFunction unknown
b1690ydiMInner membrane protein, predicted transporter, function unknown; no overexpression resistances found
b1691ydiNPredicted transporter, function unknown; inner membrane protein; upregulated in shikimate-producer during carbon starvation
b1692ydiBQuinate/shikimate dehydrogenase, NAD(P)-dependent
b1693aroD3-Dehydroquinate dehydratase
b1694ydiFShort-chain acyl-CoA transferase, in vivo function unknown
b1695ydiOPredicted acyl-CoA dehydrogenase, function unknown
b1696ydiPAraC family transcriptional activator, function unknown
b1697ydiQPredicted electron transfer flavoprotein subunit; function unknown
b1698ydiRPredicted electron transfer flavoprotein subunit; function unknown
b1699ydiSPredicted electron transfer flavoprotein-quinone oxidoreductase; predicted FAD-binding domain; function unknown
b1700ydiTFerredoxin-like protein, function unknown
b1701fadKAcyl-CoA synthase, anaerobic
b1702ppsAPhosphoenolpyruvate synthase; PEP synthase
b1703ppsRPEP synthase regulatory protein PSRP; bifunctional PEP synthase kinase, ADP-dependent, and PEP synthase pyrophosphorylase, Pi-dependent; tetrameric; DUF299 family
b1704aroH3-deoxy-D-arabino-heptulosonate-7-phosphate (DAHP) synthase; tryptophan repressible
b1705ydiEHemin uptake protein HemP homolog; function unknown
b1706ydiUFunction unknown, UPF0061 family
b1707ydiVAnti-FlhD4C2 factor, inactive EAL family phosphodiesterase; mutation decreases cAMP levels in an sdiA mutant; pheromone AI-1-responsive gene
b1708nlpCPredicted peptidase, C40 clan, lipoprotein; putative PG hydrolase
b1709btuDVitamin B12 ABC transporter ATP-binding protein
b1710btuEGlutathione peroxidase; non-specific peroxidase activity
b1711btuCVitamin B12 ABC transporter permease
b1712ihfAIntegration Host Factor (IHF), alpha subunit; host infection, mutant phage lambda; site-specific recombination; sequence-specific DNA-binding transcriptional activator
b1713pheTPhenylalanine--tRNA ligase, beta-subunit
b1714pheSPhenylalanine--tRNA ligase, alpha-subunit
b1715pheMpheST operon regulatory leader peptide
b1716rplT50S ribosomal subunit protein L20
b1717rpmI50S ribosomal subunit protein A (L35)
b1718infCProtein chain initiation factor IF3; unusual AUU start codon
b1719thrSThreonine--tRNA ligase, autogenously regulated; binds Zn(II)
b1722ydiYPredicted outer membrane protein, acid-inducible; function unknow
b1723pfkB6-phosphofructokinase-2; homotetrameric; allosteric: inhibited by MgATP
b1724ydiZFunction unknown
b1725yniAFunction unknown
b1726yniBFunction unknown
b1727yniC2-deoxyglucose-6-P phosphatase; mutants are hypersensitive to 2-deoxyglucose; overproduction confers 2-deoxyglucose resistance; additional in vitro substrates: mannose-6-P phosphate, 2-deoxyribose-5-P, ribose-5-P, glucose-6-P; HAD1
b1728ydjMInner membrane protein, LexA regulated, function unknown
b1729ydjNPredicted symporter, function unknown
b1730ydjOFunction unknown
b1731cedADNA-binding protein that modulates cell division; relieves inhibition of cell division after over-replication of chromosome in dnaAcos mutants
b1732katECatalase HPII, heme d-containing; hydroperoxidase II; response to oxidative stress; chromate resistance
b1733chbGChito-oligosaccharide deacetylase
b1734chbFN,N'-diacetylchitobiose utilization, phospho-chitobiase; can hydrolyze a variety of phospho-beta-glucosides
b1735chbRRepressor, chb operon for N,N'-diacetylchitobiose utilization; AraC family
b1736chbAPTS Enzyme IIA(Chb), N,N'-diacetylchitobiose utilization; trimeric
b1737chbCPTS Enzyme IIC(Chb) for N,N'-diacetylchitobiose utilization
b1738chbBN,N'-diacetylchitobiose utilization, enzyme IIB(Chb) of the PTS transport system
b1739osmEOsmotically inducible lipoprotein, function unknown
b1740nadENAD synthase, ammonia dependent
b1741choEndonuclease involved in excision repair, cuts 3' of lesion; requires UvrAB
b1742vesCold and stress-inducible protein, function unknown
b1743spyPeriplasmic ATP-independent protein refolding chaperone; dimeric
b1744astESuccinylglutamate desuccinylase, arginine catabolism
b1745astBSuccinylarginine dihydrolase, arginine catabolism
b1746astDSuccinylglutamic semialdehyde dehydrogenase, NAD-dependent; arginine catabolism
b1747astAArginine succinyltransferase, arginine catabolism
b1748astCSuccinylornithine transaminase, arginine catabolism; carbon starvation protein
b1749xthAExodeoxyribonuclease III and AP endodeoxyribonuclease VI; RNase H activity; DNA repair
b1750ydjXInner membrane protein, TVP38/TMEM64 family, function unknown
b1751ydjYProbable lipoprotein, function unknown
b1752ydjZInner membrane protein, TVP38/TMEM64 family, function unknown
b1753ynjAFunction unknown
b1754ynjBPredicted secreted protein, function unknown
b1755ynjCPredicted inner membrane ABC transporter permease, function unknown
b1756ynjDPredicted ABC transporter ATP-binding component, function unknown
b1757ynjEIscS specificity factor for molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis; probable alternate MoaD transpersulfidase; weak thiosulfate:cyanide sulfurtransferase; rhodanese-like protein
b1758ynjFInner membrane protein, phosphatidylglycerophosphate synthase homolog, function unknown
b1759nudGCTP pyrophosphohydrolase; also hydrolyzes 2-hydroxy-dATP, 8-hydroxy-dGTP, 5-hydroxy-CTP, dCTP and 5-methyl-dCTP
b1760ynjHPutative secreted protein, function unknown; DUF1496 family
b1761gdhAGlutamate dehydrogenase, hexameric
b1762ynjIInner membrane protein, function unknown
b1763topBTopoisomerase III; mutR phenotype is decreased deletion formation between short repeats
b1764selDSelenophosphate synthase, ATP-dependent; reduced selenium donor for selenocysteic tRNA synthesis and for the modification of several tRNAs to contain 5-methylaminomethyl-2-selenouridine
b1765ydjAPredicted nitroreductase, function unknown, binds FMN; low abundance protein
b1766sppAProtease IV, signal peptide peptidase
b1767ansAL-Asparaginase I
b1769ydjEPredicted transporter, function unknown; inner membrane protein
b1770ydjFPredicted transcriptional regulator, function unknown
b1771ydjGalpha/keto reductase, NADH-dependent; can use methylglyoxal as substrate
b1772ydjHPutative sugar kinase, function unknown
b1773ydjIPutative sugar 1,6-bisphosphate aldolase, function unknown
b1774ydjJPutative alcohol dehydrogenase, function unknown; Zn-type
b1775ydjKPutative sugar transporter, function unknown
b1776ydjLPutative alcohol dehydrogenase, function unknown; Zn-type
b1777yeaCFunction unknown
b1778msrBMethionine sulfoxide reductase B; specific for met-R-(o) diastereoisomers within proteins; mutant is cadmium sensitive; free met-R-(o) is inefficiently reduced by MsrB
b1779gapAGlyceraldehyde 3-P dehydrogenase A
b1780yeaDFunction unknown, mutarotase homolog, low abundance protein
b1781yeaEAldo/keto reductase, methylglyoxal to acetol; NADPH-dependent
b1782mipAMltA-interacting protein; outer membrane; binds MrcB and MltA in a heterotrimer
b1783yeaGProtein kinase, function unknown; autokinase
b1784yeaHUPF0229 family protein, function unknown
b1785yeaIPredicted membrane-anchored inactive diguanylate cyclase
b1786yeaJPredicted membrane-anchored diguanylate cyclase
b1787yeaKFunction unknown, homologous to YbaK and an insertion domain in ProS; may deacylate mischarged tRNA
b1788yoaIFunction unknown
b1789yeaLPredicted inner membrane protein, UPF0756 family, function unknown
b1790yeaMAraC family transcriptional activator, function unknown
b1791yeaNPutative transporter, function unknown; membrane protein
b1792yeaOFunction unknown
b1793yoaFNovel verified lipoprotein, function unknown
b1794yeaPDiguanylate cyclase
b1795yeaQFunction unknown, UPF0410 family
b1796yoaGStress-induced protein, function unknown; involved in cadmium and peroxide resistance
b1797yeaRStress-induced protein, function unknown; DUF1971 family; involved in cadmium and peroxide resistance
b1798leuEAmino acid exporter; overexpression causes leucine excretion; confers resistance to a number of amino acids and analogs, including glycyl-l-leucine, norleucine, threonine, homoserine lactone, alpha-aminobutyric acid, histidine, and homoserine
b1799dmlRTranscriptional activator for dmlA, autorepressor
b1800dmlAD-malate oxidase, NAD(+)-dependent
b1801yeaVPutative transporter, function unknown
b1802yeaWPutative oxygenase alpha subunit, function unknown
b1803yeaXPutative oxygenase reductase component, function unknown
b1804rndRNase D, processes tRNA precursors
b1805fadDAcyl-CoA synthase
b1806yeaYRpoE-regulated lipoprotein, function unknown
b1807tsaBtRNA(NNU) t(6)A37 threonylcarbamoyladenosine modification; binding partner and protease for TsaD
b1808yoaAPredicted ATP-dependent helicase, function unknown
b1809yoaBPutative reactive intermediate deaminase, UPF0076 family; reaction intermediate detoxification
b1810yoaCConserved protein, DUF1889 family, function unknown
b1811yoaHFunction unknown
b1812pabBSulfonamide resistance; p-aminobenzoate biosynthesis
b1813nudLPredicted CoA pyrophosphohydrolase, function unknown
b1814sdaAL-Serine deaminase I; L-SD2
b1815yoaDPredicted membrane-anchored cyclic-di-GMP phosphodiesterase; regulation of cellulose production
b1816yoaEFunction unknown
b1817manXMannose permease, EIIAB component; phosphotransferase system
b1818manYMannose permease, EIIC component; phosphotransferase system
b1819manZMannose permease, EIID component; phosphotransferase system
b1820yobDInner membrane protein, UPF0266 family, function unknown
b1821mntPProbable Mn(2+) efflux pump, mntR-regulated
b1822rlmA23S rRNA m(1)G745 methyltransferase, SAM-dependent; mutant has slow growth rate, slow chain elongation rate, and viomycin resistance
b1823cspCMulticopy suppressor of mukB; cold shock protein homolog constitutively expressed at 37C; affects rpoS and uspA expression
b1824yobFExpressed protein, function unknown, in cspC operon
b1825yebOPredicted inner membrane protein, function unknown
b1826mgrBNegative feedback regulator for PhoPQ regulon, membrane-bound
b1827kdgRRegulator of kdgK, kdgT, eda; possibly regulates several other genes, e.g. yjgK
b1828yebQPredicted transporter, function unknown; no overexpression resistances found
b1829htpXZinc metalloprotease HtpX, membrane-bound; cleaves SecY in vivo and in vitro; self-cleaves; M48 family
b1830prcPeriplasmic carboxy-terminal protease with specificity for non-polar C-termini
b1831proQRNA chaperone, probable regulator of ProP translation
b1832msrCFree methionine-(R)-sulfoxide reductase
b1833yebSInner membrane protein, function unknown
b1834yebTFunction unknown; upregulated by beryllium
b1835rsmF16S rRNA m(5)C1407 methyltransferase, SAM-dependent
b1836yebVFunction unknown
b1837yebWFunction unknown
b1838pphASer/Thr protein phosphatase 1; signals periplasmic protein misfolding; heat shock regulon
b1839yebYDUF2511 family protein, function unknown,
b1840yebZInner membrane protein, function unknown
b1841yobACopC family protein, function unknown
b1842holEDNA polymerase III, theta subunit
b1843yobBFunction unknown
b1844exoXExodeoxyribonuclease 10, Exonuclease X; 3'-5' DNase; confers UV sensitivity in recJ, xseAB, sbcB background
b1845ptrBProtease II; oligopeptidase B
b1846yebEInner membrane protein, DUF533 family, function unknown
b1847yebFExtracellular Colicin M immunity family protein; function unknown
b1848yebGDNA damage-inducible gene, SOS regulon; requires H-NS and cAMP for induction
b1849purTGlycinamide ribonucleotide transformylase (GART) 2, non-folate-requiring, purine synthesis
b1850edaKHG/KDPG aldolase; 2-keto-4-hydroxyglutarate aldolase and 2-keto-3-deoxy-6-phosphogluconate aldolase activities; homotrimeric; 2-keto-4-hydroxyglutarate aldolase is also known as 4-hydroxy-2-oxoglutarate aldolase. 2-keto-3-deoxy-6-phosphogluconate aldolas
b1851eddPhosphogluconate dehydratase; growth on gluconate
b1852zwfGlucose-6-phosphate 1-dehydrogenase
b1853yebKFunction unknown; P. aeruginosa homolog represses zwf transcription
b1854pykAPyruvate kinase II, minor
b1855waaNLipid A synthesis, KDO2-lauroyl-lipid IVA myristoyl-ACP acyltransferase
b1856mepMMurein DD-endopeptidase, space-maker hydrolase, septation protein; ampicillin sensitivity
b1857znuAZinc periplasmic binding protein, ABC transporter
b1858znuCHigh-affinity ABC transport system for zinc
b1859znuBHigh-affinity ABC transport system for zinc
b1860ruvBDNA helicase driving branch migration during recombination; hexameric ring
b1861ruvAHolliday junction recognition factor, recruits RuvB; works in conjunction with RuvB helicase to drive branch migration during recombination
b1862yebBDUF830 family protein, function unknown
b1863ruvCRuvC endonuclease, Holliday structure resolvase; not SOS regulated
b1864yebCFunction unknown, expressed protein, UPF0082 family
b1865nudBDihydroneopterin triphosphate pyrophosphohydrolase; early step in folate synthesis
b1866aspSAspartate--tRNA ligase
b1867yecDIsochorismatase family protein, function unknown
b1868yecEDUF72 family protein, function unknown
b1869yecNInner membrane protein, MAPEG family, function unknown
b1870cmoAtRNA cmo(5)U34 methyltransferase, SAM-dependent
b1871cmoBtRNA mo(5)U34 methyltransferase, SAM-dependent
b1872torZPeriplasmic trimethylamine oxide (TMAO) reductase; also has biotin sulfoxide and DMSO reductase activities; respiratory system
b1873torYCytochrome c homolog required for periplasmic reduction of TMAO by TorZ; respiratory system
b1874cutCCopper homeostasis protein
b1875yecMFunction unknown, low abundance protein; structure suggests YecM is a metal-dependent enzyme
b1876argSArginine--tRNA ligase
b1877yecTFunction unknown, possible secreted protein or lipoprotein
b1878flhEProton seal during flagellar secretion; periplasmic; bound to flagellar basal body; required for full swarming motility
b1879flhAFlagellar export pore protein, integral membrane protein
b1880flhBFlagellin export apparatus, substrate specificity protein; determines the order of subunit export
b1881cheZCheY-P phosphatase
b1882cheYResponse regulator for chemotactic signal transduction; single-domain response regulator lacking an output domain; CheA is the cognate sensor protein; autoacetylase
b1883cheBChemotaxis MCP protein-glutamate methylesterase; reverses CheR methylation at specific MCP glutamates
b1884cheRChemotaxis MCP protein methyltransferase, SAM-dependent; binds C-terminus of chemoreceptors; makes glutamate methyl esters
b1885tapDipeptide chemoreceptor, methyl-accepting; MCP IV; flagellar regulon
b1886tarAspartate, maltose chemoreceptor, methyl-accepting; MCP II; also senses repellents cobalt and nickel; flagellar regulon
b1887cheWChemotaxis signal transducer; bridges CheA to chemoreceptors to regulate phophotransfer to CheY and CheB
b1888cheAHistidine protein kinase sensor of chemotactic response; CheY is cognate response regulator; autophosphorylating; CheAS is a short form produced by an internal start at codon 98
b1889motBH+-driven stator protein of flagellar rotation
b1890motAH+-driven stator protein of flagellar rotation
b1891flhCTranscriptional activator of flagellar class II operons; forms heterotetramer with FlhD; CsrA regulon; may be allosteric effector of FlhD
b1892flhDTranscriptional activator of flagellar class II operons; forms heterotetramer with FlhC; possible role in regulation of cell division; can function in vivo independently of FlhC, but does not bind DNA by itself; contains HTH motif
b1893insB8IS1 transposase B
b1894insA8IS1 transposase A
b1895uspCStress-induced protein; UV-resistance
b1896otsATrehalose phosphate synthase; cold- and heat- induced; required for viability at 4C; rpoS regulon
b1897otsBTrehalose phosphate phosphatase; cold- and heat- induced; required for viability at 4C; rpoS regulon; HAD17
b1900araGArabinose ABC transporter ATP-binding protein
b1901araFL-Arabinose-binding protein, periplasmic
b1902ftnBFerritin B, probable ferrous iron reservoir; ferritin-like protein; required for oxidatively damaged aconitase iron-sulfur cluster repair and virulence in Salmonella; apparently missing an active ferroxidase center
b1904yecRRequired for phage lambda growth and antibiotic resistance; verified lipoprotein, function unknown
b1905ftnAFerritin, major cytoplasmic iron storage protein
b1906yecHDUF2492 family protein, function unknown
b1907tyrPTyrosine:H+ symport permease
b1908yecAUPF0149 family protein, function unknown,
b1909leuZLeucine tRNA(GAG) 4
b1910cysTCysteine tRNA(GCA)
b1911glyWGlycine tRNA(GCC) 3
b1912pgsAPhosphatidylglycerophosphate synthase
b1913uvrCExcision nuclease subunit C; repair of UV damage to DNA; multicopy causes mucoidy
b1914uvrYResponse regulator, pleiotropic; controls the expression of csrB/C sRNAs; hydrogen peroxide resistance; cognate sensor regulator is BarA
b1915yecFDUF2594 family protein, function unknown,
b1916sdiAQuorum-sensing ftsQAZ-P2, acrABCDE transcriptional activator; fluoroquinolone resistance; overproduction confers drug resistance by stimulating the acr genes; SdiA senses exogenous N-acyl homoserine lactones
b1917yecCPredicted ABC transport ATP-binding protein, function unknown
b1918yecSPredicted amino acid ABC permease, inner membrane protein; function unknown
b1919dcyDD-cysteine desulfhydrase; needed for protection from, and utilization of, D-cysteine
b1920fliYCystine-binding protein, periplasmic; part of a L-cysteine/L-cystine shuttle system confering hydrogen peroxide resistance; not required for motility; may regulate FliA (sigma 28)
b1921fliZDNA-binding RpoS antagonist; transiently inhibits RpoS in post-exponential phase; timing factor allowing motility to continue for a while during starvation; not required for normal motility
b1922fliATranscription factor sigma 28 for class III flagellar operons
b1923fliCFlagellin, structural gene, H-antigen
b1924fliDHook-associated protein 2, axial family
b1925fliSFlagellar chaperone, inhibits premature FliC assembly; cytosolic
b1926fliTFlagellar synthesis, predicted chaperone, role unknown
b1927amyAalpha-Amylase, cytoplasmic
b1928yedDNovel verified lipoprotein, function unknown
b1929yedEInner membrane protein, UPF0394 family, function unknown
b1930yedFPredicted sulfurtransferase, function unknown; TusA family
b1931yedKDUF159 family protein, function unknown
b1932yedLPredicted acetyltransferase
b1936intGPseudogene, integrase homolog
b1937fliEFlagellar synthesis; basal body component
b1938fliFFlagellar basal body M-ring protein
b1939fliGRotor protein for flagellar motor switching and energizing; role in flagellar assembly
b1940fliHNegative regulator of FliI ATPase activity; involved in flagellar assembly and export
b1941fliICytoplasmic membrane ATPase involved in flagellar assembly; involved in export of flagellar axial protein subunits
b1942fliJFlagellin export apparatus soluble chaperone
b1943fliKHook filament junction; controls hook length
b1944fliLAffects rotational direction of flagella during chemotaxis
b1945fliMFlagellar synthesis, motor switching and energizing
b1946fliNFlagellar switch protein
b1947fliOFlagellin export apparatus, integral membrane protein
b1948fliPFlagellin export apparatus, integral membrane protein
b1949fliQFlagellin export apparatus, integral membrane protein
b1950fliRFlagellin export apparatus, integral membrane protein
b1951rcsAPositive regulatory gene for capsule (colanic acid) synthesis; two regulatory proteins are derived from the same gene
b1952dsrBFunction unknown, regulated by DsrA, H-NS, and RpoS
b1953yodDPeroxide and acid resistance protein, stress-induced
b1954dsrARegulatory sRNA enhances translation of rpoS; component of acid resistance regulatory circuit; also antagonist of H-NS function by decreasing H-NS levels
b1955yedPPredicted mannosyl-3-phosphoglycerate phosphatase; function unknown; HAD19
b1956yedQPredicted membrane-anchored diguanylate cyclase
b1957yodCFunction unknown
b1958yedIFunction unknown; homolog of V. cholerae mutK
b1959yedAAmino acid exporter for phenylalanine, threonine
b1960vsrMismatch nicking endonuclease, helps repair TG mismatches
b1961dcmDNA cytosine methyltransferase; internal cytosine methylated
b1962yedJPredicted hydrolase, HD superfamily, function unknown
b1963yedRInner membrane protein, function unknown
b1967hchAGlyoxalase III and molecular chaperone Hsp31, heat-inducible; weak aminopeptidase activity; homodimeric
b1968yedVPredicted histidine protein kinase sensor, function unknown
b1969yedWPutative response regulator, function unknown
b1970hiuHHydroxyisourate hydrolase; HIU hydrolase, HIUHase; periplasmic transthyretin-like protein (TLP); EcTRP; tetrameric, metal-binding; unrelated to soybean HIUHase
b1971yedYMembrane-anchored, periplasmic TMAO, DMSO reductase; activity shown in vitro; Mo-MPT form of the molybdenum cofactor; tungsten cofactor
b1972yedZInner membrane heme subunit for periplasmic YedYZ reductase
b1973zinTPeriplasmic zinc and cadmium binding protein; induced by zinc, cadmium or peroxide; Zur, SoxS and Fur regulated
b1974yodBCytochrome b561 homolog, function unknown
b1975serUSerine tRNA(CGA) 2
b1976mtfAMlc anti-repressor; binds Mlc and blocks its repression of ptsG; cytoplasmic
b1977asnTAsparagine tRNA(GUU)
b1978yeeJOverexpression increases adhesion and biofilm formation; probable adhesin, function unknown; intimin/invasin homolog
b1981shiAShikimate and dehydroshikimate permease
b1982amnAMP nucleosidase
b1983yeeNFunction unknown, UPF0082 family
b1984asnWAsparagine tRNA(GUU)
b1985yeeOPredicted multdrug exporter, MATE family, function unknown
b1986asnUAsparagine tRNA(GUU)
b1987cblTranscriptional activator for ssuEADCB and tauABCD
b1988nacRepressor of gdhA transcription; RpoN, GlnG(NtrC) regulons; pleiotropic effects
b1989asnVAsparagine tRNA(GUU)
b1990erfKL,D-transpeptidase linking Lpp to murein, periplasmic
b1991cobTNicotinate-nucleotide--dimethylbenzimidazole phosphoribosyltransferase; partial cobalamin biosynthesis pathway present in E. coli
b1992cobSCobalamin synthase; partial cobalamin biosynthesis pathway present in E. coli
b1993cobUPartial cobalamin biosynthesis pathway present in E. coli
b1994insH8IS5 transposase
b1996insD6IS2 transposase B
b1997insC6IS2 transposase A
b1999yeePPseudogene, CP4-44 putative defective prophage; putative GTP-binding protein
b2000fluAntigen 43, phase-variable bipartite outer membrane protein; Ag43; CP4-44 defective prophage; affects surface properties, piliation, colonial morphology
b2001yeeRFunction unknown, CP4-44 putative defective prophage
b2002yeeSFunction unknown, CP4-44 putative defective prophage
b2003yeeTFunction unknown, CP4-44 putative defective prophage
b2004cbeACytoskeleton bundling-enhancing factor A, CbtA antitoxin; CP4-44 putative defective prophage
b2005cbtACytoskeleton binding toxin; toxin component of toxin-antitoxin protein pair CbtA-CbeA; CP4-44 putative defective prophage
b2006yeeWPseudogene, CP4-44 putative defective prophage
b2007yeeXFunction unknown, UPF0265 family
b2008yeeAInner membrane protein, FUSC family, function unknown
b2009sbmCDNA gyrase inhibitor; in high copy protects cells from replication inhibitor MccB17; SOS induced; blocks MccB17 export
b2010dacDD-alanine D-alanine carboxypeptidase PBP6b; penicillin-binding protein 6b
b2011sbcBExonuclease I; suppresses recB recC mutations
b2012yeeDPredicted sulfurtransferase, function unknown; TusA family
b2013yeeEInner membrane protein, UPF0394 family, function unknown
b2014plaPPutrescine importer, low affinity; possible cell density sensor
b2015yeeYFunction unknown, LysR family of transcriptional regulators
b2016yeeZFunction unknown; predicted enzyme with a nucleoside diphosphate sugar substrate and an NAD(P) cofactor
b2017yefMAntitoxin for YoeB toxin; binds YoeB RNase-like domain
b2018hisLhis operon leader peptide
b2020hisDHistidinol dehydrogenase
b2021hisCHistidinol-phosphate aminotransferase
b2022hisBImidazoleglycerolphosphate dehydratase/histidinol phosphatase; bifunctional enzyme; HAD21
b2023hisHImidazole glycerol phosphate (IGP) synthase, amidotransferase
b2024hisAPhosphoribosylformimino-5-aminoimidazole carboxamide ribotide isomerase; 1-(5'-phosphoribosyl)-5-[(5'-phosphoribosylamino)methylideneamino] imidazole-4-carboxamide isomerase
b2025hisFImidazole glycerol phosphate (IGP) synthase, cyclase subunit
b2026hisIPR-ATP pyrophosphatase/PR-AMP cyclohydrolase, bifunctional
b2027wzzBRegulator of lipopolysaccharide O-chain length; gene studied in Salmonella and non-K-12 strains
b2028ugdUDP-glucose 6-dehydrogenase
b2029gnd6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase, decarboxylating
b2030insH9IS5 transposase
b2032wbbKInvolved in lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis
b2033wbbJPredicted lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis O-acetyl transferase; involved in lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis
b2034wbbId-Galf:alpha-d-Glc beta-1,6-galactofuranosyltransferase; involved in lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis
b2035wbbHO-antigen polymerase
b2036glfUDP-galactopyranose mutase
b2037wzxBPredicted polisoprenol-linked O-antigen translocase; hyperlethality gene
b2038rfbCdTDP-4-deoxyrhamnose-3,5-epimerase; hyperlethality gene
b2039rfbAGlucose-1-phosphate thymidylyltransferase 1; TDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase; needed for dTDP-L-rhamnose synthesis
b2040rfbDdTDP-L-rhamnose synthase
b2041rfbBTDP-glucose oxidoreductase-4,6 dehydratase
b2042wcaNPutative regulatory subunit for GalU
b2043wcaMColanic acid biosynthesis protein
b2044wcaLPutative colanic acid biosynthesis glycosyl transferase
b2045wcaKColanic acid biosynthesis protein
b2046wzxCPredicted colanic acid translocase
b2047wcaJColanic biosynthesis UDP-glucose lipid carrier transferase
b2048cpsGPhosphomannomutase isozyme; colanic acid biosynthesis synthesis
b2049cpsBColanic acid (CPS) biosynthesis; mannose 1-P guanyltransferase synthesis
b2050wcaIPutative colanic acid biosynthesis glycosyl transferase
b2051wcaHGDP-mannose mannosyl hydrolase; homodimeric
b2052wcaGNADPH-dependent GDP-L-fucose synthase, colanic acid synthesis; two step reaction at a single active site: GDP-4-keto-6-deoxy-D-mannose epimerase, then reductase
b2053gmdFucose biosynthesis; GDP-D-mannose 4,6-dehydratase
b2054wcaFPredicted colanic acid biosynthesis acetyltransferase
b2055wcaEPredicted colanic acid biosynthesis glycosyl transferase; required for swarming phenotype
b2056wcaDPutative colanic acid polymerase
b2057wcaCPutative colanic acid biosynthesis glycosyl transferase
b2058wcaBPredicted colanic acid biosynthesis acetyltransferase
b2059wcaAPutative colanic acid biosynthesis glycosyl transferase
b2060wzcAutophosphorylating protein tyrosine kinase Wzc, a regulator of capsule production; mutants do not make capsules; cognate with Wzb phosphatase; phosphorylates Ugd
b2061wzbPhosphotyrosine-protein phosphatase Wzb; activates colanic acid synthesis for capsule production by dephosphorylating Wzc-P; mutants do not make capsules; induced by AI-2 pheromone
b2062wzaOuter membrane auxillary lipoprotein (OMA) Wza; needed for capsular polysaccharide translocation through outer membrane
b2063yegHInner membrane protein, function unknown
b2064asmASuppressor of OmpF assembly mutants; may be more generally involved in OM protein assembly; required for swarming phenotype
b2065dcddCTP deaminase; mutants suppress lethal dut mutants
b2066udkUridine/cytidine kinase
b2067yegEPredicted diguanylate cyclase, dual domain protein; defective phosphodiesterase domain; predicted membrane sensor protein
b2068alkA3-methyl-adenine DNA glycosylase II, inducible; repairs by single-and double-strand excision of 3-methyl adenine
b2069yegDPutatitve DnaK-like chaperone, function unknown
b2070yegIFunction unknown
b2071yegJFunction unknown
b2072yegKPredicted phosphatase, function unknown
b2073yegLVMA domain protein, function unknown
b2074mdtAMdtABC-TolC efflux pump, multidrug resistance; membrane fusion protein, signal anchor
b2075mdtBMdtABC-TolC efflux pump, multidrug resistance; heterodimeric RND-type transporter
b2076mdtCMdtABC-TolC efflux pump, multidrug resistance; heterodimeric RND-type transporter
b2077mdtDPutative arabinose efflux transporter
b2078baeSSensor kinase for mdtABCD, acrD and spy
b2079baeRResponse regulator for mdtABCD, acrD and spy
b2080yegPFunction unknown, UPF0339 family
b2081yegQFunction unknown, U32 peptidase family
b2082ogrKPositive regulator of P2 growth (insertion of P2 ogr gene)
b2083yegZPseudogene, gpD phage P2-like protein D; C-terminal fragment
b2085yegRProbable lipoprotein, function unknown
b2086yegSPhosphatidylglycerol kinase, metal-dependent
b2088insE5IS3 transposase A
b2089insF5IS3 transposase B
b2091gatDGalactitol-1-phosphate dehydrogenase
b2092gatCGalactitol-specific PTS system EIIC component
b2093gatBGalactitol-specific PTS system EIIB component
b2094gatAGalactitol-specific PTS system EIIA component
b2095gatZTagatose bisphosphate aldolase GatYZ subunit; required for full activity and stabilty of GatY
b2096gatYD-Tagatose-1,6-bisphosphate aldolase, class II; requires GatZ subunit for full activity and stability
b2097fbaBFructose 1,6-bisphosphate aldolase, class I
b2098yegTNucleoside transporter, low affinity
b2099yegUPredicted ADP-ribosylation enzyme, function unknown
b2100yegVPredicted sugar/nucleoside kinase, function unknown
b2101yegWPutatitve transcriptional regulator, function unknown
b2102yegXFunction unknown
b2103thiDPhosphomethylpyrimidine kinase, HMP-P kinase; hydroxymethylpyrimidine kinase, HMP kinase; bifunctional enzyme
b2104thiMHydroxyethylthiazole kinase
b2105rcnRTranscriptional repressor of rcnA; nickel- and cobalt-responsive
b2106rcnANickel and cobalt efflux system; confers increased nickel and cobalt resistance; inner membrane protein
b2107rcnBPeriplasmic modulator of Ni and Co efflux
b2108yehAPutative fimbrial protein, function unknown; in yehDCBA fimbrial operon
b2109yehBPutative outer membrane fimbrial subunit export usher protein; function unknown
b2110yehCPredicted periplasmic pilus chaperone, function unknown
b2111yehDFunction unknown, FimA homolog
b2112yehEFunction unknown, DUF2574 family
b2113mrpFunction unknown; putative ATPase of the MinD/MRP superfamily, divergently transcribed from metG; in Salmonella, homolog is part of alternative pyrimidine pathway to thiamine
b2114metGMethionine--tRNA ligase
b2118yehIFunction unknown
b2119yehLFunction unknown
b2120yehMFunction unknown
b2121yehPRequired for swarming phenotype, function unknown
b2122yehQPseudogene reconstruction
b2123yehRNovel verified lipoprotein, DUF1307 family, function unknown
b2124yehSFunction unknown, DUF1456 family
b2125yehTStationary phase response regulator inducing yjiY
b2126yehUStationary phase sensor kinase regulating yjiY
b2127mlrATranscriptional regulator of csgD
b2128yehWPutative ABC permease, function unknown; osmotically and stationary phase inducible; part of putative ABC transporter; membrane protein
b2129yehXPutative ATP-binding protein, function unknown; osmotically and stationary phase inducible; part of putative ABC transporter
b2130yehYPutative ABC permease, function unknown; osmotically and stationary phase inducible; part of putative ABC transporter; membrane protein
b2131osmFPredicted periplasmic binding protein, function unknown; osmotically and stationary phase inducible; part of putative ABC transporter
b2132bglXPeriplasmic beta-glucosidase
b2133dldD-lactate dehydrogenase; vinylglycolate resistance, FAD enzyme
b2134pbpGMurein D-alanyl-D-alanine endopeptidase, periplasmic PBP7 and PBP8; uniquely binds beta-lactam penems, lysing non-growing cells; mutant has biofilm defect
b2135yohCInner membrane protein, Yip1 family, function unknown
b2136yohDInner membrane protein, DedA family, function unknown
b2137yohFPredicted oxidoreductase, COG1028 family; function unknown; acid sensitive, induced by ALS inhibition
b2139mdtQPseudogene reconstruction, lipoprotein drug pump OMF family; putative outer membrane factor (OMF) component of tripartite efflux system; mutants are sensitive to acriflavin and puromycin; tolC paralog
b2140dusCtRNA-dihydrouridine synthase C
b2141yohJInner membrane protein, UPF0299 family, function unknown; suggested to be a holin-like murein hydrolase transporter based on sequence characteristics; four TM segment predicted inner membrane protein
b2142yohKInner membrane protein, LrgB family, function unknown; S. aureus ortholog missing a murein hydrolase, possibly due to protein transport defect; six TM segment predicted inner membrane protein homologus to known transporters
b2143cddCytidine deaminase; 2-deoxycytidine deaminase; mutants are 5-fluorodeoxycytidine resistant; binds Zn(II)
b2144sanAVancomycin high temperature exclusion protein
b2145yeiSFunction unknown, DUF2542 family
b2146preTDihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase, NADH-dependent, subunit N; pyrimidine metabolism; upregulated in biofilms
b2147preADihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase, NADH-dependent, subunit C; pyrimidine metabolism; required for swarming phenotype
b2148mglCMethyl-galactoside transport and galactose taxis
b2149mglAMethyl-galactoside transporter
b2150mglBD-galactose-, D-glucose-binding protein, periplasmic; substrate recognition for transport and chemotaxis; binds calcium
b2151galSRepressor of the mgl operon and isorepressor of the gal operon; autoregulatory; homodimeric
b2152yeiBPredicted inner membrane protein, function unknown
b2153folEGTP cyclohydrolase I
b2154yeiGS-formylglutathione hydrolase, formaldehyde degradation; S-lactoylglutathione hydrolase, may be involved in methylglyoxal detoxification in the cytoplasm; constitutively expressed, not induced by formaldehyde
b2155cirAColicin I outer membrane receptor and translocator; ferric iron-catecholate transporter
b2156lysPLysine permease; lysine repressed
b2157yeiEPutative positive regulator of lysP transcription
b2158yeiHInner membrane protein, UPF0324 family, function unknown
b2159nfoAP endodeoxyribonuclease IV; member of soxRS regulon; endonuclease IV
b2160yeiIPredicted sugar kinase, function unknown
b2161nupXNucleoside permease; in operon with rihB; silent (uninduced) gene
b2162rihBRibonucleoside hydrolase, pyrimidine specific; silent gene; in operon with nupX nucleoside transporter; induced by AI-2 pheromone
b2163yeiLEnhanced loss of viability under nitrogen starvation; crp/fnr paralog; contains Fe-S cluster; autoregulated; RpoS, Fnr, IHF and Lrp regulons; promoter overlaps that of divergent gene yeiK
b2164psuTPredicted pseudouridine transporter
b2165psuGPseudouridine 5'-phosphate glycosidase; pseudouridine utilization
b2166psuKPseudouridine kinase; enzyme; pseudouridine utilization
b2167fruAFructose permease, PTS Enzyme IIBC component
b2168fruKFructose-1-phosphate kinase; 1-phosphofructokinase
b2169fruBFructosephosphotransferase enzyme III
b2170setBGlucose and lactose efflux transporter
b2171yeiPElongation factor P-like protein, function unknown; low abundance protein
b2172yeiQpredicted D-mannonate oxidoreductase, NAD-dependent
b2173yeiRZn-stimulated GTPase involved in zinc homeostasis; mutants are cadmium and EDTA sensitive; Zn(2+) binding protein
b2174lpxTLipid A 1-diphosphate synthase; undecaprenyl pyrophosphate:lipid A 1-phosphate phosphotransferase
b2175mepSMurein DD-endopeptidase, space-maker hydrolase, lipoprotein
b2176rtnPredicted membrane-anchored cyclic-di-GMP phosphodiesterase; overexpression confers resistance to phages lambda and N4
b2177yejAMicrocin C transporter YejABEF, periplasmic binding protein; ABC family; regulated by rydC sRNA
b2178yejBMicrocin C transporter YejABEF, permease subunit; ABC family; regulated by rydC sRNA
b2179yejEMicrocin C transporter YejABEF, permease subunit; ABC family; regulated by rydC sRNA
b2180yejFMicrocin C transporter YejABEF, ATP-binding subunit; ABC family; regulated by rydC sRNA
b2181yejGFunction unknown
b2182bcrEfflux transporter for bicyclomycin, cysteine and sulfonamides
b2183rsuA16S rRNA pseudouridine(516) synthase
b2184yejHPredicted ATP-dependent DNA or RNA helicase, function unknown
b2185rplY50S ribosomal subunit protein L25; 5S rRNA-binding
b2186yejKSpermidine nucleoid-associated protein, function unknown
b2187yejLFunction unknown, UPF0352 family
b2188yejMPredicted hydrolase/phosphatase, function unknown; membrane protein
b2189proLProline tRNA(GGG) 2
b2190yejOPseudogene reconstruction, autotransporter homolog; interrupted by IS5K
b2192insH11IS5 transposase
b2193narPTwo-component regulator protein for nitrate/nitrite response; NarQ is cognate sensor protein
b2194ccmHHeme lyase, with CcmF, required for transfer of heme to apocytochrome from heme-CcmE
b2195dsbEThiol-disulfide interchange protein, cytochrome C biogenesis; membrane-anchored, periplasmic; thioredoxin homolog
b2196ccmFHeme lyase, with CcmH, required for transfer of heme to apocytochrome from heme-CcmE
b2197ccmEHeme chaperone, membrane-anchored, periplasmic
b2198ccmDHeme export ABC transporter holo-CcmE release factor; CcmABCD transporter complex
b2199ccmCHeme export ABC transporter permease; CcmABCD transporter complex; delivers heme to and interacts with CcmE
b2200ccmBHeme export ABC transporter permease; CcmABCD transporter complex
b2201ccmAHeme export ABC transporter ATP-binding protein; CcmABCD transporter complex
b2202napCQuinol dehydrogenase, electron source for NapAB; membrane-bound; bound hemes
b2203napBNitrate reductase, periplasmic
b2204napHQuinol dehydrogenase, membrane protein; polyferredoxin; mediates electron transfer from ubiquinol/naphthoquinone to NapAB, via NapC; non-haem, iron-sulfur protein
b2205napGQuinol dehydrogenase, periplasmic protein; mediates electron transfer from ubiquinol/naphthoquinone to NapAB, via NapC; non-haem, iron-sulfur protein
b2206napANitrate reductase, periplasmic
b2207napDTwin-arginine signal-peptide-binding chaperone for NapA
b2208napFRequired for NapAB nitrate-dependent growth with ubiquinone; not essential for electron transfer from ubiquinol or menaquinol to NapAB (Brondijk, 2002); may have energy-conservng role in ubiquinol oxidation; non-haem, iron-sulfur protein
b2209ecoEcotin, serine protease inhibitor
b2210mqoMalate oxidoreductase; possibly previously described FAD-dependent phospholipid-activated malate oxidase
b2211yojIMicrocin J25 efflux pump, TolC-dependent
b2212alkBAlkylated DNA repair enzyme; alpha-ketoglutarate- and Fe(II)-dependent dioxygenase; releases replication blocks by oxidative demethylation of 1-methyladenine and 3-methylcytosine residues in ssDNA and dsDNA
b2213adaO6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase, transcription factor; inducible; DNA repair against methylating and alkylating agents; binds Zn(II)
b2214apbELipoprotein involved in thiamine synthesis; primarily characterized in Salmonella
b2215ompCOuter membrane porin C
b2216rcsDIntermediate facilitates phosphotransfer from rcsC to rcsB; histidine protein kinase
b2217rcsBPositive regulatory gene for capsule (colanic acid) synthesis
b2218rcsCNegative regulatory gene for capsule (colanic acid) synthesis; contains TerF; predicted histidine kinase
b2219atoSTranscriptional histidine protein kinase regulator of atoDAEB; membrane sensor; AtoC is the two-component cognate response regulator; induced by acetoacetate
b2220atoCResponse regulator for atoDAEB operon; AtoS is the two-component cognate sensor protein; induced by acetoacetate; ornithine decarboxylase antizyme Az, polyamine-inducible
b2221atoDAcetyl-CoA:acetoacetyl-CoA transferase beta-subunit
b2222atoAAcetate CoA-transferase
b2223atoEShort-chain fatty acids transporter
b2224atoBAcetyl-CoA acetyltransferase
b2225yfaPDUF2135 family protein, function unknown
b2226yfaQTandem DUF2300 family protein, function unknown
b2229yfaTDUF1175 family protein, function unknown
b2230yfaADUF2138 family protein, function unknown
b2231gyrADNA gyrase, subunit A; nalidixic acid resistance; cold shock regulon
b2232ubiGSAM:OMHMB methyltransferase; Reactions: 2-octaprenyl-6-hydroxylphenol to 2-octaprenyl-6-methoxyphenol; 2-octaprenyl-3-methyl-5-hydroxy-6-methoxy-1,4-benzoquinone to ubiquinone 8
b2233yfaLProbable OM autotransporter adhesin; overexpression increases adhesion and biofilm formation
b2234nrdARibonucleoside-diphosphate reductase 1, alpha subunit; class Ia aerobic ribonucleotide reductase; B1 protein, R1 subunit
b2235nrdBRibonucleoside-diphosphate reductase 1, beta subunit; class Ia aerobic ribonucleotide reductase; B2 protein, R2 subunit
b2236yfaEFerredoxin involved with ribonucleotide reductase cofactor; diferric-tyrosyl radical (Y*) cofactor maintenance
b2237inaAProtein induced by acid, function unknown; independent of SoxRS regulation
b2238yfaHPseudogene reconstruction, C-terminal fragment, LysR homolog
b2239glpQGlycerophosphodiester phosphodiesterase, periplasmic; tetrameric
b2240glpTsn-Glycerol-3-phosphate permease; fosfomycin sensitivity
b2241glpAAnaerobic glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase subunit A; FAD-binding
b2242glpBAnaerobic glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase subunit B; FMN-binding
b2243glpCAnaerobic glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase subunit C; 4Fe-4S iron-sulfur cluster and membrane anchor
b2244yfaDPredicted transposase, function unknown
b2245rhmA2-keto-3-deoxy-L-rhamnonate aldolase
b2246rhmTPredicted transporter, function unknown
b2247rhmDL-rhamnonate dehydratase; RhamD
b2248rhmRPredicted transcriptional regulator, function unknown
b2249yfaYInactive PncC domain protein, function unknown; predicted molybdopterin-binding protein
b2250yfaZOuter membrane protein, possible porin, function unknown
b2251nudINucleoside triphosphatase, pyrimidine dNTPs preferred
b2252aisPredicted LPS core heptose(II)-phosphate phosphatase; aluminum-inducible protein; Salmonella ortholog is regulated by PmrAB(BasRS)
b2253arnBUDP-4-amino-4-deoxy-L-arabinose synthase; UDP-4"-ketopentose aminotransferase; L-glutamate is the amine donor
b2254arnCUndecaprenyl phosphate-aminoarabinose synthase
b2255arnAUDP-glucuronate dehydrogenase and UDP-ara4N formyltransferase
b2256arnDUndecaprenyl phosphate-aminoarabinose deformylase
b2257arnT4-amino-4-deoxy-L-arabinose(Ara4N):Lipid A transferase; modifies lipid A phosphates with aminoarabinose and confers resistance to polymyxin B and cationic antimicrobial peptides; glycolipid donor is undecaprenyl phosphate-alpha-L-Ara4N
b2258arnFUndecaprenyl phosphate-alpha-L-ara4N exporter; flippase ArnEF subunit
b2259pmrDInactive two-component system connector protein ortholog; active Salmonella PmrD blocks dephosphorylation of PmrA(BasR) by PmrB(BasS)
b2260menEo-succinylbenzoate-CoA synthase; homotetrameric; menaquinone biosynthesis
b2261menCo-succinylbenzoate synthase; menaquinone biosynthesis
b2262menB1,4-Dihydroxy-2-naphthoyl-CoA (DHNA-CoA) synthase; menaquinone biosynthesis
b2263menH2-succinyl-6-hydroxy-2,4-cyclohexadiene-1-carboxylate synthase; menaquinone biosynthesis
b2264menDSEPHCHC synthase, menaquinone biosynthesis; 2-succinyl-5-enolpyruvyl-6-hydroxy-3-cyclohexene-1-carboxylate synthase
b2265menFIsochorismate synthase, menaquinone biosynthesis
b2266elaBRibosome-binding protein, function unknown; probably membrane-anchored
b2267elaAPredicted acetyltransferase, function unknown
b2268rbnRNase BN, tRNA processing enzyme; matures phage T4 proline, serine and isoleucine tRNAs; zinc phosphodiesterase activity
b2269elaDProtease, capable of cleaving an AMC-ubiquitin model substrate; physiological substrate unknown
b2270yfbKPredicted VMA domain lipoprotein, function unknown
b2271yfbLPeptidase homolog, function unknown
b2272yfbMConserved protein, DUF1877 family, function unknown
b2273yfbNConserved protein, function unknown
b2274yfbOFunction unknown
b2275yfbPFunction unknown
b2276nuoNNADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase subunit N, complex I; NADH dehydrogenase I
b2277nuoMNADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase subunit M, complex I; contains the ubiquinone-binding site, is homologus to antiporters, and is implicated in proton pumping
b2278nuoLNADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase subunit L, complex I; NADH dehydrogenase I; NuoL facilitates the uptake of Na(+), is homologus to antiporters, and is implicated in proton pumping
b2279nuoKNADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase subunit K, complex I; NADH dehydrogenase I
b2280nuoJNADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase subunit J, complex I; NADH dehydrogenase I
b2281nuoINADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase subunit I, complex I; NADH dehydrogenase I
b2282nuoHNADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase subunit H, complex I; NADH dehydrogenase I
b2283nuoGNADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase subunit G, complex I; NADH dehydrogenase I
b2284nuoFNADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase subunit F, complex I; NADH dehydrogenase I
b2285nuoENADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase subunit E, complex I; NADH dehydrogenase I
b2286nuoCNADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase, fused CD subunit, complex I; NADH dehydrogenase I
b2287nuoBNADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase subunit B, complex I; NADH dehydrogenase I
b2288nuoANADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase subunit A, complex I; NADH dehydrogenase I
b2289lrhATranscriptional repressor of motility master regulator flhDC; autoregulator
b2290alaAValine--pyruvate aminotransferase 2; glutamic-pyruvic transaminase (GPT)
b2291yfbR5'-nucleotidase; only canonical deoxyribonucleosides used as substrates
b2292yfbSPutative transporter, function unknown
b2293yfbTSugar phosphatase; physiological role unknown; in vitro substrates include: fructose-1-P, fructose-6-P, glucose 6-P, ribose-5-P; selectively hydrolyzes beta-D-glucose-1-P; HAD2
b2294yfbUCell death gene, function unknown, UPF0304 family
b2295yfbVTer macrodomain insulation protein; inner membrane protein, UPF0208 family
b2296ackAAcetate kinase, produces acetyl phosphate; mutants are fluoroacetate resistant; creBC regulon; binds Zn(II)
b2297ptaPhosphate acetyltransferase, produces acetyl phosphate; creBC regulon; alkali-inducible; binds Zn(II)
b2298yfcCPutative transporter, function unknown
b2299yfcDPredicted NUDIX hydrolase, function unknown
b2300yfcEPhosphodiesterase, function unknown; has activity on model substrate bis-pNPP
b2301yfcFGlutathione S-transferase; hydrogen peroxide resistance
b2302yfcGGSH-dependent disulfide bond oxidoreductase; weak glutathione S-transferase; GSH-dependent peroxidase; hydrogen peroxide resistance
b2303folXDihydroneopterin triphosphate epimerase, tetrahydromonapterin synthesis
b2304yfcHPredicted NAD-dependent nucleotide-sugar epimerase; function unknown
b2305yfcIPutative transposase, function unknown
b2306hisPHistidine transport ATP-binding protein; part of HisJMPQ ABC transporter
b2307hisMHistidine transport permease; part of HisJMPQ ABC transporter
b2308hisQHistidine transport permease; part of HisJMPQ ABC transporter
b2309hisJHistidine-binding periplasmic protein; part of HisJMPQ ABC transporter
b2310argTLys-, Arg-, and Orn-binding protein, periplasmic
b2311ubiX3-octaprenyl-4-hydroxybenzoate carboxylyase; UbiD isozyme
b2312purFAmidophosphoribosyltransferase, purine synthesis; also known as glutamine 5'-phosphoribosylpyrophosphate amidotransferase, GPATase
b2313cvpAMembrane protein required for colicin V production
b2314dedDMembrane-anchored periplasmic protein involved in septation
b2315folCDihydrofolate:folylpolyglutamate synthase
b2316accDAcetyl-CoA carboxylase, carboxyltransferase beta subunit
b2317dedAInner membrane protein in pdxB operon, function unknown
b2318truAtRNA pseudouridine(38-40) synthase; mutations derepress the his operon attenuator
b2319usgAspartate-semialdehyde dehydrogenase paralog, function unknown
b2320pdxB2-hydroxyacid dehydrogenase involved in pyridoxine biosynthesis upstream of 4-phospho-hydroxy-threonine; isoniazid resistance
b2321flkPrevents premature secretion of FlgM; senses flagellar assembly stage
b2322yfcJPutative arabinose efflux transporter
b2323fabB3-oxoacyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] synthase I; beta-Ketoacyl-ACP synthase I; KAS I; homodimeric
b2324mnmCBifunctional 5-methylaminomethyl-2-thiouridine forming enzyme; tRNA (mnm(5)s(2)U34 methyltranferase (N-terminal); FAD-dependent cmnm(5)s(2)U34 oxidoreductase demodification enzyme (C-terminal)
b2325yfcLFunction unknown
b2326epmCElongation Factor P Lys34 hydroxylase
b2327yfcAInner membrane protein, UPF0721 family, function unknown
b2328mepAMurein DD-endopeptidase, penicillin-insensitive
b2329aroCChorismate synthase
b2330prmB50S subunit L3 protein glutamine methyltransferase
b2331smrBPredicted DNA endonuclease, function unknown
b2332yfcOPutative exported protein, function unknown
b2333yfcPFunction unknown, FimA homolog
b2334yfcQFunction unknown, FimA homolog
b2335yfcRFunction unknown, FimA homolog
b2336yfcSPredicted periplasmic pilus chaperone, function unknown
b2339yfcVFunction unknown, FimA homolog
b2340sixAPhosphohistidine phosphatase affecting ArcB H-D phosphorelay; targets Hpt domain
b2341fadJMultifunctional anaerobic fatty acid oxidation complex FadIJ; has 3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase and medium-long-chain-length enoyl-CoA hydratase activities; probable beta-hydroxybutyryl-CoA epimerase and dodecenoyl-CoA-delta-isomerase
b2342fadIThiolase of anaerobic fatty acid oxidation complex FadIJ; 3-ketoacyl-CoA thiolase
b2343yfcZFunction unknown, UPF0381 family
b2344fadLFatty acid transport protein, outer membrane; long-chain fatty acid receptor
b2345yfdFFunction unknown
b2346mlaAPhospholipid import lipoprotein, outer membrane; maintains OM lipid asymmetry; required for intercellular spreading in Shigella
b2347yfdCFunction unknown
b2348argWArginine tRNA(CCU) 5
b2349intSIntegrase, CPS-53/KpLE1 prophage
b2350gtrABactoprenol-linked glucose translocase, CPS-53/KpLE1 prophage; part of the GtrABS tripartite system for prophage seroconversion of type IV O antigen to serotype 4a
b2351gtrBBactoprenol glucosyl transferase, CPS-53/KpLE1 prophage; part of the GtrABS tripartite system for prophage seroconversion of type IV O antigen to serotype 4a
b2352gtrSSerotype-specific glucosyl transferase, CPS-53/KpLE1 prophage; GtrIV(GtrS); part of the GtrABS tripartite system for prophage seroconversion of type IV O antigen to serotype 4a
b2353tfaSPseudogene, tail fiber assembly gene, CPS-53/KpLE1 prophage; C-terminal fragment
b2354yfdKFunction unknown, CPS-53/KpLE1 prophage
b2355yfdLPseudogene, tail fiber protein, CPS-53/KpLE1 prophage
b2356yfdMPseudogene, CPS-53/KpLE1 prophage; intact gene encodes a predicted DNA adenine methyltransferase
b2357yfdNFunction unknown, CPS-53/KpLE1 prophage
b2358oweSPseudogene, lambda replication protein O homolog; CPS-53/KpLE1 prophage
b2359yfdPFunction unknown, CPS-53/KpLE1 prophage
b2360yfdQFunction unknown, CPS-53/KpLE1 prophage
b2361yfdRFunction unknown, CPS-53/KpLE1 prophage
b2362yfdSFunction unknown, CPS-53/KpLE1 prophage
b2363yfdTFunction unknown, CPS-53/KpLE1 prophage
b2364dsdCTranscriptional activator for dsdA
b2365dsdXD-serine permease; D-serine tolerance
b2366dsdAD-serine dehydratase
b2367emrYEmrKY-TolC multidrug resistance efflux pump; overexpression resistance to deoxycholate; hyperlethality gene
b2368emrKEmrKY-TolC multidrug resistance efflux pump, membrane fusion protein; overexpression resistance to deoxycholate; hyperlethality gene; signal anchor
b2369evgAResponse regulator for acid and drug resistance, cognate to EvgS; homodimeric
b2370evgSSensor kinase for acid and drug resistance, cognate to EvgA
b2371yfdEFunction unknown, CoA-transferase family
b2372yfdVPutative permease, function unknown
b2373oxcOxalyl CoA decarboxylase, oxalate catabolism; thiamine diphosphate cofactor; activated by ADP; tetrameric
b2374frcFormyl CoA transferase, NAD(P)-binding; oxalate catabolism; dimeric
b2375yfdXSecreted protein, function unknown
b2376ypdIColanic acid synthesis protein; possible lipoprotein
b2377yfdYFunction unknown
b2378lpxPLipid A synthesis, KDO2-lipid IVA palmitoleoyl-ACP acyltransferase; cold temperature inducible
b2379alaCValine--pyruvate aminotransferase 3; glutamic-pyruvic transaminase (GPT)
b2380ypdASensor kinase regulating yhjX; pyruvate-responsive YpdAB two-component system
b2381ypdBResponse regulator activating yhjX; pyruvate-responsive YpdAB two-component system
b2382ypdCAraC family transcriptional activator, function unknown; ypdABC operon
b2383fryAPutative fructose-like PTS system Enzyme I; also contains Hpr and EIIA domains
b2385ypdFXaa-Pro aminopeptidase
b2386fryCPutative fructose-like PTS system Enzyme IIC
b2387fryBPredicted fructose-like PTS system Enzyme IIB
b2389yfeOPredicted proton-ion exchange transporter, function unknown
b2390ypeCPredicted secreted protein, function unknown
b2392mntHMn(2+) transporter, role in bacterial response to reactive oxygen species; also transports Fe(2+), Cd(2+) and other divalent metals
b2393nupCNucleoside transporter, except guanosine
b2394insL3IS186 transposase
b2395yfeAPredicted cyclic-di-GMP phosphodiesterase; dual domain protein; defective cyclase domain; predicted membrane sensor protein
b2396alaXAlanine tRNA(GGC) 2; tandemly duplicated alaW
b2397alaWAlanine tRNA(GGC) 2; tandemly duplicated
b2398yfeCPredicted DNA-binding protein, DUF1323 family, function unknown
b2399yfeDConserved protein, DUF1323 family, function unknown; N-terminal HTH domain of the MerR superfamily
b2400gltXGlutamate--tRNA ligase
b2401valUValine tRNA(UAC) 1; tandemly triplicate
b2402valXValine tRNA(UAC) 1; tandemly triplicate
b2403valYValine tRNA(UAC) 1; tandemly triplicate
b2404lysVLysine tRNA(UUU)
b2405xapRRegulatory gene for xapAB
b2406xapBXanthosine transporter
b2407xapAXanthosine phosphorylase; purine nucleoside phosphorylase II; hexameric
b2408yfeNPredicted outer membrane protein, function unknown
b2409yfeRLysR-type transcriptional regulator; responds to osmolarity and stationary phase, autoregulatory and regulates yfeH; required for swarming phenotype
b2410yfeHPredicted inorganic ion transporter; required for swarming phenotype; regulated by YfeR
b2411ligADNA ligase A, NAD(+)-dependent
b2412zipAFtsZ stabilizer; septal ring structural protein for cell division and growth
b2413cysZFunction unknown, upstream of cysK
b2414cysKCysteine synthase A, O-acetylserine sulfhydrylase A; homodimeric; selenate, azaserine, chromate resistance; alkali-inducible, sulfate starvation-inducible protein SSI5; cysteine desulfhydrase
b2415ptsHPTS system histidine phosphocarrier protein Hpr; phosphohistidinoprotein-hexose phosphotransferase
b2416ptsIPhosphoenolpyruvate-protein phosphotransferase; phosphotransferase system, enzyme I; E1
b2417crrEIIA(Glc), phosphocarrier for glucose PTS transport; negative control of rpoS
b2418pdxKB6-vitamer kinase; pyridoxine (PN)/pyridoxal (PL)/pyridoxamine (PM) kinase
b2419yfeKConserved protein, function unknown
b2420yfeSFunction unknown, WGR domain
b2421cysMCysteine synthase B, O-acetylserine sulfhydrylase B
b2422cysASulfate/thiosulfate ABC transporter ATPase subunit
b2423cysWSulfate/thiosulfate ABC transporter membrane permease subunit
b2424cysUSulfate/thiosulfate ABC transporter membrane permease subunit
b2425cysPThiosulfate-binding protein, periplasmic
b2426ucpAFurfural resistance, predicted oxidoreductase, COG1028 family
b2427murRRepressor for murPQ, MurNAc 6-P inducible
b2428murQN-acetylmuramic acid 6-phosphate (MurNAc-6-P) etherase; GlcNAc 6-phosphate and D-lactate are primary products
b2429murPN-acetylmuramic acid permease, EIIBC component, PTS system
b2430yfeWPenicillin binding protein PBP4B; weak DD-carboxypeptidase activity
b2431yfeXPorphyrinogen oxidase, cytoplasmic; binds heme and protoporphyrin IX (PPIX)
b2432yfeYRpoE-regulated lipoprotein, function unknown
b2433yfeZInner membrane protein, function unknown
b2434ypeAPredicted acetyltransferase
b2435amiAN-acetylmuramyl-L-alanine amidase, periplasmic; role in septal cleavage during cell division; activated by EnvC
b2436hemFCoproporphyrinogen III oxidase, oxygen-dependent; stimulated by manganese; dimeric
b2437eutReut operon transcriptional activator, AraC family; concerted induction requires both B12 and ethanolamine; autoregulatory
b2438eutKEthanolamine catabolic microcompartment shell protein
b2439eutLEthanolamine catabolic microcompartment shell protein; forms a 2-dimensional protein membrane
b2440eutCEthanolamine ammonia lyase, small subunit, adenosylcobalamine-dependent; concerted induction requires both B12 and ethanolamine; heterodimeric
b2441eutBEthanolamine ammonia lyase, large subunit, adenosylcobalamine-dependent; concerted induction requires both B12 and ethanolamine; heterodimeric
b2442intZPutative integrase gene, Eut/CPZ-55 prophage
b2443yffLFunction unknown, Eut/CPZ-55 prophage
b2444yffMFunction unknown, Eut/CPZ-55 prophage
b2445yffNFunction unknown, Eut/CPZ-55 prophage
b2446yffOFunction unknown, Eut/CPZ-55 prophage
b2447yffPFunction unknown, Eut/CPZ-55 prophage
b2448yffQFunction unknown, Eut/CPZ-55 prophage
b2449yffRFunction unknown, Eut/CPZ-55 prophage
b2450yffSFunction unknown, Eut/CPZ-55 prophage
b2451eutAReactivating factor for ethanolamine ammonia lyase EutBC
b2452eutHEthanolamine transport
b2453eutGAldehyde reductase, converts acetaldehyde to ethanol; ethanol dehydrogenase
b2454eutJPutative chaperonin
b2455eutEAldehyde oxidoreductase
b2456eutNEthanolamine catabolic microcompartment shell protein
b2457eutMEthanolamine catabolic microcompartment shell protein; forms a 2-dimensional protein membrane
b2458eutDPhosphate acetyltransferase
b2459eutTCobalamin adenosyl transferase
b2460eutQeut operon protein, function unknown
b2461eutPeut operon protein, function unknown
b2462eutSEthanolamine catabolic microcompartment shell protein
b2463maeBMalic enzyme, NADP-dependent; NADP-ME
b2464talATransaldolase A; creBC regulon
b2465tktBTransketolase B; binds Zn(II)
b2466ypfGFunction unknown, DUF1176 family
b2467nudKGDP-mannose pyrophosphatase
b2468aegAPredicted oxidoreductase, Fe-S subunit; induced by anaerobiosis, repressed by NO3; ygfT paralog
b2469narQNitrate/nitrite sensor-transmitter protein; anaerobic respiratory path; cognate regulator is NarP; function redundant with narX
b2470acrDAminoglycoside efflux pump; RND-type transporter
b2471yffBPredicted reductase, function unknown, ArsC family; low abundance protein
b2472dapEN-succinyl-diaminopimelate desuccinylase, DAP/lysine biosynthesis, contains Zn(2+)/Co(2+)
b2473ypfHAcyl CoA esterase in vitro, physiological function unknown
b2474tmcAElongator methionine tRNA (ac4C34) acetyltransferase; tRNA N(4)-acetylcytidine acetyltransferase
b2475ypfJFunction unknown
b2476purCPhosphoribosyl-aminoimidazole-succinocarboxamide synthase; purine synthesis
b2477bamCTandem domain lipoprotein in BamABCDE OM biogenesis complex; mutant is rifampin-sensitive
b2478dapADihydrodipicolinate synthase
b2479gcvRRequired for repression of gcv operon by GcvA; GcvA-GcvR repressor complex disrupted by glycine binding to GcvR
b2480bcpPeroxiredoxin, thioredoxin-dependent thiol peroxidase; peroxide hypersensitivity; Prx
b2481hyfAHydrogenase 4 component A, ferrodexin-like
b2482hyfBPutative hydrogenase 4 component B; membrane protein of Hyf electron transfer complex of FHL system
b2483hyfCPutative hydrogenase 4 component C; membrane protein of Hyf electron transfer complex of FHL system
b2484hyfDPutative hydrogenase 4 component D; membrane protein of Hyf electron transfer complex of FHL system
b2485hyfEHydrogenase 4 component E; membrane protein of Hyf electron transfer complex of FHL system
b2486hyfFPutative hydrogenase 4 component F; membrane protein of Hyf electron transfer complex of FHL system
b2487hyfGPutative hydrogenase 4 component G; membrane protein of Hyf electron transfer complex of FHL system
b2488hyfHHydrogenase 4 component H; membrane protein of Hyf electron transfer complex of FHL system
b2489hyfIHydrogenase 4 component I; membrane protein of Hyf electron transfer complex of FHL system
b2490hyfJHydrogenase 4 component J; membrane protein of Hyf electron transfer complex of FHL system
b2491hyfRFormate-sensing regulator for hyf operon
b2492focBProbable bidirectional formate transporter 2
b2493yfgOFunction unknown, predicted permease, UPF0118 family
b2494yfgCPeriplasmic predicted metalloprotease, required for LoiP localization
b2495yfgDFunction unknown
b2496hdaRequired for regulatory inactivation of DnaA; multicopy suppressor of dnaN(ts)
b2497uraAUracil permease; affects concentration dependence of pyr mutants
b2498uppUracil phosphoribosyltransferase
b2499purMPhosphoribosyl-aminoimidazole (AIR) synthase; homodimeric
b2500purNGlycinamide ribonucleotide transformylase (GART) 1, purine synthesis; glycinamide ribonucleotide formyltransferase
b2501ppkPolyphosphate kinase, reversible
b2502ppxExopolyphosphatase; inhibited by pppGpp and ppGpp, also has guanosine pentaphosphatase activity
b2503yfgFCyclic-di-GMP phosphodiesterase, anaerobic; dual domain protein; defective cyclase domain; predicted membrane sensor protein
b2504yfgGFunction unknown
b2505yfgHOuter membrane integrity lipoprotein
b2506yfgIFunction unknown
b2507guaAGMP synthase
b2508guaBInosine-5'-monophosphate (IMP) dehydrogenase
b2509xseAExonuclease VII, large subunit
b2510yfgJRequired for swarming phenotype, function unknown
b2511derMulticopy suppressor of ftsJ, GTPase, ribosome biogenesis; depleted cells form filaments with defective chromosome segregation; Der-YhiI complex
b2512bamBBeta-propeller lipoprotein in OM biogenesis BamABCDE complex; WD40/PQQ repeats; mutant has pleiotropic envelope defects; required for swarming phenotype
b2513yfgMPutative anti-RcsB factor; membrane protein
b2514hisSHistidine--tRNA ligase
b2515ispG1-hydroxy-2-methyl-2-(E)-butenyl 4-diphosphate synthase; alternative nonmevalonate (DXP) pathway for terpenoid biosynthesis; [4Fe-4S] protein
b2516rodZCytoskeletal protein required for MreB assembly; required for swarming phenotype; transmembrane protein
b2517rlmN23S rRNA m(2)A2503, tRNA m(2)A37 methyltransferase, SAM-dependent; dual specificity
b2518ndkNucleoside diphosphate kinase; NDP kinase
b2519pbpCPenicillin-binding protein PBP1C murein transglycosylase
b2520yfhMLarge probable lipoprotein, function unknown; Cys conserved
b2521sseA3-mercaptopyruvate sulfurtransferase; enhances serine sensitivity (inhibits homoserine deHase) on lactate; rhodanese-like protein
b2522sseBEnhances serine sensitivity (inhibits homoserine deHase) on lactate; weaker than sseA
b2523pepBPeptidase B; broad specificity aminopeptidase
b2524iscXIron binding protein associated with IscS; putative molecular adaptor of IscS function; monomeric
b2525fdxFerredoxin, an iron-sulfur protein; involved in assembly of other Fe-S clusters
b2526hscAHsc66, DnaK-like chaperone, specific for IscU; involved in FtsZ-ring formation; HscB is the J-like co-chaperone for HscA
b2527hscBHsc20, DnaJ-like co-chaperone for HscA; specific for IscU
b2528iscARecruit and deliver Fe for Fe-S cluster assembly in IscU; possibly an alternative scaffold for Fe-S cluster assembly
b2529iscUIron-sulfur cluster assembly scaffold protein
b2530iscSCysteine desulfurase, PLP-dependent; used in synthesis of Fe-S clusters and 4-thiouridine; ThiI transpersulfidase; TusA transpersulfidase; YnjE transpersulfidase; MoaD transpersulfidase; pyridoxal phosphate cofactor linked to Lys206
b2531iscRTranscriptional repressor for isc operon; contains Fe-S cluster; binds RNA in vitro
b2532trmJtRNA mC32,mU32 2'-O-methyltransferase, SAM-dependent; low abundance protein
b2533suhBInositol-1-monophosphatase; mutation suppresses TS growth phenotype of rpoH15, dnaB121, and secY24; suhB mutations confers CS growth
b2534yfhRS9 peptidase family protein, function unknown
b2535csiEStationary phase inducible protein; sigma S-dependent promoter
b2536hcaTProbable 3-phenylpropionic acid/cinnamic acid transporter; hca genes catabolize 3-phenylpropionate and cinnamic acid, feeding the products into the the mhp pathway
b2537hcaRTranscriptional activator for the hca operon; inducd by 3-phenylpropionate and cinnamic acid; autoregulatory
b2538hcaE3-Phenylpropionate/cinnamic acid dioxygenase, alpha subunit; hca genes catabolize 3-phenylpropionate and cinnamic acid, feeding the products into the the mhp pathway
b2539hcaF3-Phenylpropionate/cinnamic acid dioxygenase, beta subunit; hca genes catabolize 3-phenylpropionate and cinnamic acid, feeding the products into the the mhp pathway
b2540hcaC3-Phenylpropionate/cinnamic acid dioxygenase, ferredoxin subunit; hca genes catabolize 3-phenylpropionate and cinnamic acid, feeding the products into the the mhp pathway
b2541hcaB3-Phenylpropionate-dihydrodiol dehydrogenase; hca genes catabolize 3-phenylpropionate and cinnamic acid, feeding the products into the the mhp pathway
b2542hcaD3-Phenylpropionate/cinnamic acid dioxygenase, ferredoxin reductase subunit; hca genes catabolize 3-phenylpropionate and cinnamic acid, feeding the products into the the mhp pathway
b2543yphAPredicted membrane protein, function unknown; homologous to membrane oxidoreductase subunits
b2544yphBPutative aldose-1-epimerase, function unknown; mutarotase family
b2545yphCFunction unknown, alcohol dehydrogenase homolog
b2546yphDPutative ABC transporter permease protein; function unknown
b2547yphEPutative ABC transporter ATP-binding protein; function unknown
b2548yphFPutative ABC transporter periplasmic binding protein; function unknown
b2549yphGFunction unknown
b2550yphHFunction unknown
b2551glyASerine hydroxymethyltransferase; binds Zn(II)
b2552hmpFlavohemoglobin; nitric oxide dioxygenase; dihydropteridine reductase; GSNO and nitrite reductase; has alkylhydroperoxide reductase activity, possibly involved in the repair of lipid membrane oxidative damage
b2553glnBPII regulatory protein for glutamine synthase; potent activator of NRII/GlnL/NtrB phosphatase and inhibitor of NRII autophosphorylation; activates adenylation of GlnA by GlnE
b2554glrRResponse regulator regulating glmY sRNA; cognate histidine sensor kinase is GlrK(QseE)
b2555yfhGOM protein affecting QseEF response in EPEC; autorepressor activity in EPEC; required for translocation of TTSS effectors in EPEC; transcription activated by AI-3/epinephrine/norepinephrine via QseC in EPEC
b2556glrKSensor protein kinase regulating glmY sRNA; cognate response regulator is GlrR(QseF)
b2557purLPhosphoribosylformylglycinamide synthase; contains a synthase domain (N) and a glutamine amidotransferase domain (C)
b2558mltFMembrane-bound lytic transglycosylase F, murein hydrolase
b2559tadAA34-tRNA adenosine deaminase; point mutation confers resistance to HokC(Gef)-mediated cell killing; essential gene; homodimeric
b2560pgpCPhosphatidylglycerophosphatase C, membrane bound
b2561yfhHFunction unknown
b2562yfhLFunction unknown
b2563acpSACP-CoA phosphopantetheinyltransferase; Holo-ACP synthase
b2564pdxJPyridoxine 5'-phosphate (PNP) synthase; homo-octamer
b2565recOConjugational recombination and repair; DNA-binding protein; RecA-like strand assimilation
b2566eraRibosome-associated GTPase essential for growth; also required for a normal adaptation response to thermal stress; GTP-dependent autophosphorylating protein kinase activity; membrane-associated, 16S rRNA-binding protein; cell cycle arrest
b2567rncRNase III; cleaves double-stranded RNA
b2568lepBSignal peptidase I; SPI; responsible for type I signal cleavages of periplasmic, OM, some IM, and extracellular proteins
b2569lepABack-translocating Elongation Factor EF4, GTPase; required for efficient and accurate protein synthesis
b2570rseCRequired for the reduction of SoxR
b2571rseBBinds periplasmic domain of anti-RpoE sigma factor RseA; enhances RpoE-RseA cytoplasmic complex formation
b2572rseAAnti-RpoE sigma factor, spans inner membrane
b2573rpoERNA polymerase subunit, extracytoplasmic stress sigma E; role in high temperature and oxidative stress response
b2574nadBL-aspartate oxidase, FAD-dependent; quinolinate synthase flavoprotein subunit, B protein; LASPO
b2575trmNtRNA1(Val) (adenine(37)-N6)-methyltransferase; tRNA m(6)A37 methyltransferase, SAM-dependent
b2576srmBATP-dependent RNA helicase, 50S ribosomal subunit biogenesis; suppresses 50S ribosome assembly defect of rplX(ts); required for effiicient ribosomal 50S subunit assembly; stabilizes exposed mRNA, possibly by protecting or destabilizing secondary structure
b2577yfiELysR-family transcriptional regulator, function unknown
b2578eamBCysteine and O-acetylserine exporter, inner membrane protein
b2579grcAAutonomous glycine radical cofactor; can reactivate pyruvate formate lyase after oxidative stress; induced by low pH or propionate; pyruvate formate lyase homolog, spare part for PFL
b2580ungUracil-DNA glycosylase; UDG excises uracil from DNA by base flipping mechanism; prefers ssDNA over dsDNA
b2581yfiFPredicted methyltransferase, function unknown; rlmB paralog; non-essential gene
b2582trxCThioredoxin 2, zinc-binding; Trx2
b2583yfiPFunction unknown, DTW domain protein
b2584pkaProtein lysine acetyltransferase
b2585pssAPhosphatidylserine synthase
b2586yfiMRequired for salt suppression of motility and lambda growth; probable lipoprotein, Cys conserved
b2587kgtPalpha-Ketoglutarate permease
b2588rrfG5S rRNA of rrnG operon
b2589rrlG23S rRNA of rrnG operon
b2590gltWGlutamate tRNA(UUC) 2
b2591rrsG16S rRNA of rrnG operon
b2592clpBBichaperone with DnaK for protein disaggregation; disaggregase; protein-dependent ATPase; role in de novo protein folding under mild stress conditions
b2593yfiHFunction unknown, UPF0124 family
b2594rluD23S rRNA pseudouridine(1911,1915,1917) synthase; mutation suppresses ftsH(Ts) mutants; null mutants grow very poorly in K-12 only
b2595bamDTPR-repeat lipoprotein required for OM biogenesis; in BamABCDE complex
b2597raiAProtein Y, associated with 30S ribosomal subunit; inhibits 70S dimer formation; stabilizes the ribosomal 70S complex against dissociation at low magnesium ion concentrations; counteracts miscoding under stress conditions
b2598pheLpheA gene regulatory leader peptide
b2599pheAPhenylalanine synthesis, bifunctional: chorismate mutase (N) and prephenate dehydratase (central); also contains Phe-binding regulatory domain (C); FPA resistance
b2600tyrATyrosine synthesis: chorismate mutase/prephenate dehydrogenase
b2601aroF3-deoxy-D-arabino-heptulosonate 7-phosphate (DAHP) synthase; tyrosine repressible; TyrR regulon
b2602yfiLDUF2799 family verified lipoprotein, function unknown
b2603yfiRProbable periplasmic inhibitor of YfiN actvity; required for swarming motility
b2604yfiNPredicted membrane-anchored diguanylate cyclase
b2605yfiBProbable positive effector of YfiN activity, OM lipoprotein
b2606rplS50S ribosomal subunit protein L19
b2607trmDtRNA m(1)G37 methyltransferase, SAM-dependent
b2608rimMFactor required for 16S RNA processing; 30S maturation; binds S19
b2609rpsP30S ribosomal subunit protein S16; endonuclease
b2610ffhSignal Recognition Particle (SRP) protein, with 4.5S RNA; GTPase involved in co-translational protein translocation into and through membranes
b2611ypjDFunction unknown; eight predicted transmembrane helices
b2614grpENucleotide exchange factor for the DnaKJ chaperone; heat shock protein; mutant survives lambda induction; stimulates DnaK and HscC ATPase
b2615nadKATP-NAD kinase
b2616recNRecombination and repair
b2617bamELipoprotein stabilizer of BamABCDE OM biogenesis complex
b2618ratBSecond gene in ratAB toxin operon, function unknown
b2619ratAToxic protein, inhibits 70S ribosome formation
b2620smpBtmRNA RNA-binding protein; required for peptide-tagging trans-translation and association of tmRNA(SsrA) with ribosomes
b2621ssrAtmRNA, 10Sa RNA; acts as tRNA-Ala and mRNA template for tagging proteins resulting from premature transcription termination for degradation, a process known as trans-translation
b2622intAIntegrase gene, CP4-57 putative defective prophage
b2623yfjHFunction unknown, CP4-57 putative defective prophage
b2624alpAAlp protease, CP4-57 putative defective prophage; regulates intA (slp [suppressor of Lon])
b2625yfjIFunction unknown, CP4-57 putative defective prophage
b2626yfjJFunction unknown, CP4-57 putative defective prophage
b2627yfjKFunction unknown, CP4-57 putative defective prophage
b2628yfjLFunction unknown, CP4-57 putative defective prophage
b2629yfjMFunction unknown, CP4-57 putative defective prophage
b2630rnlARNase LS, endoribonuclease, toxin, affects mRNA stability; antitoxin is rnlB; CP4-57 putative defective prophage; target of phage T4 Dmd
b2631rnlBAntitoxin for RnlA, CP4-57 putative defective prophage
b2632yfjPRequired for swarming phenotype, function unknown; putative GTP-binding protein, in CP4-57 putative defective prophage
b2633yfjQFunction unknown, CP4-57 putative defective prophage
b2634yfjRFunction unknown, CP4-57 putative defective prophage; predicted transcriptional regulator
b2635ypjKFunction unknown, CP4-57 putative defective prophage
b2636yfjSInner membrane lipoprotein, function unknown, CP4-57; putative defective prophage
b2637yfjTConserved protein, function unknown; CP4-57 putative defective prophage
b2638yfjUPseudogene, CP4-57 putative defective prophage
b2641yfjVPseudogene reconstruction, arsB-like C-terminal fragment; CP4-57 putative defective prophage
b2642yfjWPredicted inner membrane protein, function unknown, CP4-57 putative prophage remnant
b2643yfjXFunction unknown, CP4-57 putative prophage remnant
b2644yfjYFunction unknown, CP4-57 putative prophage remnant
b2645yfjZAntitoxin component of putative toxin-antitoxin YpjF-YfjZ; CP4-57 putative defective prophage
b2646ypjFToxin component of putative toxin-antitoxin pair YpjF-YfjZ; CP4-57 prophage
b2647ypjAFunction unknown, OM autotransporter homolog; overexpression increases adhesion
b2648pinHPseudogene, DNA invertase, site-specific recombination
b2650ypjCPseudogene reconstruction
b2652ileYIsoleucine tRNA(GAU) 2 variant
b2659csiDCarbon starvation induced gene, function unknown; first gene in csiD-lhgO-gabDTP operon; tetrameric; structural homolog of 2-oxoglutarate Fe(II)-dependent oxygenases
b2660lhgOL-2-hydroxyglutarate oxidase; second gene in csiD-lhgO-gabDTP-csiR operon
b2661gabDSuccinate semialdehyde dehydrogenase, NADP-dependent; SSADH; SSDH
b2662gabT4-aminobutyrate aminotransferase
b2663gabPGABA permease, membrane protein
b2664csiRRepressor of csiD promoter
b2665ygaUBON-LysM protein, function unknown
b2666yqaEcyaR sRNA-regulated protein, function unknown, UPF0057 family; predicted membrane protein
b2667ygaVTributyltin-inducible repressor of ygaVP, function unknown
b2668ygaPFunction unknown, rhodanese activity in vitro; tributyltin-inducible via YgaU
b2669stpARNA chaperone and DNA-binding protein; suppresses T4 td mutant; modulates micF stability; forms heteromers with, and stabilzed against proteolysis by, the paralogous H-NS protein; transcriptionally repressed by H-NS
b2670alaEAlanine exporter, inducible; stress-responsive
b2671ygaCFunction unknown; Fur regulon
b2672ygaMRibosome-binding protein, function unknown; probably membrane-anchored
b2673nrdHNrdH-redoxin reducing oxidized NrdEF
b2674nrdIFlavodoxin required for NrdEF cluster assembly
b2675nrdERibonucleoside-diphosphate reductase 2, alpha subunit; class Ib aerobic ribonucleotide reductase
b2676nrdFRibonucleoside-diphosphate reductase 2, beta subunit; class Ib aerobic ribonucleotide reductase
b2677proVHigh-affinity transport for glycine; glycine betaine-binding protein
b2678proWHigh-affinity transport for glycine, betaine, and proline; see also proL
b2679proXHigh-affinity transport for glycine, betaine, and proline; cold shock gene
b2681ygaYPseudogene reconstruction, MFS family
b2682ygaZProbable L-valine exporter, norvaline resistance
b2683ygaHProbable L-valine exporter, norvaline resistance
b2684mprAemrAB repressor, also regulates microcin synthesis; binds uncouplers DNP, CCCP, FCCP
b2685emrAEmrAB-TolC multidrug resistance pump; periplasmic membrane fusion component, signal anchor; energy-dependent efflux of octane, thiolactomycin and the uncouplers DNP, CCCP, and FCCP
b2686emrBEmrAB-TolC multidrug resistance pump; energy-dependent efflux of octane, thiolactomycin, and uncouplers DNP, CCCP, and FCCP; inner membrane-spanning translocase
b2687luxSS-ribosylhomocysteine lyase, autoinducer 2 (AI-2) synthesis; functions in quorum sensing; acid-inducible
b2688gshAGlutamate--cysteine ligase; gamma-Glutamylcysteine synthase
b2689yqaARequired for swarming phenotype, inner membrane protein, COG1238 family, function unknown
b2690yqaBFructose-1-P and 6-phosphogluconate phosphatase; physiological role unknown; HAD6
b2691argQArginine tRNA(ACG) 2; tandem quadruplicate genes
b2692argZArginine tRNA(ACG) 2; tandem quadruplicate genes
b2693argYArginine tRNA(ACG) 2; tandem quadruplicate genes
b2694argVArginine tRNA(ACG) 2; tandem quadruplicate genes
b2695serVSerine tRNA(GCU) 3
b2696csrAGlobal regulator of carbon source metabolism; RNA binding protein
b2697alaSAlanine--tRNA ligase
b2698recXBlocks RecA filament extension; inhibitor of RecA ATPase, recombinase and coprotease activities; null mutant and over-expressors have reduced resistance to DNA damage; binding to RecA is antagonized by RecF
b2699recAGeneral recombination and DNA repair; pairing and strand exchange; role in cleavage of LexA repressor, SOS mutagenesis
b2700pncCNMN amidohydrolase
b2701mltBMembrane-bound lytic transglycosylase B, murein hydrolase; periplasmic OM-attached lipoprotein; Slt35, soluble lytic transglycosylase
b2702srlAD-glucitol-specific enzyme II of phosphotransferase system
b2703srlEGlucitol/sorbitol-specific enzyme IIB component of PTS
b2704srlBD-glucitol (sorbitol)-specific enzyme III of the phosphotransferase system
b2705srlDSorbitol-6-phosphate dehydrogenase
b2706gutMPart of srl operon
b2707srlRRegulatory gene for srl operon
b2708gutQD-arabinose 5-phosphate isomerase
b2709norRTranscription regulator for norVW, NO-responsive; Sigma54-dependent activator with a GAF domain
b2710norVAnaerobic nitric oxide reductase flavorubredoxin
b2711norWNADH:flavoruberedoxin reductase
b2712hypFHydrogenases 1,2,3 accessory protein; required for CN ligand synthesis at the metallocenter; HypF carbamoyltransferase activity forms thiocarbamate at terminal Cys of HypE; monomeric
b2713hydNIron-sulfur protein required for Hyd-3 activity
b2714ascGRepressor of cryptic asc operon
b2715ascFPTS system EIIBC enzyme, beta-glucoside phosphotransferase; paralogous to bglF; cryptic unless AscG is mutated
b2716ascBCryptic phospho-beta-glucosidase; expressed when AscG is mutated
b2717hycIMaturation endoprotease for Hydrogenase 3 large subunit HycE
b2718hycHRequired for converting HycE precursor to mature Hyd-3 large subunit
b2719hycGHydrogenase 3 small subunit
b2720hycFFormate hydrogenlyase complex iron-sulfur protein
b2721hycEHydrogenase 3 large subunit, [NiFe] cluster; heterodimer
b2722hycDFormate hydrogenlyase complex inner membrane protein
b2723hycCFormate hydrogenlyase complex inner membrane protein
b2724hycBFormate hydrogenlyase complex iron-sulfur protein
b2725hycARegulatory gene for hyc and hyp operons; counteracts activation by FhlA
b2726hypAHydrogenase 3 accessory protein required for activity; zinc metalloproein
b2727hypBRequired for metallocenter assembly in Hydrogenases 1,2,3; guanine-nucleotide-binding protein; Ni donor for Hyd-3 large subunit; homodimeric
b2728hypCHydrogenase 3 chaperone-type protein; required for Hyd-3 metallocenter assembly, binds HycE subunit
b2729hypDHydrogenases 1,2,3 accessory protein; required for metallocenter assembly
b2730hypEHydrogenases 1,2,3 accessory protein, carbamoyl dehydratase; required for CN ligand synthesis at the metallocenter; converts thiocarbamate at its C-terminal Cys to a thiocyanate
b2731fhlAFormate hydrogen lyase system activator, global regulator
b2732ygbAFunction unknown
b2733mutSMethyl-directed mismatch repair protein; dimeric/tetrameric
b2734pphBSer/Thr protein phosphatase 2; signals periplasmic protein misfolding; heat shock regulon
b2735ygbIPredicted transcriptional regulator, DeoR family, function unknown
b2736ygbJFunction unknown
b2737ygbKFunction unknown; regulated by FlhDC and FliA; mutants are not defective in motility or chemotraxis
b2738ygbLPredicted class 2 aldolase, function unknown
b2739ygbMFunction unknown
b2740ygbNPutative GntP family transporter, function unknown
b2741rpoSRNA polymerase subunit, stress and stationary phase sigma S; Sigma38
b2742nlpDActivator of AmiC murein hydrolase activity, lipoprotein
b2743pcmProtein-L-isoaspartate O-methyltransferase, SAM-dependent; repair of isoaspartyl residues; mutant is suseptible to secondary stresses and has a competitive disadvantage in stationary phase; monomeric; overexpression confers tolerance to thermal str
b2744surENucleotidase, 5- or 3'-monophosphates; purine, pyrimidine, ribo- and deoxyribonucleotides all effectively hydrolyzed; short chain exopolyphosphatase
b2745truDtRNA(Glu) pseudouridine(13) synthase
b2746ispF2-C-methyl-D-erythritol 2,4-cyclodiphosphate (MECP) synthase; alternative nonmevalonate (DXP) pathway for terpenoid biosynthesis; essential gene; trimeric
b2747ispD2-C-methyl-D-erythritol 4-phosphate cytidylyltransferase; alternative nonmevalonate (DXP) pathway for terpenoid biosynthesis; essential gene
b2748ftsBMembrane protein required for cell division; septum localization dependent on Ftsl and FtsQ
b2749ygbEInner membrane protein, DUF3561 family, function unknown
b2750cysCAdenylylsulfate kinase, APS kinase
b2751cysNSulfate adenylyltransferase subunit 1; putative ATP sulfurylase GTPase subunit
b2752cysDSulfate adenylyltransferase subunit 2
b2753iapAlkaline phosphatase isozyme conversion aminopeptidase; generates alkaline phosphatase isozyme 3 subunit lacking the N-terminal Arg
b2754ygbFPredicted ssRNA endonuclease Cas2, CRISPR adaptation protein
b2755ygbTMultifunctional endonuclease Cas1, CRISPR adaptation protein; DNA repair enzyme
b2756casECRISPR RNA precursor cleavage enzyme; CRISPR RNA (crRNA) containing Cascade antiviral complex
b2757casDCRISPR RNA (crRNA) containing Cascade antiviral complex
b2758casCCRISPR RNA (crRNA) containing Cascade antiviral complex
b2759casBCRISPR RNA (crRNA) containing Cascade antiviral complex
b2760casACRISPR RNA (crRNA) containing Cascade antiviral complex
b2761ygcBR-loop helicase-annealase Cas3, CRISPR-associated; needed for Cascade anti-viral activity
b2762cysHPhosphoadenylyl sulfate (PAPS) reductase
b2763cysISulfite reductase [NADPH] hemoprotein beta-component; has 4Fe-4S iron-sulfur center
b2764cysJSulfite reductase [NADPH] flavoprotein alpha-component; binds FMN and FAD
b2765queD6-carboxy-5,6,7,8-tetrahydropterin synthase; queuosine biosynthesis
b2766ygcNPredicted oxidoreductase with FAD/NAD(P)-binding domain
b2767ygcOFerredoxin-like protein
b2768ygcPPredicted anti-terminator regulatory protein
b2769ygcQPutative electron transfer flavoprotein, function unknown; predicted alpha subunit
b2770ygcRCell death gene, function unknown; predicted electron transfer flavoprotein, beta subunit
b2771ygcSPutative transporter, function unknown; membrane protein
b2774ygcWPredicted oxidoreductase, COG1028 family; function unknown
b2775yqcEPutative transporter, function unknown, inner membrane protein
b2776ygcEPutative sugar kinase, function unknown
b2777queE7-carboxy-7-deazaguanine synthase; queuosine biosynthesis
b2778ygcGFunction unknown, UPF0603 family
b2779enoEnolase; phosphoprotein; component of RNA degradosome
b2780pyrGCTP synthase; CtpS
b2781mazGNucleoside triphosphate pyrophosphohydrolase, non-specific; binds Era
b2782mazFmRNA interferase toxin, antitoxin is MazE; inhibitor of translation by mRNA cleavage
b2783mazEMazE antitoxin, toxin is MazF
b2784relAATP:GTP 3'-pyrophosphotransferase, ppGpp synthase I; GTP pyrophosphokinase; required for ppGpp synthesis during stringent response to amino acid starvation; self regulated
b2785rlmD23S rRNA m(5)U1939 methyltransferase, SAM-dependent
b2786barASensor histidine protein kinase, pleiotropic; controls the expresion of csrB/C sRNAs; works in concert with UvrY response regulator
b2787gudDD-glucarate dehydratase; L-idarate dehydratase; D-glucarate, L-idarate epimerase
b2788gudXGlucarate dehydratase-related protein
b2789gudPProbable D-glucarate transporter, membrane protein
b2790yqcAFunction unknown
b2791truCtRNA(Ile1,Asp) pseudouridine(65) synthase
b2792yqcCFunction unknown
b2793sydInteracts with secY
b2794queF7-cyano-7-deazaguanine reductase (NADPH-dependent); converts preQ0 to preQ1, queuosine biosynthesis
b2795ygdHFunction unknown, UPF0717 family
b2796sdaCSerine:H+ symport permease, threonine-insensitive
b2797sdaBL-Serine deaminase II; L-SD2
b2798ygdGSsb-binding protein, synthetic lethal with polA; no nuclease activity detected; flap endonuclease-like (FEN-like) protein
b2799fucOL-1,2-Propanediol oxidoreductase
b2800fucAL-fuculose-1-phosphate aldolase
b2801fucPFucose permease
b2802fucIL-Fucose isomerase
b2803fucKL-Fuculose kinase
b2804fucUL-Fucose mutarotase
b2805fucRPositive regulatory protein for fuc regulon
b2806rlmM23S rRNA C2498 2'-O-ribose methyltransferase, SAM-dependent
b2807ygdDInner membrane protein, UPF0382 family, function unknown
b2808gcvATranscriptional activator for the gcv operon, glycine-induced
b2809ygdINovel verified lipoprotein, function unknown
b2810csdACysteine desulfurase, stimulated by CsdE
b2811csdEBinds and stimulates CsdA activity
b2812tcdAtRNA threonylcarbamoyladenosine dehydratase; sulfur acceptor for CsdA, binds CsdE
b2813mltAMembrane-bound lytic transglycosylase A, murein hydrolase; periplasmic OM-attached lipoprotein
b2814metZInitiator methionine tRNA(CAU) f1; triplicate gene
b2815metWInitiator methionine tRNA(CAU) f1; triplicate gene
b2816metVInitiator methionine tRNA(CAU) f1; triplicate gene
b2817amiCN-acetylmuramyl-L-alanine amidase, periplasmic; recruited to the septal ring by FtsN during cell division; overexpression causes lysis; activated by NlpD
b2818argAN-acetylglutamate synthase; first step in arginine biosynthesis; amino-acid acetyltransferase; L-glutamate N-acetyltransferase; growth on acetylornithine; feedback inhibited by L-arginine
b2819recDRecBCD Exonuclease V subunit, recombination and repair; recD mutants are constitutively activated for recombination; RecBCD 5'-3' fast helicase subunit; RecD alone has 5'-3' helicase activity; contains ATP-binding site; binds RecC; inhibits RecA loading
b2820recBRecBCD Exonuclease V subunit, recombination and repair; chi-activated RecBCD recombinase subunit; RecBCD 3'-5' slow helicase subunit; contains nuclease active site and ATP-binding site; RecB alone has 3'-5' helicase activity; binds RecC
b2821ptrAProtease III, periplasmic; zinc metalloprotease, protease Pi, pitrilysin; perhaps some specificity for 10 to 30 residue peptides
b2822recCRecBCD Exonuclease V subunit, recombination and repair; chi-activated RecBCD recombinase subunit; binds RecB and RecD; may confer processivity on holoenzyme
b2823ppdCRequired for swarming phenotype, function unknown; first 10 residues may be cleaved by prepilin peptidase to leave an N-terminal methylphenylalanine
b2824ygdBFunction unknown, DUF2509 family
b2825ppdBFunction unknown; regulated by FlhDC and FliA; mutants are not defective in motlity or chemotraxis; first 7 residues may be cleaved by prepilin peptidase to leave an N-terminal methylphenylalanine
b2826ppdAFunction unknown; regulated by FlhDC and FliA; mutants are not defective in motlity or chemotaxis; first 6 residues may be cleaved by prepilin peptidase to leave an N-terminal methyltyrosine
b2827thyAThymidylate synthase; aminopterin, trimethoprim resistance; homodimer
b2828lgtPhosphatidylglycerol:prolipoprotein diacylglycerol transferase
b2829ptsPPTS PEP-protein phosphotransferase Enzyme I (Ntr)
b2830rppHRNA pyrophosphohydrolase, destabilizes primary transcripts
b2831mutHMethyl-directed mismatch repair
b2832ygdQInner membrane protein, UPF0053 family, function unknown
b2833ygdRNovel verified lipoprotein, function unknown
b2834tasSuppresses tyrosine requirement of tyrA14 O6 strain; putative aldo/keto reductase, NADP(H)-dependent
b2835lplTLysophospholipid transporter
b2836aasAcyl-ACP synthase; 2-acylglycerophosphoethanolamine acyltransferase; salvage pathway for reacylation; inner membrane; bifunctional for turnover/incorporation
b2837galRRepressor of galETK operon
b2838lysADiaminopimelate decarboxylase
b2839lysRTranscriptional activator of lysA; autorepressor
b2840ygeAFunction unknown, Asp/Glu_racemase family
b2841araELow-affinity L-arabinose transport; L-arabinose proton symport
b2842kduDPredicted 2-deoxy-D-gluconate 3-dehydrogenase; hexuronate utilization in high osmolarity
b2843kduIPredicted 5-keto-4-deoxyuronate isomerase; hexuronate utilization in high osmolarity
b2844yqeFAcetyl-CoA acetyltransferase homolog, function unknown
b2845yqeGPutative amino acid:H+ symport permease, function unknown
b2846yqeHPart of T3SS PAI ETT2 remnant, putative regulator
b2847yqeIPart of T3SS PAI ETT2 remnant, ToxR homolog
b2848yqeJPart of T3SS PAI ETT2 remnant, function unknown
b2849yqeKPart of T3SS PAI ETT2 remnant, function unknown
b2850ygeFPseudogene reconstruction, part of T3SS PAI ETT2 remnant
b2851ygeGPutative secretion chaperone, part of T3SS PAI ETT2 remnant
b2852ygeHHilA homolog; part of T3SS PAI ETT2 remnant; putative trancriptional regulator of ETT2
b2853ygeIFunction unknown, part of T3SS PAI ETT2 remnant
b2854pblPseudogene reconstruction, pilT homolog; part of T3SS PAI ETT2 remnant; putative murein hydrolase; putative periplasmic protein
b2856ygeKPseudogene reconstruction, part of T3SS PAI ETT2 remnant; response regulator SsrB homology
b2858ygeNPseudogene reconstruction, orgB homolog; part of T3SS PAI ETT2 remnant
b2859ygeOPseudogene, orgA homolog, part of T3SS PAI ETT2 remnant
b2860insD8IS2 transposase B
b2861insC8IS2 transposase A
b2863ygeQPseudogene reconstruction, part of T3SS PAI ETT2 remnant
b2864glyUGlycine tRNA(CCC) 1
b2865ygeRNovel lipoprotein involved in septation
b2866xdhAXanthine dehydrogenase molybdenum-binding subunit; involved in limited purine catabolism; mutation confers adenine sensitivity
b2867xdhBXanthine dehydrogenase FAD-binding subunit; involved in limited purine catabolism
b2868xdhCIron-sulfur binding xanthine dehydrogenase subunit; involved in limited purine catabolism
b2869ygeVPutative RpoN-dependent transcriptional activator, function unknown; induced by AI-2 pheromone
b2870ygeWPredicted carbamoyltransferase, substrate unknown
b2871ygeX2,3-diaminopropionate ammonia lyase, PLP-dependent
b2872ygeYPeptidase homolog, function unknown; M20D family
b2873hyuAD-stereospecific phenylhydantoinase; physiological function unknown
b2874yqeACarbonate kinase homolog, function unknown
b2875yqeBFunction unknown
b2876yqeCFunction unknown
b2877mocACTP:molybdopterin cytidylyltransferase; converts Mo-molybdopterin (Mo-MPT) cofactor (Moco) to the molybdopterin cytosine dinucleotide (MCD) cofactor (a Moco form)
b2878ygfKPutative selenate reductase FeS subunit; mutants impaired in selenium reduction; NADPH:O2 oxidoreductase activity
b2879ssnARequired for early stationary phase viability decline; aminohydrolase related; negatively regulated by RpoS
b2880ygfMPutative FAD-binding subunit of an XdhD-YgfM hypoxanthine oxidase
b2881xdhDProbable hypoxanthine oxidase, Fe-S subunit; mutation confers adenine sensitivity
b2882xanQXanthine permease
b2883guaDGuanine deaminase
b2886ygfSPredicted electron transport protein, function unknown
b2887ygfTPutative oxidoreductase, Fe-S subunit, function unknown; aegA paralog
b2888uacTUric acid permease
b2889idiIsopentenyl diphosphate isomerase, isoprenoid biosynthesis; interconverts isopentenyl diphosphate (IPP) and dimethylallyl diphosphate (DMAPP)
b2890lysSLysine--tRNA ligase, constitutive
b2891prfBPeptide chain release factor 2, RF-2; translation termination factor recognizes UGA and UAA; slightly defective allele
b2892recJssDNA 5'-3' exonuclease involved in recombination
b2893dsbCDisulfide bond isomerase, periplasmic; chaperone; activated by DsbD; homodimeric
b2894xerDTyrosine recombinase XerCD resolves chromosome dimers; site-specific
b2896cptAToxin of CptAB toxin-antitoxin pair
b2897cptBAntitoxin of CptAB toxin-antitoxin pair
b2898ygfZIron-sulfur cluster repair protein; plumbagin resistance protein; hda mutational suppressor; folate and tetrahydofolate binding protein
b2899yqfAFunction unknown; hemolysin III family HylIII; promoter binds FabR
b2900yqfBFunction unknown, UPF0267 family
b2901bglAPhospho-beta-glucosidase A; growth on arbutin or salicin when activated
b2902ygfFPredicted oxidoreductase, COG1028 family; function unknown
b2903gcvPGlycine dehydrogenase (decarboxylating)
b2904gcvHGlycine cleavage, carrier of aminomethyl group
b2905gcvTAminomethyltransferase, tetrahydrofolate dependent; T-protein of the glycine cleavage system
b2906visCPutative FAD-dependent oxidoreductase, function unknown; downstream of and homologous to ubiH (visB)
b2907ubiH2-octaprenyl-6-methoxyphenol hydroxylase; produces 2-octaprenyl-6-methoxy-1,4-benzoquinone
b2908pepPProline aminopeptidase, homotetrameric; Aminopeptidase P
b2909ygfBUPF0149 family protein, function unknown
b2910zapAFtsZ stabilizer, coiled-coil protein
b2911ssrS6S sRNA inhibits RNA polymerase promoter binding; template for RNA-directed pRNA synthesis by RNAP; mimics an open promoter
b2912fau5-formyltetrahydrofolate cycloligase, folinic acid catabolism; also known as 5,10-methenyltetrahydrofolate synthase (MTHFS)
b2913serAD-3-Phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase
b2914rpiARibose-5-phosphate isomerase A, alkali-inducible
b2915yqfEPseudogene reconstruction, C-terminal fragment, LysR family
b2916argPInhibitor of chromosome initiation, transcriptional activator, LysR family; oriC iteron (13-mer) binding protein, competes with DnaA for iteron binding
b2917scpAMethylmalonyl-CoA mutase, B12-dependent
b2918argKRequired to convert succinate to propionate, Arg transport?; reported to have ATPase and protein kinase activity
b2919scpBMethylmalonyl-CoA decarboxylase
b2920scpCPropionyl CoA:succinate CoA transferase
b2921ygfILysR-family transcriptional regulator, function unknown
b2922yggEOxidative stress defense, DUF541 family, mechanism unknown
b2923argOArginine exporter
b2924mscSMechanosensitive channel protein, intermediate conductance; heptameric
b2925fbaAFructose 1,6-bisphosphate aldolase, class II; binds Zn(II); homodimeric
b2926pgkPhosphoglycerate kinase
b2927epdErythrose-4-P dehydrogenase
b2928yggCPredicted kinase, function unknown
b2929yggDPredicted transcriptional regulator, function unknown
b2930yggFFructose 1,6 bisphosphatase activity
b2933cmtASimilar to mannitol phosphotransferase enzymes
b2934cmtBProtein-N-phosphohistidine sugar P-transferase; enzyme III of PEP-PTS cryptic mannitol transport
b2935tktATransketolase A; binds Zn(II)
b2936loiPPhe-Phe periplasmic metalloprotease, OM lipoprotein; low salt-inducible; heat shock protein that binds Era
b2937speBAgmatinase; agmatine ureohydrolase
b2938speABiosynthetic decarboxylase
b2939yqgBSoluble expressed protein, function unknown
b2940yqgCFunction unknown
b2942metKS-adenosylmethionine synthase; methionine adenosyltransferase; ethionine sensitivity; essential gene
b2943galPD-Galactose/H+ symporter
b2944yggIFunction unknown
b2945endADNA-specific endonuclease I, periplasmic; inhibited by RNA; extensive DNA breakdown
b2946rsmE16S rRNA m(3)U1498 methyltransferase, SAM-dependent
b2947gshBGlutathione synthase; homotetrameric
b2948yqgEFunction unknown, low abundance protein; homologous to P. aeruginosa AlgH regulatory protein
b2949yqgFPutative anti-termination factor for Rho-dependent terminators
b2950yggRPredicted pilus retraction ATPase related to GspE/PilT, function unknown
b2951yggSPyridoxal 5'-phosphate binding protein, function unknown
b2952yggTConfers tolerance to osmotic shock, function unknown; predicted membrane protein
b2953yggU Widely conserved ACR protein, UPF0235 family, function unknown
b2954rdgBdITP/XTP pyrophosphatase, synthetic lethal with recA; mutant is hyper-recombinogenic
b2955yggWPredicted oxidoreductase, HemN family, function unknown; Radical SAM superfamily
b2956yggMPredicted secreted protein, function unknown
b2957ansBL-Asparaginase II
b2958yggNPredicted periplasmic protein, function unknown
b2959yggLConserved protein, DUF469 family, function unknown
b2960trmItRNA m(7)G46 methyltransferase, SAM-dependent; monomeric
b2961mutYAdenine DNA glycosylase, G-A mismatched DNA repair; 2-hydroxyadenine glycosylase
b2962yggXConfers protection of iron-sulfur proteins against oxidative damage; paraquat resistance
b2963mltCMembrane-bound lytic transglycosylase C, murein hydrolase; periplasmic OM-attached lipoprotein
b2964nupGNucleoside transporter
b2965speCOrnithine decarboxylase
b2966yqgAPredicted inner membrane protein, DUF554 family, function unknown
b2967pheVPhenylalanine tRNA(GAA)
b2968yghDGeneral secretion protein M beta
b2969yghEPseudogene reconstruction, general secretion protein family; L-type; C-terminal fragment
b2970yghFPseudogene, general secretion protein; N-terminal fragment
b2971yghGPilotin, required for secretin (GspDbeta) OM localization; part of defective gsp-beta (T2SS-beta) operon; OM lipoprotein
b2972pppAPrepilin protein peptidase
b2975glcAGlycolate permease; also recognizes lactate
b2976glcBMalate synthase G
b2977glcGPredicted glc operon gene, function unknown
b2979glcDGlycolate oxidase subunit
b2980glcCTranscriptional activator for glc operon, glycolate-binding
b2981yghOPseudogene, C-terminal fragment
b2982insH15IS5 transposase
b2983yghQFunction unknown
b2984yghRPredicted ATP-binding protein, function unknown
b2985yghSPredicted ATP-binding protein, function unknown
b2986yghTPredicted ATP-binding protein, function unknown
b2987pitBCryptic low-affinity Pi transport protein
b2988gssGlutathionylspermidine synthase/amidase; bifunctional protein
b2989yghUGSH-dependent disulfide bond oxidoreductase
b2990hybGHydrogenase 2 accessory protein; chaperone-like function
b2991hybFAccessory protein required for the maturation of hydrogenases 1 and 2; may be involved in nickel incorporation
b2992hybEHydrogenase 2-specific chaperone
b2993hybDMaturation endoprotease for Ni-containing hydrogenase 2
b2994hybCHydrogenase 2 [Ni Fe] large subunit, periplasmic
b2995hybBHydrogenase 2 cytochrome b type component, probably
b2996hybAHydrogenase 2 component, periplasmic; possibly electron acceptor for hydrogenase 2 small subunit; probably binds 4 4Fe-4S clusters
b2997hybOHydrogenase 2 [Ni, Fe], small subunit, periplasmic
b2998yghWFunction unknown
b3001gprL-Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate reductase, NADPH-dependent; weak methylglyoxal reductase; overexpression confers increased resistance to methylglyoxal; aldo/keto reductase
b3002yqhAFunction unknown, predicted inner membrane protein, UPF0114 family
b3003yghAPredicted oxidoreductase, COG1028 family; function unknown
b3005exbDUptake of enterochelin; resistance or sensitivity to colicins; similarity with TolR
b3006exbBUptake of enterochelin; resistance or sensitivity to colicins; similarity with TolQ
b3008metCCystathionine beta-lyase; homotetrameric; cysteine desulfhydrase
b3009yghBGeneral envelope maintenance protein, redundant with YqjA
b3010yqhCTranscriptional activator of yqhD; aldehyde sensor
b3011yqhDAldehyde reductase, NADPH-dependent; protects against lipid oxidation and glyoxal toxixity; furfural reductase; contains Zn; homodimer
b3012dkgA2,5-diketo-D-gluconate reductase A; 2-methylacetoacetate reductase, NADPH-dependent; beta-keto ester reductase
b3013yqhGPredicted secreted protein, function unknown
b3014yqhHNovel verified lipoprotein, Lpp paralog, function unknown
b3017ftsPSeptal ring component that protects the divisome from stress; multicopy suppressor of ftsI(Ts)
b3018plsC1-Acyl-n-glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase; affects partitioning
b3019parCTopoisomerase IV, subunit A, ATP-dependent, type II; chromosome decatenase; relaxes both positive and negative supercoils; DNA unknotting activity; heterotetrameric
b3020ygiSPutative periplasmic binding protein, function unknown
b3021mqsAAntitoxin for MqsR toxin; transcriptional repressor
b3022mqsRGCU-specific mRNA interferase, toxin-antitoxin pair MqsRA; motility, quorum-sensing biofilm regulator; works through QseBC and AI-2; anti-repressor
b3023ygiVRepresses mcbR, involved in biofilm regulation
b3024ygiWStress-induced protein, function unknown; involved in cadmium and peroxide resistance; secreted protein; binds CsrB sRNA
b3025qseBQuorum sensing two-component response regulator; cognate to QseC sensor kinase; regulates flagella synthesis and motilty by activating transcription of flhDC
b3026qseCQuorum sensing two-component sensor kinase; cognate to QseB response regulator; regulates flagella synthesis and motilty by activating transcription of flhDC; responds to AI-3 and
b3027ygiZInner membrane protein, function unknown
b3028mdaBFMN-dependent NADH-quinone reductase; MdaB and YgiN form an enzymatic quinone reduction-oxidation cycle in vitro; possibly mitigates toxicity of quinols and quinones in vivo; dimeric
b3029ygiNQuinol monooxygenase; MdaB and YgiN form an enzymatic quinone reduction-oxidation cycle in vitro; expressed protein
b3030parETopoisomerase IV, subunit B, ATP-dependent, type II; chromosome decatenase; relaxes positive supercoils much faster than negative supercoils; DNA unknotting activity; heterotetrameric
b3031yqiAAcyl CoA esterase in vitro, physiological function unknown
b3032cpdA3',5' cAMP phosphodiesterase; mutants have elevated cAMP levels
b3033yqiBFunction unknown, DUF1249 family
b3034nudFADP-sugar pyrophosphatase; sole ADP-glucose hydrolase, activity limits glycogen production; one of several ADP-ribose hydrolases; creBC regulon; non-essential
b3035tolCOuter membrane factor (OMF) of tripartite efflux pumps; channel-tunnel spanning the outer membrane and periplasm; homotrimeric; ColE1 tolerance
b3037ygiBDUF1190 family protein, function unknown; helps mitigate tolC mutant defects; tolC operon
b3038ygiCATP-Grasp family ATPase, function unknown; helps mitigate tolC mutant defects; tolC operon
b3039ygiDPredicted dioxygenase, LigB family, function unknown
b3040zupTZinc and other divalent cation uptake transporter
b3041ribB3,4-dihydroxy-2-butanone 4-phosphate synthase; riboflavin biosynthesis; acid-inducible; homodimeric
b3042yqiCFunction unknown
b3043ygiLFunction unknown, FimA homolog
b3044insC9IS2 transposase A
b3045insD9IS2 transposase B
b3046yqiGPseudogene reconstruction, FimD family, interrupted by IS2I; outer membrane fimbrial subunit export usher protein family
b3047yqiHPredicted periplasmic pilus chaperone, function unknown
b3048yqiIFimbrial protein, function unknown; required for full motility, flagellin production and methylglyoxal resistance
b3049scoRMotility and biofilm regulator
b3050yqiJInner membrane protein, DUF1449 family, function unknown
b3051yqiKPHB family membrane protein, function unknown
b3052hldEHeptose 7-P kinase/heptose 1-P adenyltransferase; LPS core prescursor synthesis: bifunctional enzyme involved in both D-glycero-D-manno-heptose-1-phosphate and ADP-D-glycero-D-manno-heptose synthesis
b3053glnEProtein adenylyltransferase, modifies glutamine synthase; catalyzes adenylation and deadenylation
b3054ygiFFunction unknown
b3055ygiMSH3 domain protein, function unknown
b3056ccatRNA nucleotidyltransferase, repairs terminal CCA of tRNAs
b3057bacAUndecaprenyl pyrophosphate phosphatase BacA(UppP); overexpression confers bacitracin resistance
b3058folBDihydroneopterin aldolase
b3059plsYProbable glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase
b3060ttdRTranscriptional activator of ttdABT, tartrate-inducible; required for tartrate utilization; anaerobiosis nucleoid protein
b3061ttdAL-Tartrate dehydratase alpha subunit
b3062ttdBL-Tartrate dehydratase beta subunit
b3063ttdTL-tartrate/succinate antiporter; needed for L-tatrate uptake and tartrate induction of ttdAB
b3064tsaDtRNA(NNU) t(6)A37 threonylcarbamoyladenosine modification; glycation binding protein
b3065rpsU30S ribosomal subunit protein S21
b3066dnaGPrimase for DNA replication; primer synthesis for leading- and lagging-strand synthesis; binds Zn(II)
b3067rpoDRNA polymerase subunit, sigma 70, initiates transcription; housekeeping sigma
b3068mugUracil DNA glycosylase, G:U mismatch-specific, dsDNA-specific; xanthine DNA glycosylase; excises uracil and xanthine from DNA by base flipping mechanism; required for mutation avoidance in stationary phase; up-regulated in stationary phase
b3069ileXIsoleucine tRNA(CAU) 2
b3070yqjHFerric-chelate reductase, NADPH-dependent; siderophore-interacting protein (SIP); nickel-resistance
b3071yqjITranscriptional repressor for yqjH, nickel- or iron-inducible; autorepressor
b3072aerAerotaxis and redox taxis sensor; flavoprotein; senses intracellular energy (redox) levels, and mediates energy taxis, as does Tsr
b3073patAPutrescine:2-oxoglutaric acid aminotransferase; putrescine aminotransferase; sigma 54-dependent
b3074ygjHProbable tRNA binding protein; putative tRNA corner chaperone; putative tRNA ligase co-factor
b3075ebgRebgAC operon repressor
b3076ebgAEvolved beta-galactosidase, alpha subunit; normal substrate and function unknown; alpha(4)beta(4) holoenzyme
b3077ebgCEvolved beta-galactosidase, beta subunit; normal substrate and function unknown; alpha(4)beta(4) holoenzyme
b3078ygjIPutative transporter, function unknown; localized to inner membrane
b3079ygjJFunction unknown
b3080ygjKalpha-Glucosidase activity, role unknown
b3081fadH2,4-dienoyl CoA reductase, NADPH-dependent
b3082higAAntitoxin for HigB toxin
b3083higBmRNA interferase, toxin-antitoxin pair HigBA
b3084rlmG23S rRNA m(2)G1835 methyltransferase, SAM-dependent
b3085ygjPFunction unknown
b3086ygjQconserved protein, SanA family, function unknown
b3087ygjRPredicted oxidoreductase
b3088alxPredicted transporter, alkali-induced riboswitch; inner membrane protein, function unknown
b3089sstTNa+/serine (threonine) symporter
b3090ygjVInner membrane protein, Imp-YgjV family, function unknown
b3091uxaAD-Altronate hydrolase (hydratase), Fe(2)-requiring; galacturonate branch of hexuronate pathway
b3092uxaCUronate isomerase; galacturonate branch of hexuronate pathway
b3093exuTHexuronate permease, for glucuronate and galacturonate
b3094exuRRepressor for the exuR regulon; induced by D-hexuronates
b3095yqjAGeneral envelope maintenance protein, redundant with YghB
b3096mzrAModulator of EnvZ/OmpR regulon; links EnvZ/OmpR to the CpxAR two-component system regulon; inner membrane protein; binds EnvZ
b3097yqjCDUF1090 family protein, function unknown; expressed protein
b3098yqjDMembrane-anchored ribosome-binding protein, function unknown
b3099yqjEInner membrane protein, DUF1469 family, function unknown
b3100yqjKFunction unknown
b3101yqjFPredicted membrane protein, function unknown; homologous to membrane oxidoreductase subunits
b3102yqjGProbable GSH transferase; disulfide-bond reductase
b3103yhaHInner membrane protein, DUF805 family, function unknown
b3104yhaIInner membrane protein, DUF805 family, function unknown
b3105yhaJLysR-family transcriptional regulator, function unknown
b3106yhaKRedox-sensitive bicupin, function unknown; may be an in vivo sensor of oxidative stress
b3107yhaLFunction unknown
b3110yhaOPutative amino acid:H+ symport permease, function unknown
b3113tdcFPutative reactive intermediate deaminase, UPF0076 family; reaction intermediate detoxification
b3114tdcEPyruvate formate-lyase/ketobutyrate formate-lyase
b3115tdcDPropionate kinase, anaerobic; non-essential gene
b3116tdcCSerine/threonine:H+ symport permease
b3117tdcBThreonine dehydratase
b3118tdcATranscriptional activator of tdc operon
b3119tdcRPositive regulatory protein for threonine dehydratase, TdcB
b3120yhaBFunction unknown
b3121yhaCFunction unknown
b3123rnpBRNase P, M1 RNA enzyme component; involved in transfer RNA and 4.5S RNA-processing
b3124garKGlycerate 2-kinase, glycolate-, glycerate- or glucarate-inducible; GKI; produces 2-phospho-glycerate
b3125garRTartronate semialdehyde reductase, glycerate- or galactarate-inducible
b3126garL2-dehydro-3-deoxygalactarate aldolase; homohexameric
b3127garPProbable D-galactarate transporter, membrane protein
b3128garDD-galactarate dehydratase; uxaA paralog; contains conserved CxxS redox motif
b3129prlFAntitoxin of the PrlF-YhaV toxin-antitoxin pair; extragenic suppressor of htrA; autoregulator
b3130yhaVToxin of the SohB(PrlF)-YhaV toxin-antitoxin pair; non-specific ribonuclease; autoregulator
b3131agaRaga regulon transcriptional repressor
b3132kbaZKetose bisphosphate aldolase KbaYZ subunit; required for full activity and stabilty of KbaY
b3133agaVEnzyme IIB Nag, PTS system; N-acetylgalactosamine-specific enzyme IIB; EIIB-Nag
b3134agaWPseudogene, N-terminal fragment, PTS system EIICGalNAc; N-acetylgalactosamine-specific
b3135agaAPseudogene, C-terminal fragment, GalNAc-6-P deacetylase; N-acetyl-D-galactosamine-6-phosphate deacetylase
b3136agaSTagatose-6-phosphate ketose/aldose isomerase
b3137kbaYKetose 1,6-bisphosphate aldolase, class II; D-tagatose 1,6-bisphosphate aldolase; requires KbaZ subunit for full activity and stability
b3138agaBPutative PTS system N-acetylgalactosamine-specific enzyme IIB component
b3139agaCEnzyme IIC Nag, PTS system; N-acetylgalactosamine-specific enzyme IIC; EIIC-Nag
b3140agaDEnzyme IID Nag, PTS system; N-acetylgalactosamine-specific enzyme IID; EIID-Nag; remnant of aga operon
b3141agaIGalactosamine-6-phosphate isomerase
b3142yraHFunction unknown, FimA homolog
b3143yraIPredicted periplasmic pilus chaperone, function unknown
b3144yraJPutative outer membrane fimbrial subunit export usher protein; function unknown
b3145yraKFunction unknown, FimA homolog
b3146rsmI16S rRNA C1402 2'-O-ribose methyltransferase, SAM-dependent
b3147lpoAOM lipoprotein stimulator of MrcA transpeptidase
b3148yraNFunction unknown, UPF0102 family
b3149diaADnaA-binding protein; involved in the timing of the initiation of DNA replication; dnaA(Cs) suppressor; homodimer
b3150yraPOM lipoprotein, function unknown, mutant is SDS-sensitive
b3151yraQFunction unknown
b3152yraRPredicted nucleoside-diphosphate-sugar epimerase, function unknown
b3153yhbOStress-resistance protein, protease homolog
b3154yhbPFunction unknown, UPF0306 family
b3155yhbQFunction unknown, GIY-YIG nuclease superfamily
b3156yhbSPredicted acetyltransferase
b3157yhbTFunction unknown, COG3154 family of putative lipid carrier proteins
b3158yhbUFunction unknown, U32 peptidase family
b3159yhbVFunction unknown, U32 peptidase family
b3160yhbWFunction unknown, luciferase-like
b3161mtrTryptophan/indole:H+ symport permease, high affinity for Trp
b3162deaDATP-dependent RNA helicase, 50S ribosomal subunit biogenesis; translation factor W2; factor X; facilitates translation of mRNAs with 5' secondary structures; multicopy suppressor of rpsB(Ts) mutations
b3163nlpILipoprotein involved in osmotic sensitivity and filamentation
b3164pnpPolynucleotide phosphorylase; exoribonuclease; PNPase component of RNA degradosome; cold shock protein required for growth at low temperatures
b3165rpsO30S ribosomal subunit protein S15
b3166truBtRNA pseudouridine(55) synthase
b3167rbfARibosome binding factor required for efficient processing of 16s rRNA; cold-shock adaptation protein; overexpression suppresses cold-sensitive 16S rRNA
b3168infBProtein chain initiation factor IF2
b3169nusATranscription termination/antitermination L factor; mutant survives lambda induction
b3170rimPFactor required for maturation of 30S ribosomal subunits
b3171metYInitiator methionine tRNA(CAU) f2
b3172argGArgininosuccinate synthase
b3173yhbXFunction unknown, EptAB family
b3174leuULeucine tRNA(UAG) 2
b3175secGSecYEG inner membrane translocon secA-interacting subunit; preprotein translocase secAYEG subunit; preprotein translocase secAYEG subunit
b3176glmMPhosphoglucosamine mutase; UDP-GlcNAc pathway, peptidoglycan, lipopolysaccharide synthesis; mRNA stability effects
b3177folPDihydropteroate synthase
b3178ftsHATP-dependent membrane protease, complexed with HflCK; regulates lysogeny; mutants are defective in cell growth, septum formation and phage lambda development; mutants rescued by divalent cations; binds Zn(II); hexameric
b3179rlmE23S rRNA U2552 2'-O-ribose methyltransferase, SAM-dependent; involved in cell division and growth; heat inducible; suppresssed by cloned ObgE and Der
b3180yhbYRNA binding protein, associated with pre-50S ribosomal subunits; functions in ribosome assembly
b3181greATranscript cleavage factor
b3182dacBD-alanine D-alanine carboxypeptidase PBP4; penicillin-binding protein 4
b3183obgEDNA-binding GTPase involved in cell partioning and DNA repair; involved in ribosome assembly; GTP-bound form associates with 50S ribosomal subunits; ribosome-associated SpoT ppGpp-degradation stimulator
b3184yhbEPredicted permease, function unknown
b3185rpmA50S ribosomal subunit protein L27
b3186rplU50S ribosomal subunit protein L21
b3187ispBOctaprenyl diphosphate synthase, isoprenoid biosynthesis
b3188sfsBOverexpression increases maltose and lactose utilization; stimulates MalQ, MalP and LacZ
b3189murAUDP-N-acetylglucosamine enoylpyruvyl transferase; fosfomycin resistance
b3190ibaGAcid stress protein; predicted transcriptional regulator, BolA family; low abundance protein
b3191mlaBProbable phospholipid ABC transporter, quinolone resistance; peripheral membrane protein, cytoplasmic; maintains OM lipid asymmetry; hyperlethality gene; STAS subunit
b3192mlaCPutative phospholipid-binding protein, periplasmic; may deliver phospholipids to MlaFEDB ABC transporter for import; maintains OM lipid asymmetry by retrograde import of lipds from the OM outer leaflet
b3193mlaDPutative phospholipid-binding protein, signal-anchored; periplasmic; MlaFEDB phospholipid ABC transporter; maintains OM lipid asymmetry
b3194mlaEProbable phospholipid ABC transporter permease; MlaFEDB phospholipid ABC transporter; maintains OM lipid asymmetry
b3195mlaFProbable ABC phospholipid transporter ATP-binding protein; MlaFEDB phospholipid ABC transporter; maintains OM lipid asymmetry
b3196yrbGFunction unknown, similiar to Na+/Ca++ exchangers
b3197kdsDD-arabinose 5-phosphate isomerase; LPS biosynthesis
b3198kdsC3-deoxy-D-manno-octulosonate 8-phosphate phosphatase; KDO 8-P phosphatase; LPS biosynthesis; HAD22
b3199lptCLPS export, IM-tethered periplasmic LPS-binding protein; LptBFGC export complex
b3200lptAPeriplasmic LPS-binding protein, binds Lipid A domain; LPS transport and assembly
b3201lptBLPS export ABC transporter ATP-binding protein; LptBFGC export complex
b3202rpoNRNA polymerase subunit, sigma 54; needed for expression of various regulons, promoter specificity set by various activator proteins required for sigma 54 recruitment
b3203hpfRibosome hibernation promoting factor HPF; stabilizes 70S dimers (100S); induced in stationary phase; raiA paralog has opposite effect on 70S dimers
b3204ptsNNitrogen regulatory protein, PTS system EIIA(Ntr) component
b3205yhbJAdaptor protein RapZ for GlmZ/GlmY sRNA degradation; glucosamine-6-phosphate regulated; NTPase
b3206nprNPr, N-regulated HPr-like protein
b3207yrbLMg(2+)-starvation-stimulated gene, function unknown
b3208mtgAMonofunctional peptidoglycan glycosyltransferase; monofunctional biosynthetic peptidoglycan transglycosylase; GTase; TGase
b3209elbBInvolved in isoprenoid biosynthesis; also known as sigma cross-reacting protein 27A
b3210arcBAerobic respiration control sensor histidine protein kinase; phosphorylates response regulator proteins ArcA and RssB
b3211yhcCFunction unknown, Radical SAM superfamily
b3212gltBGlutamate synthase, large subunit
b3213gltDGlutamate synthase, small subunit
b3214gltFFunction unknown, periplasmic protein; mutant has no phenotype with respect to amino acid utilization or ammonium transport; previous suggestions that GltF has a role in nitrogen-regulated gene expression are now unlikely
b3215yhcARequired for swarming phenotype, function unknown; predicted periplasmic pilus chaperone
b3216yhcDPredicted outer membrane fimbrial subunit usher protein, function unknown
b3218insH18IS5 transposase
b3219yhcFPredicted secreted protein, function unknown; gltF paralog
b3220yhcGFunction unknown
b3221yhcHRequired for swarming phenotype, function unknown; last gene in nanATEK-yhcH operon, but not required for growth on sialic acid
b3222nanKN-acetyl-D-mannosamine (ManNAc) kinase
b3223nanEProbable N-acetylmannosamine-6-phosphate 2-epimerase
b3224nanTSialic acid transporter
b3225nanAN-Acetylneuraminate lyase (aldolase)
b3226nanRRepressor of the nan operon, induced by sialic acid; homodimeric
b3227dcuDPredicted transporter, DcuC paralog, function unknown; mutant has no phenotype and dcuD does not complement dcuC mutations
b3228sspBSpecificity-enhancing factor for ClpXP protease, binds ssrA-tagged proteins; ribosome-associated stress response protein; homodimeric
b3229sspAStringent starvation protein A, phage P1 late gene activator; RNAP-associated acid-resistance protein; inactive glutathione S-transferase homolog
b3230rpsI30S ribosomal subunit protein S9
b3231rplM50S ribosomal subunit protein L13; binds Zn(II)
b3232yhcMFunction unknown
b3233yhcBComplexed with cytochrome bd oxidase, function unknown
b3234degQPeriplasmic serine endoprotease; multicopy suppressor of prc and degP
b3235degSSerine protease, degrades periplasmic RseA, activating RpoE; multicopy suppressor of prc; periplasmic stress sensor for unfolded or misfolded OMPs
b3236mdhMalate dehydrogenase, NAD-dependent
b3237argRRepressor of Arg regulon; cer-mediated site-specific recombination in plasmid ColE1; hexameric
b3238yhcNStress-induced protein involved in cadmium and peroxide resistance
b3239yhcOPredicted barnase inhibitor
b3240aaeBAaeAB p-hydroxybenzoic acid efflux pump PET component; efflux protein family
b3241aaeAAaeAB p-hydroxybenzoic acid efflux pump MFP component; membrane fusion protein
b3242aaeXFunction unknown, putative membrane protein; in aaeXAB efflux pump operon
b3243aaeRTranscriptional activator for the aaeXAB operon
b3244tldDProbable peptidase required for the maturation and secretion of the antibiotic peptide MccB17; involved in CcdA antidote degradation; tolerance for effects on DNA gyrase by sex factor F gene letD
b3247rngEndoribonuclease G involved in 16S rRNA processing; division and growth, overexpression forms minicells and chains with long axial structures
b3248yhdEMaf-like protein, function unknown
b3249mreDMecillinam resistance; rod shape-determining protein
b3250mreCCell division and growth; mecillinam resistance; rod shape-determining protein
b3251mreBCell wall structural actin-like protein in MreBCD complex; mecillinam resistance protein
b3252csrDTargeting factor for csrBC sRNA degradation by RNase E; degenerate GGDEF/EAL protein; carbon flux regulator; indirectly affects CsrA function
b3253acuIPutative acryloyl-CoA reductase
b3255accBAcetyl-CoA carboxylase, biotin carboxyl carrier protein; BCCP; homodimeric
b3256accCAcetyl-CoA carboxylase, biotin carboxylase (BC) subunit
b3257yhdTFunction unknown
b3258panFPantothenate permease
b3259prmA50S subunit L11 protein lysine methyltransferase
b3260dusBtRNA-dihydrouridine synthase B
b3261fisTranscriptional activator for rRNA operons, bends DNA; interacts with RNAP; nucleoid-associated protein; dimeric
b3262yhdJDNA adenine methyltransferase, SAM-dependent
b3263yhdUFunction unknown
b3264envRProbable transcriptional repressor for acrEF (envCD); function unknown
b3265acrEAcrEF-TolC efflux pump, multidrug/solvent resistance; membrane-fusion lipoprotein
b3266acrFAcrEF-TolC efflux pump, multidrug/solvent resistance; osmotically remedial envelope defect
b3267yhdVNovel verified lipoprotein, function unknown
b3268yhdWPseudogene reconstruction; putative ABC transporter periplasmic binding protein; part of putative yhdWXYZ ABC transporter of unknown substrate
b3269yhdXPutative ABC transporter permease protein; function unknown
b3270yhdYPutative ABC transporter permease protein; function unknown
b3271yhdZPutative ABC transporter ATP-binding protein; function unknown
b3272rrfF5S rRNA of rrnD operon
b3273thrVThreonine tRNA(GGU) 1 in rrnD
b3274rrfD5S rRNA of rrnD operon
b3275rrlD23S rRNA of rrnD operon
b3276alaUAlanine tRNA(UGC) 1B
b3277ileUIsoleucine tRNA(GAU) 1, triplicate
b3278rrsD16S rRNA of rrnD operon
b3279yrdAFunction unknown, low abundance protein
b3280yrdBFunction unknown
b3281aroEShikimate 5-dehydrogenase
b3282tsaCtRNA(NNU) t(6)A37 threonylcarbamoyladenosine modification; threonine-dependent ADP-forming ATPase
b3283yrdDFunction unknown
b3284smgFunction unknown, after smf gene
b3287defPeptide deformylase; N-formylmethionylaminoacyl-tRNA deformylase
b3288fmtMethionyl-tRNA formyltransferase
b3289rsmB16S rRNA m(5)C967 methyltransferase, SAM-dependent
b3290trkAMajor constitutive K+ uptake permeases TrkAG and TrkAH; high-rate, low-affinity transport; peripheral membrane protein bound to inner membrane protein TrkG or TrkH to form active permease; binds NAD+ and NADH
b3291mscLMechanosensitive channel protein, high conductance; homopentameric
b3292zntRZn-responsive activator of zntA transcription
b3293yhdNHeat shock protein, DUF1992 family, function unknown,
b3294rplQ50S ribosomal subunit protein L17
b3295rpoARNA polymerase, alpha subunit; binds Zn(II)
b3296rpsD30S ribosomal subunit protein S4; NusA-like antitermination factor
b3297rpsK30S ribosomal subunit protein S11
b3298rpsM30S ribosomal subunit protein S13
b3299rpmJ50S ribosomal subunit protein X (L36)
b3300secYSecYEG inner membrane translocon core subunit; preprotein translocase secAYEG subunit; core translocon secYE subunit
b3301rplO50S ribosomal subunit protein L15
b3302rpmD50S ribosomal subunit protein L30
b3303rpsE30S ribosomal subunit protein S5
b3304rplR50S ribosomal subunit protein L18; 5S rRNA-binding
b3305rplF50S ribosomal subunit protein L6; gentamicin sensitivity
b3306rpsH30S ribosomal subunit protein S8
b3307rpsN30S ribosomal subunit protein S14
b3308rplE50S ribosomal subunit protein L5; 5S rRNA-binding
b3309rplX50S ribosomal subunit protein L24
b3310rplN50S ribosomal subunit protein L14
b3311rpsQ30S ribosomal subunit protein S17
b3312rpmC50S ribosomal subunit protein L29
b3313rplP50S ribosomal subunit protein L16
b3314rpsC30S ribosomal subunit protein S3
b3315rplV50S ribosomal subunit protein L22; erythromycin sensitivity
b3316rpsS30S ribosomal subunit protein S19
b3317rplB50S ribosomal subunit protein L2; binds Zn(II)
b3318rplW50S ribosomal subunit protein L23
b3319rplD50S ribosomal subunit protein L4; erythromycin sensitivity
b3320rplC50S ribosomal subunit protein L3
b3321rpsJ30S ribosomal subunit protein S10
b3322gspBPart of H-NS-silenced gsp-alpha (T2SS-alpha) divergon, type II protein secretion; cloned gsp-alpha (T2SS-alpha) divergon secretes ChiA, requires gspAB operon
b3323gspAPart of H-NS-silenced gsp-alpha (T2SS-alpha) divergon, type II protein secretion; cloned gsp-alpha (T2SS-alpha) divergon secretes ChiA, requires gspAB operon
b3324gspCPart of H-NS-silenced gsp-alpha (T2SS-alpha) divergon, type II protein secretion; cloned gsp-alpha (T2SS-alpha) divergon secretes ChiA, requires gspAB operon
b3325gspDPart of H-NS-silenced gsp-alpha (T2SS-alpha) divergon, type II protein secretion; cloned gsp-alpha (T2SS-alpha) divergon secretes ChiA, requires gspAB operon
b3326gspEPart of H-NS-silenced gsp-alpha (T2SS-alpha) divergon, type II protein secretion; cloned gsp-alpha (T2SS-alpha) divergon secretes ChiA, requires gspAB operon
b3327gspFPart of H-NS-silenced gsp-alpha (T2SS-alpha) divergon, type II protein secretion; cloned gsp-alpha (T2SS-alpha) divergon secretes ChiA, requires gspAB operon
b3328gspGPseudopilin in H-NS-silenced gsp divergon, type II secreton; cloned gsp divergon secretes ChiA
b3329gspHPart of H-NS-silenced gsp-alpha (T2SS-alpha) divergon, type II protein secretion; cloned gsp-alpha (T2SS-alpha) divergon secretes ChiA, requires gspAB operon
b3330gspIPart of H-NS-silenced gsp-alpha (T2SS-alpha) divergon, type II protein secretion; cloned gsp-alpha (T2SS-alpha) divergon secretes ChiA, requires gspAB operon
b3331gspJPart of H-NS-silenced gsp-alpha (T2SS-alpha) divergon, type II protein secretion; cloned gsp-alpha (T2SS-alpha) divergon secretes ChiA, requires gspAB operon
b3332gspKPart of H-NS-silenced gsp-alpha (T2SS-alpha) divergon, type II protein secretion; cloned gsp-alpha (T2SS-alpha) divergon secretes ChiA, requires gspAB operon
b3333gspLPart of H-NS-silenced gsp-alpha (T2SS-alpha) divergon, type II protein secretion; cloned gsp-alpha (T2SS-alpha) divergon secretes ChiA, requires gspAB operon
b3334gspMPart of H-NS-silenced gsp-alpha (T2SS-alpha) divergon, type II protein secretion; cloned gsp-alpha (T2SS-alpha) divergon secretes ChiA, requires gspAB operon
b3335gspOPrepilin peptidase in H-NS-silenced gsp divergon; type II protein secretion; cloned gsp divergon secretes ChiA
b3336bfrBacterioferritin; negatively regulated by ryhB RNA as part of indirect positive regulation by Fur; 24-mer
b3337bfdBacterioferritin-associated ferredoxin; predicted redox component complexing with Bfr in iron storage and mobility [2Fe-2S]
b3338chiAPeriplasmic endochitinase/lysozyme, Hns-repressible
b3339tufAEF-Tu, Elongation Factor-Translation, unstable; GTP-dependent binding of aa-tRNA to the A-site of ribosomes; has intrinsic GTPase activity when bound to kirromycin
b3340fusAElongation Factor EF-G; GTPase required for translocation from the A-site to the P-site in the ribosome; fusidic acid resistance
b3341rpsG30S ribosomal subunit protein S7, mutated stop codon
b3342rpsL30S ribosomal subunit protein S12; RNA chaperone
b3343tusB2-thiolation step of mnm(5)-s(2)U34-tRNA synthesis; sulfur relay system; required for swarming phenotype
b3344tusC2-thiolation step of mnm(5)-s(2)U34-tRNA synthesis; sulfur relay system; required for swarming phenotype
b3345tusDSulfurtransferase for 2-thiolation step of mnm(5)-s(2)U34-tRNA synthesis; sulfur relay system; C78 accepts persulfide sulfur from C19 of TusA, then probably donates to C108 of TusE; required for swarming phenotype
b3346yheOFunction unknown
b3347fkpAPeriplasmic peptidylprolyl cis,trans isomerase; heat shock inducible; PPIase-independent chaperone activity, binds FK506
b3348slyXRequired for phi X174 lysis
b3349slyDFKBP-type peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase; metal ion regulated; overexpression causes filamentation; required to stabilize E lysis protein of bacteriophage phiX174
b3350kefBNEM-activatable K+/H+ antiporter
b3351kefGPotassium-efflux system ancillary protein for KefB; glutathione-regulated
b3352yheSMutant increases recombinant antibody periplasmic production; probable ATPase has two ABC domains
b3353yheTFunction unknown; predicted to have alpha/beta hydrolase fold
b3354yheUFunction unknown
b3355prkBPredicted phosphoribulokinase
b3356yhfAFunction unknown, OsmC family
b3357crpcAMP-activated global transcription factor; mediator of catabolite repression; CRP; CAP
b3358yhfKFunction unknown
b3359argDAcetylornithine aminotransferase; succinyldiaminopimelate aminotransferase, PLP-dependent
b3360pabASulfonamide resistance; p-aminobenzoate biosynthesis
b3361ficAdenosine monophosphate-protein transferase domain protein; RpoS-regulated; possible toxin gene
b3362yhfGPredicted Fic-binding protein; possible Fic antitoxin
b3363ppiAPeptidylprolyl-cis-trans-isomerase A, rotamase
b3364tsgAPutative transporter, tellurite-inducible, function unknown; also induced by selenite
b3365nirBNitrite reductase [NAD(P)H] subunit
b3366nirDNitrite reductase [NAD(P)H] subunit
b3367nirCNitrite uptake transporter; membrane protein
b3368cysGSiroheme synthase, multifunctional enzyme; has three activities: uroporphyrinogen III methyltransferase, SAM-dependent; precorrin-2 dehydrogenase; sirohydrochlorin ferrochelatase
b3369yhfLNovel verified lipoprotein, function unknown
b3370frlAPredicted fructoselysine transporter
b3371frlBFructoselysine 6-phosphate deglycase
b3374frlDFructoselysine 6-kinase
b3375frlRPredicted regulator for fructoselysine operon yhfMNOQ; function unknown
b3376yhfSFunction unknown
b3377yhfTPredicted inner membrane protein, function unknown
b3378yhfUFunction unknown
b3379phpPredicted phosphotriesterase; substrate unknown
b3380yhfWFunction unknown
b3381yhfXFunction unknown
b3382yhfYFunction unknown
b3383yhfZFunction unknown
b3384trpSTryptophan--tRNA ligase
b3385gphPhosphoglycolate phosphatase; in dam operon; involved in degradation of 2-phosphoglycolate formed during the DNA repair of 3'-phosphoglycolate ends; HAD10
b3386rpeD-ribulose-5-phosphate 3-epimerase
b3387damDNA-(adenine-N6)-methyltransferase, methylates GATC; role in repair and replication
b3388damXCell division protein, binds septal ring; bile salts resistance
b3389aroB3-Dehydroquinate synthase
b3390aroKShikimate kinase I; alkali-inducible
b3391hofQRequired for the utilization of DNA as a carbon source; H. influenzae competence protein ComE homolog
b3392hofPRequired for the utilization of DNA as a carbon source; H. influenzae competence protein ComD homolog
b3393hofORequired for the utilization of DNA as a carbon source; H. influenzae competence protein ComC homolog
b3394hofNRequired for the utilization of DNA as a carbon source; H. influenzae competence protein ComB homolog
b3395hofMRequired for the utilization of DNA as a carbon source; H. influenzae competence protein ComA homolog
b3396mrcAMurein polymerase, PBP1A; bifunctional murein transglycosylase and transpeptidase; penicillin-binding protein 1A; dimeric
b3397nudEAdenosine nucleotide hydrolase; substrates include Ap3A, Ap2A, ADP-ribose, NADH
b3398yrfFInner membrane protein, function unknown, deletion cause mucoidy; probable integral inner membrane protein
b3399yrfGGMP/IMP nucleotidase; physiological role unknown; HAD8
b3400hslRHsp15, a heat shock protein that binds free 50S subunits; binds RNA and DNA
b3401hslOHsp33, oxidative stress-induced heat shock chaperone; C-terminal zinc-binding motif regulates Hsp33 activity
b3402yhgEPredicted inner membrane protein, function unknown
b3403pckPhosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase [ATP]
b3404envZOsmosensor histidine protein kinase/phosphatase; regulates production of outer membrane proteins; dimeric
b3405ompRResponse regulator for osmoregulation; regulates production of outer membrane proteins
b3406greBTranscript cleavage factor
b3407yhgFPredicted transcription accessory factor, function unknown; contains S1 RNA-binding domain; low abundance protein
b3408feoAFerrous iron uptake, required for full FeoB activity
b3409feoBPutative ferrous iron permease with GTP-binding domain
b3410feoCPutative Fe-S-sensing transcriptional regulator for feoABC; required for full FeoB activity
b3411yhgAPutative transposase, function unknown
b3412bioHPimeloyl-ACP methyl ester carboxylesterase; short acyl chain carboxylesterase, binds CoA; biotin synthesis blocked prior to pimeloyl CoA formation
b3413gntXRequired for the utilization of DNA as a carbon source; H. influenzae competence protein ComF homolog
b3414nfuAFe/S biogenesis protein; possible scaffold/chaperone for damaged Fe/S proteins
b3415gntTHigh-affinity gluconate transport
b3417malPMaltodextrin phosphorylase
b3418malTATP-dependent transcriptional activator for the mal regulon
b3421rtcBRNA ligase
b3422rtcRTranscriptional regulator for rtcAB
b3423glpRRepressor of glp regulon, induced by glycerol phophate; tetrameric
b3424glpGRhomboid intramembrane serine protease; complements the phenotypic defects of P. stuartii aarA; mutant is slightly cefotaxime resistant
b3425glpEThiosulfate:cyanide sulfurtransferase (rhodanese); in glpEGR operon, induced by glycerol
b3426glpDsn-Glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (aerobic); membrane-anchored
b3427yzgLPseudogene, C-terminal solute binding domain
b3428glgPGlycogen phosphorylase; alpha-glucan phosphorylase
b3429glgAGlycogen synthase
b3430glgCGlucose-1-phosphate adenylyltransferase; ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase
b3431glgXGlycogen debranching enzyme
b3432glgB1,4-alpha-glucan branching enzyme; glycogen branching enzyme
b3433asdAspartate semialdehyde dehydrogenase
b3434yhgNMembrane protein, UPF0056 family, function unknown
b3437gntKGluconokinase, thermoresistant
b3438gntRControls gntKU induction, also edd and eda
b3439yhhWQuercetinase activity, in vitro; physiological role unknown
b3440yhhXPutative oxidoreductase, expressed protein; ydgJ paralog
b3441yhhYPredicted acetyltransferase
b3442yhhZFunction unknown
b3443yrhAPseudogene reconstruction, interrupted by IS1E
b3444insA5IS1 transposase A
b3445insB5IS1 transposase B
b3446yrhBStable heat shock chaperone, monomeric
b3447ggtgamma-Glutamyltranspeptidase, glutathione metabolism; Ntn hydrolase; autocatalytic processing into two subunits; periplasmic
b3448yhhAFunction unknown, DUF2756 family
b3449ugpQGlycerophosphodiester phosphodiesterase; cytosolic
b3450ugpCsn-Glycerol-3-phosphate transport system, ABC family permease
b3451ugpEsn-Glycerol-3-P transport system; membrane protein
b3452ugpAsn-Glycerol-3-phosphate transport system, integral membrane protein
b3453ugpBsn-Glycerol-3-phosphate transport system, periplasmic binding protein
b3454livFBranched-chain amino acid ABC transporter, ATP-binding membrane protein, high-affinity
b3455livGHigh-affinity branched-chain amino acid transport, ATP-binding membrane protein
b3456livMHigh-affinity branched-chain amino acid transport, permease membrane protein
b3457livHHigh-affinity branched-chain amino acid permease; ABC transporter
b3458livKLeucine-specific binding protein, periplasmic, high-affinity transport for leucine; LS system; also involved in isoleucine, valine, and phenylalanine accumulation
b3459panMPanD autocleavage accelerator, panothenate auxotrophy
b3460livJLeu/Ile/Val-binding protein, periplasmic, high-affinity transport; LIV-I system; also involved in phenylalanine accumulation
b3461rpoHRNA polymerase subunit, sigma 32, heat shock transcription
b3462ftsXIntegral membrane protein invoved in cell division; binds FtsE to the inner membrane
b3463ftsEATP-binding protein associated with the inner membrane via FtsX; cell division, null mutant has filamentous growth and requires high salt for viability
b3464ftsYSignal recognition particle (SRP) receptor, GTPase
b3465rsmD16S rRNA m(2)G966 methyltransferase, SAM-dependent
b3466yhhLFunction unknown, DUF1145 family
b3467yhhMFunction unknown, DUF2500 family
b3468yhhNPredicted inner membrane protein, TMEM86 family, function unknown
b3469zntAZn(II), Cd(II), and Pb(II) translocating P-type ATPase; mutant is hypersensitive to Zn and Cd salts
b3470tusASulfurtransferase, 2-thiolation of mnm(5)s(2)U34-tRNA; motility defect; affects RpoS stability; growth defects suppressed by multicopy ftsZ or dksA
b3471yhhQInner membrane protein, DUF165 family, has predicted PurR box
b3472dcrBProbable lipoprotein required for phage C1 adsorption; periplasmic; Cys conserved
b3473yhhSPutative arabinose efflux transporter
b3474yhhTPredicted membrane permease, inner membrane protein, function unknown; UPF0118 family
b3475acpTCoA-phosphopantetheinyltransferase; native apo-protein substrate unknown, possibly a back-up gene for acpS; multicopy suppressor of acpS1, can modify ACP when overexpressed
b3476nikANickel-binding, heme-binding protein, periplasmic
b3477nikBNickel transport system permease
b3478nikCNickel transport system permease
b3479nikDNickel transport ATP-binding protein
b3480nikENickel transport ATP-binding protein
b3481nikRNickel-responsive regulator of the nik operon; homodimer
b3482rhsBFunction unknown, encoded within RhsB repeat; hotspot for chromosomal duplication formation
b3483yhhHFunction unknown, downstream of rhsB
b3484yhhIH repeat-associated protein, RhsE-linked, function unknown
b3485yhhJPredicted ABC transporter permease, function unknown; inner membrane protein
b3486rbbARibosome-associated ATPase, required for protein synthesis; Protein W; binds protein S1
b3487yhiIPredicted membrane fusion protein (MFP) of efflux pump; function unknown; signal anchor
b3488yhiJFunction unknown, yhiL paralog
b3491yhiMAcid resistance protein, inner membrane
b3492yhiNPredicted oxidoreductase, function unknown
b3493pitALow-affinity Pi transport protein; tellurite uptake
b3494uspBUniversal stress protein B, confers ethanol resistance in stationary phase; sigma S-regulated gene divergent from uspA
b3495uspAGlobal regulatory gene for stress response; mutants are UV-S
b3496dtpBDipeptide and tripeptide permease B
b3497rsmJ16S rRNA m(2)G1516 methyltransferase, SAM-dependent
b3498prlCOligopeptidase A, zinc metalloprotease; involved in the degradation of cleaved signal peptides; suppressor allele of LamB signal sequence mutations; heat shock regulon; proteinase In, multifunctional protease
b3499rlmJ23S rRNA m(6)A2030 methyltransferase, SAM-dependent
b3500gorGlutathione reductase, NADP+, FAD-binding
b3501arsRArsenate resistance operon repressor; resistance to arsenate, arsenite, and antimonite
b3502arsBArsenite pump, inner membrane; resistance to arsenate, arsenite, and antimonite
b3503arsCArsenate reductase; resistance to arsenate, arsenite, and antimonite
b3504yhiSPseudogene reconstruction, interrupted by IS5T
b3505insH20IS5 transposase
b3506slpOuter membrane lipoprotein, stationary phase inducible; also induced by carbon source starvation
b3507dctRProbable repressor of dctA dicarboxylate transporter gene
b3508yhiDPredicted Mg(2+) transport ATPase, MgtC family, function unknown; inner membrane protein
b3509hdeBPeriplasmic chaperone of acid-denatured proteins; H-NS repressed
b3510hdeAPeriplasmic chaperone of acid-denatured proteins; H-NS repressed
b3511hdeDPutative membrane transporter, H-NS repressed
b3512gadETranscriptional regulator of gadA and gadBC
b3513mdtEAnaerobic multidrug efflux transporter MdtEF-TolC; toxic nitrosated indole efflux; membrane fusion protein (MFP) component, lipoprotein
b3514mdtFAnaerobic multidrug efflux transporter MdtEF-TolC; toxic nitrosated indole efflux; RND family permease component
b3515gadWTranscriptional activator of gadA and gadBC; repressor of gadX
b3516gadXTranscriptional activator for gadA and gadBC, AraC family; repressed by HNS and GadW; stimulated by RpoS
b3517gadAGlutamate decarboxylase A
b3518yhjAProbable cytochrome c peroxidase; mutants are sensitive to peroxide during anaerobic growth
b3519treFCytoplasmic trehalase
b3520yhjBPredicted two-component system response regulator, function unknown; CheY-like receiver domain, LuxR-like HTH domain; cognate sensor protein is unknown
b3521yhjCPredicted transcriptional regulator, function unknown
b3522yhjDLPS transport protein; suppressor of msbA and KDO essentiality; putative lipid IVA exporter
b3523yhjEPredicted transporter, function unknown; inner membrane protein
b3524yhjGInner membrane protein, AsmA family, function unknown
b3525yhjHCyclic-di-GMP phosphodiesterase, FlhDC-regulated; impaired swimming; suppresses motility defect of hns mutants in multicopy
b3527yhjJSecreted protease homolog, function unknown
b3528dctAC4-dicarboxylic acid, orotate and citrate transporter; 3-fluoromalate resistance, D-tartrate resistant; uptake of D-malate
b3529yhjKCyclic-di-GMP phosphodiesterase associated with cellulose production; dual domain protein; defective cyclase domain
b3530bcsCOxidase involved in cellulose production, contains TPR repeats
b3531bcsZEndo-1,4-D-glucanase; breaks down carboxymethylcellulose; periplasmic cellulase
b3532bcsBCellulose synthase, regulatory subunit; may bind cyclic-di-GMP; probably periplasmic
b3533bcsACelullose synthase, catalytic subunit; inner membrane protein
b3534bcsQPseudogene reconstruction; required for cellulose production
b3535yhjRPutative protein, function unknown
b3536bcsEProtein required for cellulose production
b3537bcsFSmall membrane protein associated with cellulose production
b3538bcsGPredicted endoglucanase, inner membrane protein; endohydrolysis of 1,4-beta-D-glucosidic linkages in cellulose
b3539yhjVPutative amino acid:H+ symport permease, function unknown
b3540dppFDipeptide/heme transport, ATP-binding protein; also transports 5-aminolevulinic acid
b3541dppDDipeptide/heme transport, ATP-binding protein; also transports 5-aminolevulinic acid
b3542dppCDipeptide/heme transport, permease; also transports 5-aminolevulinic acid
b3543dppBDipeptide/heme transport, permease; also transports 5-aminolevulinic acid
b3544dppADipeptide-, heme-binding protein, periplasmic; for transport and chemotaxis
b3545proKProline tRNA(CGG) 1
b3546eptBKDO phosphoethanolamine transferase, Ca(2+)-inducible; required for Ca(2+) tolerance of heptose-deficient cells
b3547yhjXPutative antiporter, pyruvate-inducible; inner membrane protein
b3548yhjYPutative outer membrane protein, function unknown
b3549tag3-methyladenine DNA glycosylase I, contains Zn(II)
b3550yiaCPredicted acetyltransferase
b3551bisCBiotin sulfoxide and methionine (S) sulfoxide reductase; cytoplasmic
b3552yiaDMulticopy suppressor of bamD, function unknown; verified lipoprotein; OmpA homolog
b3553ghrBGlyoxylate/hydroxypyruvate reductase B; 2-ketogluconate reductase; activity higher on hydroxypyruvate than glyoxylate
b3554yiaFProbable lipoprotein, function unknown; Cys conserved
b3555yiaGPredicted transcriptional regulator, function unknown
b3556cspACold-inducible RNA chaperone and anti-terminator; aids gene expression at low temperature; cold shock protein CS7.4; binds ssRNA and ssDNA
b3557insJIS150 transposase A
b3558insKIS150 transposase B
b3559glySGlycine--tRNA ligase, beta-subunit
b3560glyQGlycine--tRNA ligase, alpha-subunit
b3561wecHO-acetyltransferase for enterobacterial common antigen (ECA)
b3562yiaAInner membrane protein, YiaAB family, function unknown
b3563yiaBInner membrane protein, YiaAB family, function unknown
b3564xylBD-xylulose kinase
b3565xylAD-Xylose isomerase
b3566xylFPeriplasmic xylose-binding protein, transport system
b3567xylGD-Xylose ABC transporter ATP-binding subunit, fused tandem domains
b3568xylHD-xylose ABC transporter permease subunit
b3569xylRTranscriptional activator for xylAB, xylFGHR divergon; AraC family
b3570baxGene transcribed divergently from malS, function unknown
b3571malSalpha-Amylase, periplasmic
b3572avtAValine--pyruvate aminotransferase 1; transaminase C; glutamic-pyruvic transaminase (GPT)
b3573ysaAFerredoxin-like protein, function unknown
b3574yiaJTranscriptional repressor of yiaK-S operon involved with metabolism of an unknown carbohydrate; IclR homolog
b3575yiaKL-dehydroascorbate (2,3-diketo-L-gulonate) reductase, NADH-dependent
b3576yiaLFunction unknown; in operon possibly involved in the utilization of L-dehydroascorbate (2,3-diketo-L-gulonate)
b3577yiaML-dehydroascorbate transporter, TRAP permease small subunit; TRAP (TRipartite ATP-independent Periplasmic) family transporter YiaMNO
b3578yiaNL-dehydroascorbate transporter, TRAP permease large subunit; TRAP (TRipartite ATP-independent Periplasmic) family transporter YiaMNO
b3579yiaOL-dehydroascorbate transporter, periplasmic binding protein; TRAP (TRipartite ATP-independent Periplasmic) family transporter YiaMNO
b3580lyxKL-xylulose kinase; novel pathway for utilization of lyxose via xylulose through rhamnose and pentose pathways; 3-keto-L-gulonate kinase; possibly involved in the utilization of L-dehydroascorbate (2,3-diketo-L-gulonate)
b3581yiaQ3-keto-L-gulonate-6-phosphate decarboxylase; required for the aerobic utilization of L-ascorbate
b3582yiaRL-xylulose 5-phosphate 3-epimerase; required for the aerobic utilization of L-ascorbate
b3583yiaSL-ribulose 5-phosphate 4-epimerase; required for the aerobic utilization of L-ascorbate
b3584yiaTPredicted outer membrane protein, function unknown
b3585yiaULysR-family transcriptional regulator, function unknown
b3586yiaVFunction unknown; putative membrane fusion protein (MFP) component of efflux pump, signal anchor
b3587yiaWInner membrane protein, DUF3302 family, function unknown
b3588aldBAldehyde dehydrogenase, NADP-dependent; tetrameric
b3589yiaYPredicted iron-containing alcohol dehydrogenase, function unknown
b3590selBElongation factor promoting selenocysteine incorporation; specific for selenocysteyl tRNA
b3591selASelenocysteine synthase; with SelD, converts serine residue to selenocysteine on tRNA; contains pyridoxal 5-phosphate
b3592yibFFunction unknown, glutathione S-transferase homolog
b3593rhsARole in polysaccharide synthesis/export; encoded within RhsA repeat; hotspot for chromosomal duplication formation
b3594yibAHyperlethality gene, contains one HEAT-like motif
b3595yibJPseudogene reconstruction, Rhs family
b3596yibGFunction unknown, TPR-like repeats, Sel1 family
b3597yibHFunction unknown; putative membrane fusion protein (MFP) component of efflux pump, signal anchor
b3598yibIInner membrane protein, DUF3302 family, function unknown
b3599mtlAMannitol-specific Enzyme IIABC of PTS transport system
b3600mtlDMannitol-1-phosphate dehydrogenase, NAD-dependent
b3601mtlRMannitol operon repressor
b3602yibLRibosome-associated protein, function unknown
b3603lldPL-lactate permease; also involved in glycolate uptake
b3604lldRDual role activator/repressor for lldPRD operon
b3605lldDL-lactate dehydrogenase, FMN dependent
b3606trmLtRNA (Leu) mC34,mU34 2'-O-ribose methyltransferase, SAM-dependent
b3607cysESerine acetyltransferase (SAT); first step in cysteine synthesis; feedback inhibited by cysteine; hexameric
b3608gpsAsn-Glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase [NAD(P)+]
b3609secBProtein export chaperone; SecB helps SecA deliver proteins to the SecYEG translocon; general protein chaperone
b3610grxCGlutaredoxin 3
b3611yibNPredicted rhodanese, function unknown
b3612gpmMPhosphoglycerate mutase, Mn-dependent, cofactor-independent; iPGM; monomeric
b3613envCActivator of AmiB,C murein hydrolases, septal ring factor
b3614yibQFunction unknown, DUF610 family
b3615waaHLPS(HepIII)-glucuronic acid glycosyltransferase
b3616tdhThreonine dehydrogenase
b3617kbl2-amino-3-ketobutyrate CoA ligase
b3618yibBConserved protein, pfam09612 family, function unknown
b3619hldDADP-L-glycero-D-manno-heptose-6-epimerase; heat-inducible, LPS; allows high-temperature growth
b3620waaFADP-heptose:LPS heptosyltransferase II
b3621waaCLPS heptosyltransferase I; LPS core biosynthesis; transfers innermost heptose to KDO
b3622waaLLPS core biosynthesis; O-antigen ligase
b3623waaUAdds terminal GlcNac side branch to the lipopolysaccharide core prior to attachment of the O antigen; not the same as Salmonella rfaK
b3624waaZ2,4 Kdo transferase, required for the addition of KdoIII; LPS core biosynthesis,
b3625waaYLPS core biosynthesis
b3626waaJUDP-D-glucose: (galactosyl)LPS-glucosyltransferase
b3627waaRUDP-D-galactose: (glucosyl)LPS-1,3-D-galactosyltransferase
b3629waaSLPS core, not affecting attachment of O antigen
b3630waaPLipopolysaccharide kinase; LPS core biosynthesis; phosphorylation of core
b3631waaGLPS core biosynthesis; glucosyltransferase I
b3632waaQGlycosyltransferase needed for heptose region of LPS core
b3633waaA3-deoxy-D-manno-octulosonate(Kdo)-lipid A transferase
b3634coaDPhosphopantetheine adenylyltransferase
b3635mutMFormamidopyrimidine-DNA glycosylase/AP lyase; 5'-terminal deoxyribophosphodiesterase; DNA repair; GC to TA; binds Zn(II)
b3636rpmG50S ribosomal subunit protein L33
b3637rpmB50S ribosomal subunit protein L28
b3638yicRUPF0758 family protein, function unknown
b3639dfpCoenzyme A biosynthesis, bifunctional enzyme; phosphopantothenoylcysteine decarboxylase (N) and phosphopantothenoylcysteine synthase (C)
b3640dutdUTP pyrophosphatase; dUTPase
b3641slmADNA-binding anti-FtsZ division inhibitor, dimeric; nucleoid occlusion factor; regulates FtsZ assembly and blocks septal ring formation at SBS sites
b3642pyrEOrotate phosphoribosyltransferase
b3643rphPseudogene reconstruction, RNase PH
b3644yicCFunction unknown, UPF0701 family
b3645dinDDamage inducible, function unknown
b3646yicGInner membrane protein, UPF0126 family, function unknown
b3647ligBDNA ligase B, NAD(+)-dependent
b3648gmkGuanylate kinase
b3649rpoZRNA polymerase subunit, omega subunit; assembly factor; chaperone-like function stabilizes RNAP
b3650spoTppGpp 3'-pyrophosphohydrolase and ppGpp synthase II; guanosine-3',5'-bis(diphosphate) 3'-pyrophosphohydrolase
b3651trmHtRNA mG18 2'-O-methyltransferase, SAM-dependent
b3652recGJunction-specific ATP-dependent DNA helicase; facilitates branch migration of Holliday junctions; allelic to radC102; overexpression improves resistance to weak organic acids
b3653gltSGlutamate permease; Na+/glutamate symporter
b3654xanPXanthine permease
b3655yicHFunction unknown
b3656yicIalpha-Xylosidase; hexameric
b3657yicJPutative sugar transporter, function unknown
b3658selCSelenocysteyl tRNA(UCA) (converted from serine tRNA)
b3659setCPutative arabinose efflux transporter
b3660yicLFunction unknown
b3661nlpALipoprotein-28, inner membrane protein, function unknown
b3662nepIPurine ribonucleoside exporter; 6-mercaptopurine resistance
b3663yicNFunction unknown
b3664yicOPredicted adenine permease, function unknown
b3665adeCryptic (or inducer-unknown) adenine deaminase; can be activated by hns mutation or IS elements; adenine aminohydrolase
b3666uhpTHexose phosphate permease; fosfomycin sensitivity; monomeric
b3667uhpCGlc6P transporter; membrane sensor recognizing external glucose-6-phosphate (Glc6P) and, in concert with UhpB, inducing uhpT
b3668uhpBMembrane sensor kinase protein controlling UhpA activity
b3669uhpAResponse regulator of two component system required for uhpT transcription
b3670ilvNAcetohydroxy acid synthase I (AHAS-I) regulatory subunit; acetolactate synthase I (ALS-I); valine sensitive; small subunit
b3671ilvBAcetohydroxy acid synthase I (AHAS-I); acetolactate synthase I (ALS-I); valine sensitive; large subunit
b3672ivbLilvB operon leader peptide
b3673emrDMultidrug resistance pump; overexpression resistance to uncouplers and detergents
b3674yidFFunction unknown
b3675yidGFunction unknown
b3676yidHInner membrane protein, DUF202 family, function unknown
b3677yidIInner membrane protein, function unknown
b3678yidJPredicted cytoplasmic arylsulphatase, function unknown
b3679yidKFunction unknown
b3680yidLPredicted transcriptional regulator, AraC family, function unknown
b3683glvCPseudogene reconstruction; putative arbutin-like PTS system enzyme IIB and IIC
b3684yidPFunction unknown
b3685yidEPutative AAE family transporter, function unknown
b3686ibpBChaperone, heat-inducible protein of HSP20 family
b3687ibpAChaperone, heat-inducible protein of HSP20 family
b3688yidQProbable lipoprotein, function unknown; Cys conserved
b3689yidRFunction unknown, DUF3748 family
b3690cbrAColicin M resistance protein; FAD-binding protein, predicted polyisoprenoid oxidoreductase
b3691dgoTGalactonate transporter
b3693dgoK2-oxo-3-deoxygalactonate kinase
b3696yidXProbable lipoprotein, function unknown; Cys conserved
b3697yidAErythrose 4-P and mannose 1-P phosphatase; alpha-D-glucose-1-P phosphatase, anomer-specific; phosphoramidase; physiological role unknown; additional in vitro substrates include: ribose-5-P, fructose-1-P, fructose-6-P, glucose-6-P, acetyl phosphate; HAD13
b3698yidBDUF937 family protein, function unknown
b3699gyrBDNA gyrase, subunit B; novobiocin, coumermycin resistance
b3700recFRecombination and repair; antagonizes RecX inhibition of RecA filament formation
b3701dnaNDNA polymerase III sliding clamp beta subunit; required for high processivity; required for regulatory inactivation of DnaA
b3702dnaADNA synthesis initiator and global transcription regulator; binds DNA at DnaA boxes, binds cardiolipin and other acidic phospholipids, binds ATP
b3703rpmH50S ribosomal subunit protein L34
b3704rnpARNase P, C5 protein component; involved in tRNA and 4.5S RNA-processing
b3705yidCMembrane protein insertase; inner membrane protein integration factor; binds TM regions of nascent IMPs; required for Sec-independent IMP integration; associated with the Sec translocase
b3706mnmEGTPase required for 5-methylaminomethyl-2-thiouridine modification at tRNA U34
b3707tnaCRegulatory leader peptide for tna operon
b3708tnaATryptophanase, also has cysteine desulfhydrase activity; interconverts tryptophan and indole; also called L-tryptophan indole-lyase
b3709tnaBTryptophan:H+ symport permease, low affinity
b3710mdtLMultidrug resistance efflux protein; overexpression confers low-level chloramphenicol resistance
b3711yidZNitric oxide resistance, LysR-family transcriptional regulator
b3712yieEPredicted phosphopantetheinyl transferase, COG2091 family
b3713chrRChromate reductase, Class I, flavoprotein; quinone reductase; chromate resistance; reduces mitomycin C; prodrug reducing enzyme
b3714purPAdenine permease, high affinity; adenine:H+ symporter
b3715yieHPhosphoenolpyruvate and 6-phosphogluconate phosphatase; weak phosphoramidase; physiological role unknown; HAD3
b3716cbrBInner membrane protein, function unknown; creBC regulon
b3717cbrCRequired for colicin E2 tolerance; UPF0167 family; predicted to have thiol-disulfide oxidoreductase activity of the glutaredoxin/thioredoxin family
b3718yieKFunction unknown, bgl operon; glucosamine-6-phosphate isomerase homolog
b3719yieLFunction unknown, bgl operon; endo-1,4-beta-xylanase homolog
b3720bglHOuter membrane beta-glucoside porin, cryptic; lamB paralog
b3721bglBPhospho-beta-glucosidase B; allows growth on arbutin or salicin when activated
b3722bglFPTS system EIIABC enzyme, beta-glucoside phosphotransferase; BglG kinase/dephosphorylase; membrane-bound protein; binds BglG
b3723bglGTranscription anti-terminator for cryptic bglGFBH operon; RNA-binding protein; dimerization and activity modulated by phosphorylation state; binds BglF, its kinase/dephosphorylase
b3724phoUNegative regulator of pho regulon; may have additional role in phosphate metabolism
b3725pstBPhosphate transport, high-affinity, cytoplasmic ATP-binding protein
b3726pstAPhosphate transport, high-affinity, inner membrane permease
b3727pstCPhosphate transport, high-affinity, inner membrane permease inner membrane permease
b3728pstSPeriplasmic phosphate binding protein, high-affinity; ABC phosphate transport system
b3729glmSGlucosamine-6-phosphate synthase; glucosamine--fructose-6-phosphate aminotransferase; C-terminal F6P-binding domain has isomerase activity
b3730glmUBifunctional glucosamine-1-phosphate acetyltransferase and N-acetylglucosamine-1-phosphate uridylyltransferase, hexameric
b3731atpCATP synthase subunit epsilon, membrane-bound, F1 sector
b3732atpDATP synthase subunit beta, membrane-bound, F1 sector
b3733atpGATP synthase subunit gamma, membrane-bound, F1 sector
b3734atpAATP synthase subunit alpha, membrane-bound, F1 sector
b3735atpHATP synthase subunit delta, membrane-bound, F1 sector
b3736atpFATP synthase subunit b, membrane-bound, F0 sector
b3737atpEATP synthase subunit c, membrane-bound, F0 sector; DCCD-binding
b3738atpBATP synthase subunit a, membrane-bound, F0 sector
b3739atpIATP synthase, membrane-bound accessory factor
b3740rsmG16S rRNA m(7)G527 methyltransferase, SAM-dependent; mutant has low level streptomycin resistance
b3741mnmG5-methylaminomethyl-2-thiouridine modification at tRNA U34
b3742mioCRequired for biotin synthase activity in vitro; flavodoxin-like FMN-binding protein; transcription of mioC through oriC may have physiological significance in suboptimal conditions
b3743asnCRegulatory gene for asnA, asnC, gidA, Lrp family
b3744asnAAsparagine synthase A; aspartate-ammonia ligase
b3745viaAStimulator of RavA ATPase activity
b3746ravAHexameric AAA+ family ATPase, function unknown; ATPase stimulated by binding to CadA decamers
b3747kupMajor constitutive K+ uptake permease at acidic pH; also transports Cs+ and Rb+
b3748rbsDD-ribose pyranase; interconverts beta-pyran and beta-furan forms of D-ribose; related to fucose mutarotase FucU
b3749rbsAD-ribose high-affinity transport system
b3750rbsCD-ribose high-affinity transport system, membrane component
b3751rbsBD-ribose binding protein, periplasmic; substrate recognition for transport and chemotaxis
b3753rbsRRegulatory gene for rbs operon
b3754hsrAPutative transporter, blocks RspA-mediated RpoS down-regulation; membrane protein
b3755yiePFunction unknown, GntR-type transcriptional regulator
b3756rrsC16S rRNA of rrnC operon
b3757gltUGlutamate tRNA(UUC) 2
b3758rrlC23S rRNA of rrnC operon
b3759rrfC5S rRNA of rrnC operon
b3760aspTAspartate tRNA(GUC) 1 triplicated gene
b3761trpTTryptophan tRNA(CCA)
b3764yifEFunction unknown, expressed protein, UPF0438 family
b3765yifBCompetence Mg chelatase ComM homolog, function unknown
b3766ilvLilvG operon leader peptide
b3769ilvMAcetohydroxy acid synthase II (AHAS-II) regulatory subunit; acetolactate synthase II (ALS-II); valine insensitive; small subunit
b3770ilvEBranched-chain amino acid aminotransferase; transaminase B; dimer of trimers
b3771ilvDDihydroxyacid dehydratase; homodimeric
b3772ilvAThreonine deaminase; also known as threonine dehydratase, biosynthetic
b3773ilvYTranscriptional activator for ilvC
b3774ilvCKetol-acid reductoisomerase
b3775ppiCPeptidylprolyl-cis-trans isomerase C, rotamase
b3777yifNPseudogene reconstruction
b3778repATP-dependent DNA helicase Rep, involved in DNA replication; ssDNA-dependent ATPase; camphor resistance
b3779gppGuanosine pentaphosphatase and exopolyphosphatase
b3780rhlBATP-dependent RNA helicase; unwinds dsRNA; component of RNA degradosome; also binds PNPase directly; DEAD box family
b3781trxAThioredoxin 1; Trx; with TrxB, also has general chaperone activity; processivity factor for phage T7 gene 5 DNA polymerase
b3783rhoTranscription termination factor Rho; hexameric; RNA-dependent ATPase; ATP-dependent RNA helicase; bicyclomycin target
b3784wecAUDP-GlcNAc:undecaprenylphosphate GlcNAc-1-P transferase; ECA and O-antigen synthesis, tunicamycin sensitivity
b3785wzzEEnterobacterial common antigen ECA chain length determination; also involved in cyclic enterobacterial common antigen ECA(CYC) synthesis
b3786wecBUDP-GlcNAc-2-epimerase; needed for ECA (enterobacterial common antigen) synthesis
b3787wecCUDP-ManNAcA dehydrogenase; needed for ECA (enterobacterial common antigen) synthesis
b3788rffGdTDP-glucose dehydratase; needed for ECA (enterobacterial common antigen) synthesis
b3789rffHGlucose-1-phosphate thymidylyltransferase; needed for ECA (enterobacterial common antigen) synthesis
b3790wecDTDP-fucosamine acetyltransferase; needed for ECA (enterobacterial common antigen) synthesis; chain elongation
b3791wecELipid III biosynthesis; needed for ECA synthesis
b3792wzxEO-antigen translocase; involved in the cross-membrane translocation of the UDP-linked ECA trisaccharide repeat unit of cyclic enterobacterial common antigen ECA(CYC)
b3793wzyEWzy protein involved in ECA polysaccharide chain elongation; involved in polymerization of the UDP-linked ECA trisaccharide repeat unit of cyclic enterobacterial common antigen ECA(CYC)
b3794wecGUDP-ManNAcA transferase; needed for ECA (enterobacterial common antigen) synthesis
b3795yifKFunction unknown
b3796argXArginine tRNA(CCG) 3
b3797hisRHistidine tRNA(GUG)
b3798leuTLeucine tRNA(CAG) 1, duplicate with leuVPQ
b3799proMProline tRNA(UGG) 3
b3800aslBPredicted sulfatase-maturating enzyme; suppresses gpp mutants; Radical SAM enzyme
b3801aslAPredicted periplasmic arylsulphatase, suppresses gpp mutants
b3802hemYPredicted protoheme IX biogenesis protein; TPR repeats
b3803hemXUroporphyrinogen III methyltransferase
b3804hemDUroporphyrinogen III cosynthase; neomycin sensitivity
b3805hemCPorphobilinogen deaminase; neomycin sensitivity
b3806cyaAAdenylate cyclase
b3807cyaYIron-dependent inhibitor of iron-sulfur cluster formation; binds IcsS; iron sensor; iron-binding and oxidizing protein, frataxin
b3809dapFDiaminopimelate epimerase
b3810yigAFunction unknown, DUF484 family
b3811xerCTyrosine recombinase XerCD resolves chromosome dimers; site-specific
b3812yigBFMN phosphatase; physiological role unknown; HAD7
b3813uvrDATP-dependent 3'-5' DNA helicase II; unwinds forked DNA structures; dismantles the RecA nucleoprotein filament; increased rates of spontaneous mutagenesis; dimer
b3816corAMg2+ (and other divalent metals) uptake transporter; constitutive; at high Mg(2+), also mediates efflux; mutants are resistant to Co2+, Mn2+, and Ni2+, insensitive to Ca2+
b3817yigFPredicted inner membrane protein, function unknown
b3818yigGRequired for swarming phenotype, function unknown; inner membrane protein
b3819rarDChloramphenicol resistance
b3820yigIFunction unknown, 4HBT family of thioesterases
b3821pldAOuter-membrane phospholipase A; phospholipase A1; OmpLA
b3822recQDNA helicase involved in recombination, replication, repair; ATP-dependent; monomeric
b3823rhtCThreonine efflux pump; overproduction confers resistance to elevated levels of exogenous L-threonine
b3824rhtBHomoserine, homoserine lactone and S-methyl-methionine efflux pump; overproduction confers resistance to elevated levels of exogenous L-threonine and L-homoserine
b3825pldBLysophospholipase L2
b3826yigLPyridoxal phosphate (PLP) phosphatase; weak phosphoramidase; additional in vitro substrates include: 2-deoxyglucose-6-P, glucose-6-P; physiological role unknown; HAD16
b3827yigMFunction unknown
b3828metRPositive regulatory gene for metE and metH; autogenous regulation
b3829metEMethionine synthase, cobalamin-independent; 5-methyltetrahydropteroyltriglutamate-homocysteine methyltransferase; binds Zn(II)
b3830ysgADienelactone hydrolase homolog, function unknown
b3831udpUridine phosphorylase
b3832rmuCDNA recombination protein; mutants have elevated recombination at microhomologies
b3833ubiEUbiquinone/menaquinone biosynthesis methyltransferase; SAM-dependent; (1) Ubiqinone synthesis, 2-octaprenyl-6-methoxy-1,4-benzoquinone methyltransferase; (2) Menaquinone synthesis, 2-demethylmenaquinone (DMK) methyltransferase
b3834yigPFunction unknown, SCP2 family
b3835ubiBRequired for octaprenylphenol hydroxylation, the first step of ubiquinone synthesis; regulator of 2'-N-acetyltransferase; member of the ABC1 family of putative protein kinases
b3836tatAProtein translocase, Sec-independent; mediates export of folded and ligand-bound proteins
b3838tatBProtein translocase, Sec-independent; mediates export of folded and ligand-bound proteins
b3839tatCProtein translocase, Sec-independent; mediates export of folded and ligand-bound proteins
b3842rfaHTranscription antitermination factor, LPS biosynthesis genes; negatively controls expression and surface presentation of Ag43 (Flu), reducing adhesion and biofilm; also regulates F-factor sex pilus and hemolysin genes
b3843ubiD3-octaprenyl-4-hydroxybenzoate carboxylyase; ubiquinone biosynthesis, third step; UbiX isozyme
b3844freNAD(P)H-flavin reductase; ferrisiderophore reductase C
b3845fadA3-ketoacyl-CoA thiolase, fatty acid oxidation complex subunit beta
b3846fadBMultifunctional fatty acid oxidation complex subunit alpha; four enzyme activities: L-3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase, 3-hydroxyacyl-CoA epimerase, dodecenoyl-CoA-delta-isomerase, and small-chain-length enoyl-CoA hydratase (cronotase)
b3847pepQProline dipeptidase; prolidase; Xaa-Pro dipeptidase
b3848yigZFunction unknown, UPF0029 family, IMPACT family; distantly related to elongation factors
b3849trkHMajor constitutive K+ uptake permease TrkAH; high-rate, low-affinity transport; K+-translocating subunit; binds TrkA to inner membrane
b3850hemGProtoporphyrinogen oxidase; neomycin sensitivity; flavodoxin-like
b3851rrsA16S rRNA of rrnA operon
b3852ileTIsoleucine tRNA(GAU) 1, triplicate
b3853alaTAlanine tRNA(UGC) 1B
b3854rrlA23S rRNA of rrnA operon
b3855rrfA5S rRNA of rrnA operon
b3856mobBMolybdenum cofactor biosynthesis adaptor protein; dimeric
b3857mobAMolybdopterin guanine dinucleotide synthesis; chlorate resistance
b3858yihDFunction unknown, DUF1040 family
b3859srkAStress response kinase A, MazF antagonist; Thr/Ser kinase involved in Cpx stress response; hyperlethality mutant
b3860dsbAThiol:disulfide interchange protein, periplasmic; alkali-inducible
b3861yihFFunction unknown, DUF945 family
b3862yihGPredicted acyltransferase, inner membrane protein, function unknown
b3863polADNA polymerase I; required for plasmid replication; translesion synthesis; synthetic lethal with ygdG
b3864spfSpot 42 sRNA; antisense regulator of galK translation
b3865yihAGTP-binding protein required for normal cell division; predicted GTPase; also binds GDP
b3866yihIActivator of Der GTPase; GAP (GTPase Activating Protein)-like protein; Der-YhiI complex
b3867hemNCoproporphyrinogen III oxidase, oxygen-independent, required for cytochrome B and cytochrome C synthesis during anaerobic growth
b3868glnGNitrogen regulator I
b3869glnLBifunctional kinase/phosphatase, nitrogen regulator II, NRII; homodimeric
b3870glnAGlutamine synthase
b3871typAGTPase, regulatory, ribosome-associated
b3872yihLFunction unknown
b3873yihMPredicted sugar phosphate isomerase, function unknown
b3874yihNPredicted transporter, inner membrane protein, function unknown
b3875ompLOuter membrane porin L
b3876yihOPutative transporter, function unknown
b3877yihPPutative transporter, function unknown, membrane protein
b3879yihRPutative aldose-1-epimerase, function unknown; mutarotase family
b3880yihSD-mannose isomerase; aldose-ketose isomerase inter-converting mannose, fructose and glucose; D-lyxose isomerase
b3881yihTFunction unknown, LacD sugar aldolase family
b3882yihUgamma-Hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase, NADH-dependent
b3883yihVPredicted sugar kinase, function unknown
b3884yihWPredicted transcriptional regulator, function unknown
b3885yihXalpha-D-Glucose-1-P phosphatase, anomer-specific; physiological role unknown; HAD4
b3886yihYPredicted inner membrane protein, function unknown
b3887dtdD-tyrosine tRNA deacylase; also removes other, e.g. D-Trp and D-Asp, toxic D-amino acids from tRNA; dimer
b3888yiiDPredicted acetyltransferase, function unknown
b3889yiiEyiiE paralog; function unknown
b3890yiiFPutative thymol sensitivity protein, function unknown
b3891fdhERedox enzyme maturation protein (REMP) for FdnG/FdoG; required for formate dehydrogenase activity; probable cytoplasmic protein
b3892fdoIFormate dehydrogenase-O cytochrome b556 subunit, aerobic
b3893fdoHFormate dehydrogenase-O Fe-S subunit, aerobic
b3894fdoGFormate dehydrogenase-O, selenopeptide, aerobic
b3895fdhDRedox enzyme maturation protein (REMP) for FdnG/FdoG; required as a sulfurtransferase for formate dehydrogenase activity; probable cytoplasmic protein
b3896yiiGNovel verified lipoprotein, function unknown
b3897frvRPutative frv operon regulator; contains a PTS EIIA domain
b3898frvXPeptidase homolog, function unknown
b3899frvBPredicted fructose-like PTS system enzyme IIBC
b3900frvAPredicted fructose-like PTS system enzyme IIA
b3901rhaML-Rhamnose mutarotase
b3902rhaDRhamnulose-1-phosphate aldolase; homotetrameric
b3903rhaAL-Rhamnose isomerase
b3905rhaSTranscriptional activator for rhaBAD and rhaT, AraC family
b3906rhaRTranscriptional activator for rhaSR, AraC family
b3907rhaTRhamnose permease; L-rhamnose-H+ symporter, membrane protein
b3908sodASuperoxide dismutase, Mn
b3909kdgT2-keto-3-deoxygluconate permease
b3910yiiM6-N-hydroxylaminopurine resistance, function unknown
b3911cpxAHistidine protein kinase, periplasmic stress sensor; inner membrane protein; CpxR is the two-component cognate response regulator; Kan-R, phage Q resistant; L-serine growth
b3912cpxRResponse regulator, periplasmic stress response; CpxA is cognate sensor protein
b3915fieFFerrous-iron and zinc efflux pump; cation diffusion facilitator family; dimeric
b3916pfkA6-phosphofructokinase-1; allosteric: activated by MgNDPs, inhibited by PEP; homoterameric
b3917sbpSulfate-binding protein, periplasmic
b3918cdhCDP-diglyceride hydrolase; Salmonella ortholog has both UDP sugar hydrolase (UshB) and NAD pyrophosphatase (PnuE) activities
b3919tpiATriosephosphate isomerase
b3920yiiQFunction unknown, DUF1454 family
b3921yiiRPredicted inner membrane protein, DUF805 family, function unknown
b3922yiiSFunction unknown, UPF0381 family
b3923uspDStress-induced protein; UV-resistance
b3924fprFerredoxin NADP+ reductase; anaerobic; cloned fpr gene suppresses unlinked mvrA mutation
b3925glpXFructose 1,6 bisphosphatase; induced by glycerol, in glpFKX operon, not required for growth on glycerol
b3926glpKGlycerol kinase
b3927glpFAquaglyceroporin; glycerol facilitator
b3928zapBFtsZ stabilizer, coiled-coil protein; septal ring assembly factor, stimulates cell division
b3929rraAProtein inhibitor of RNase E, modulates global mRNA abundance; trimeric
b3930menA1, 4-Dihydroxy-2-naphthoic acid (DHNA)-octaprenyltransferase; dimethylmenaquinone synthase; menaquinone biosynthesis
b3931hslUHeat-inducible ATP-dependent protease HslVU, ATPase subunit; involved in the degradation of misfolded proteins; heat shock protein D48.5
b3932hslVHeat-inducible ATP-dependent protease HslVU, protease subunit; involved in the degradation of misfolded proteins
b3933ftsNCell division and growth; multicopy suppresses ftsA12
b3934cytRRegulatory gene for deo, udp, and cdd; mutants show improved growth on uridine
b3935priAPrimosome factor Y, also called protein n'; ATP-dependent DNA helicase activity required for recA-dependent stable DNA replication mode; also involved in double-strand break repair
b3936rpmE50S ribosomal subunit protein L31
b3937yiiXPutative lipid binding hydrolase, function unknown
b3938metJMethionine regulon repressor, SAM co-repressor; sulfoximine and methylmethionine sensitivity
b3939metBCystathionine gamma-synthase; homotetrameric
b3940metLAspartokinase II-homoserine dehydrogenase II
b3941metF5,10-Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase
b3942katGCatalase-peroxidase HPI, heme b-containing; hydroperoxidase I
b3943yijEPredicted permease, inner membrane protein, function unknown
b3944yijFFunction unknown, DUF1287 family
b3945gldAGlycerol dehydrogenase, NAD+ dependent; 1,2-propanediol (and derivatives) oxidoreductase; D-1-amino-2-propanol:NAD+ oxidoreductase
b3946fsaBFructose-6-phosphate aldolase B
b3947ptsAPredicted fructose-like phosphotransferase system (PTS) enzyme I; also has N-terminal Hpr-like domain and C-terminal Enzyme IIA domain
b3949frwCPredicted fructose-like PTS system enzyme IIC
b3950frwBPredicted fructose-like PTS system enzyme IIB, component 1
b3951pflDPredicted formate acetyltransferase 2 (pyruvate formate lyase II)
b3952pflCPyruvate formate lyase II activase
b3953frwDPredicted fructose-like PTS system enzyme IIB, component 2
b3954yijOAraC family transcriptional activator, function unknown
b3955eptCLPS heptose I phosphoethanolamine transferase
b3956ppcPhosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase; monomeric
b3957argEAcetylornithine deacetylase
b3958argCN-acetyl-gamma-glutamyl-phosphate reductase
b3959argBN-acetylglutamate kinase
b3960argHArgininosuccinate lyase
b3961oxyROxidative and nitrosative stress transcriptional regulator
b3962sthASoluble pyridine nucleotide transhydrogenase
b3963fabRTranscriptional repressor of fabA and fabB
b3964yijDInner membrane protein, DUF1422 family, function unknown
b3965trmAtRNA m(5)U54 methyltransferase, SAM-dependent
b3966btuBVitamin B12 outer membrane receptor; receptor for E colicins, phages BF23 and C1
b3967murIGlutamate racemase, D-glutamate synthesis
b3968rrsB16S rRNA of rrnB operon
b3969gltTGlutamate tRNA(UUC) 2
b3970rrlB23S rRNA of rrnB operon
b3971rrfB5S rRNA of rrnB operon
b3972murBUDP-N-acetylenolpyruvoylglucosamine reductase, FAD-binding
b3973birABifunctional biotin protein ligase, biotin operon repressor; biotin-[acetyl-CoA carboxylase] holoenzyme synthase; monomeric
b3974coaAPantothenate kinase
b3976thrUThreonine tRNA(UGU) 4
b3977tyrUTyrosine tRNA(GUA) 2
b3978glyTGlycine tRNA(UCC) 2, UGA suppression
b3979thrTThreonine tRNA(GGU) 3
b3980tufBEF-Tu, Elongation Factor-Translation, unstable; GTP-dependent binding of aa-tRNA to the A-site of ribosomes; has intrinsic GTPase activity when bound to kirromycin; subunit of RNA phage Q beta replicase
b3981secESecYEG inner membrane translocon core subunit; preprotein translocase secAYEG subunit; core translocon secYE subunit
b3982nusGStabilizes phage lambda protein N-NusA-RNAP antitermination complex
b3983rplK50S ribosomal subunit protein L11; kasugamycin sensitivity
b3984rplA50S ribosomal subunit protein L1
b3985rplJ50S ribosomal subunit protein L10; streptomycin resistance
b3986rplL50S ribosomal subunit protein L7/L12
b3987rpoBRNA polymerase, beta subunit; binds Zn(II)
b3988rpoCRNA polymerase, beta' subunit; binds Zn(II)
b3989yjaZRequired for competitive stationary phase growth adaptation; function unknown
b3990thiHTyrosine lyase, involved in thiamin-thiazole moiety synthesis; complexes with ThiG; [4Fe-4S]-SAM cluster; Radical SAM superfamily
b3991thiGThiazole synthase; thiamin-thiazole moiety synthesis; complexes with ThiH
b3992thiFAdenylyltransferase, modifies ThiS C-terminus; ThiS-thiocarboxylate (ThiS-COSH) synthesis; thiamin-thiazole moiety synthesis; complexes with ThiS
b3993thiEThiamin phosphate synthase; thiamine phosphate pyrophosphorylase, TMP-PPase; thiamin-thiazole moiety synthesis
b3994thiCHydroxymethylpyrimidine synthesis, for thiamine biosynthesis; requires SAM and an iron-sulfiur cluster
b3995rsdRegulates RNA polymerase holoenzyme formation; interacts with free sigma 70 and core RNA polymerase; stationary phase protein; anti-sigma
b3996nudCNADH pyrophosphatase
b3997hemEUroporphyrinogen decarboxylase
b3998nfiEndonuclease V, specific for single-stranded DNA or duplex DNA with damaged U; deoxyinosine 3' endonuclease
b3999yjaGFunction unknown
b4000hupAHistone-like protein HU-alpha, HU-2
b4001yjaHProbable lipoprotein, function unknown; Cys conserved
b4002zraPZn-dependent periplasmic chaperone
b4003zraSTwo component sensor kinase for ZraP; responsive to Zn(2+) and Pb(2+); autoregulated; regulation of Hyd-3 activity is probably due to crosstalk of overexpressed protein
b4004zraRTwo component response regulator for zraP; responsive to Zn(2+) and Pb(2+); autoregulated; regulation of Hyd-3 activity is probably due to crosstalk of overexpressed protein
b4005purDPhosphoribosylamine-glycine ligase, purine synthesis; phosphoribosylglycinamide synthase; glycinamide ribonucleotide synthase (GARS)
b4006purHPhosphoribosylaminoimidazolecarboxamide formyltransferase; purine synthesis
b4007rrsE16S rRNA of rrnE operon
b4008gltVGlutamate tRNA(UUC) 2
b4009rrlE23S rRNA of rrnE operon
b4010rrfE5S rRNA of rrnE operon
b4011yjaAConserved stress-induced protein, function unknown; involved in peroxide and acid resistance
b4012yjaBPredicted acetyltransferase; transcribed divergently from a promoter that overlaps the metA promoter
b4013metAHomoserine O-transsuccinylase; also called homoserine O-succinyltransferase
b4014aceBMalate synthase A; glyoxylate shunt enzyme
b4015aceAIsocitrate lyase, acetate utilization, glyoxylate shunt; tetrameric
b4016aceKIsocitrate dehydrogenase kinase/phosphatase
b4017arpAAnkyrin repeat protein, function unknown
b4018iclRRepressor of aceBA operon
b4019metHMethionine synthase, cobalamin-dependent; 5-methyltetrahydrofolate-homocysteine methyltransferase; binds Zn(II)
b4020yjbBProbable Na+/Pi-cotransporter
b4021pepEalpha-Aspartyl dipeptidase
b4022rluF23S rRNA pseudouridine(2604) synthase
b4023yjbDConserved protein, function unknown
b4024lysCAspartokinase III
b4025pgiGlucose-6-phosphate isomerase
b4026yjbEExtracellular polysaccharide production
b4027yjbFExtracellular polysaccharide production, novel lipoprotein
b4028yjbGExtracellular polysaccharide production
b4029yjbHExtracellular polysaccharide production
b4030psiEPho regulon, regulated by phoB and cAMP
b4031xylEXylose/H+ symporter
b4032malGMaltose transport complex, inner membrane-spanning subunit
b4033malFMaltose transport complex, inner membrane-spanning subunit
b4034malEMaltose-binding protein, periplasmic; MBP; substrate recognition for active transport of and chemotaxis toward maltose and maltodextrin
b4035malKMaltose transport complex, ATP-binding subunit
b4036lamBMaltoporin, maltose high-affinity uptake system; phage lambda receptor protein
b4037malMPeriplasmic protein in malK operon, function unknown
b4038yjbIPseudogene, pentapeptide repeat-related protein
b4039ubiCChorismate--pyruvate lyase
b4040ubiA4-Hydroxybenzoate polyprenyltransferase
b4041plsBGlycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase
b4042dgkADiacylglycerol kinase
b4043lexAGlobal regulator (repressor) for SOS regulon; dimeric
b4044dinFOxidative stress resistance protein; predicted MATE family efflux pump; UV and mitomycin C inducible
b4045yjbJStress-induced protein, UPF0337 family, function unknown
b4046zurRepressor for znuABC, the zinc high-affinity transport genes; dimer; binds two Zn(II) ions per monomer
b4047yjbLFunction unknown
b4048yjbMFunction unknown
b4049dusAtRNA-dihydrouridine synthase A
b4050pspGEffector of phage shock response; over expression reduces motility, function unknown
b4051qorAQuinone oxidoreductase A, NADPH dependent
b4052dnaBReplicative DNA helicase; DNA-dependent ATPase involved in DNA synthesis; binds DNA contrahelicase termination protein Tus at Ter sites; possibly involved in DNA recombination
b4053alrAlanine racemase
b4054tyrBTyrosine aminotransferase; aromatic amino acid aminotransferase; phenylalanine aminotransferase; dicarboxylic amino acid aminotransferase; homodimeric
b4055aphAAcid phosphatase, periplasmic, class B, nucleotidase; active on 3'- and 5'-mononucleotides and monodeoxynucleotides; glucose-repressed; monomeric
b4056yjbQMulticopy suppressor of thiE and pdxB; weak thiamin phosphate synthase activity
b4057yjbRFunction unknown
b4058uvrAExcision nuclease subunit A; nucleotide excision repair of UV damage to DNA; LexA regulon; binds Zn(II)
b4059ssbSingle-stranded DNA-binding protein; alkali-inducible; homotetramer
b4060yjcBFunction unknown
b4061yjcCPredicted membrane-anchored cyclic-di-GMP phosphodiesterase
b4062soxSGlobal transcription regulator for superoxide response; AraC family
b4063soxRRedox-sensitive transcriptional activator for soxS; AraC family
b4064yjcDPredicted purine permease, function unknown
b4065yjcEFunction unknown; similar to eukaryotic Na+/H+ exchangers, but not involved in Na+ extrusion
b4066yjcFPentapeptide repeat protein, function unknown
b4067actPAcetate permease
b4068yjcHInner membrane protein, DUF485 family, function unknown
b4069acsAcetyl CoA synthase, acetate-scavenging enzyme, improves carbon starvation survival
b4070nrfACytochrome c nitrite reductase, cytochrome c552, periplasmic; formate-dependent; required for NO synthesis
b4071nrfBCytochrome c nitrite reductase, pentaheme cytochrome, periplasmic; formate-dependent; required for NO synthesis
b4072nrfCFormate-dependent nitrite reduction; nonheme FE-S protein, ferredoxin-like
b4073nrfDFormate-dependent nitrite reduction; transmembrane protein similar to QOR
b4074nrfERequired for NrfA maturation; NrfEFG heme lyase complex; formate-dependent nitrite reduction
b4075nrfFRequired for NrfA maturation; NrfEFG heme lyase complex; formate-dependent nitrite reduction
b4076nrfGRequired for NrfA maturation; binds NrfA; NrfEFG heme lyase complex; formate-dependent nitrite reduction
b4077gltPProton-glutamate-aspartate transport protein
b4078yjcOFunction unknown, TPR-like repeats, Sel1 family
b4079fdhFFormate dehydrogenase H, selenopeptide; molybdate-dependent, sulfur-dependent; part of FHL-1 and FHL-2 (formate hydrogenlyase) complexes
b4080mdtPOuter membrane factor (OMF) of MdtNOP efflux pump; probable lipoprotein, Cys conserved; tolC homolog; mutants are sensitive to acriflavin and puromycin
b4081mdtOPET family membrane translocase (MDR) of MdtNOP efflux pump; mdtP mutants are sensitive to acriflavin and puromycin
b4082mdtNMembrane fusion protein (MFP) of MdtNOP efflux pump, signal anchor; mdtP mutants are sensitive to acriflavin and puromycin
b4083yjcSFunction unknown
b4084alsKD-allose kinase
b4085alsED-allulose-6-phosphate 3-epimerase
b4086alsCD-allose transport, membrane component
b4087alsAD-allose ABC transporter ATP-binding protein
b4088alsBD-allose-binding protein, periplasmic
b4089rpiRRepressor for als operon and rpiB
b4090rpiBRibose-5-phosphate isomerase B; allose-6-phosphate isomerase
b4092phnP5-phospho-alpha-D-ribosyl 1,2-cyclic phosphate phosphodiesterase; phosphonate catabolism
b4093phnOAminoalkylphosphonate N-acetyltransferase
b4094phnNCarbon-phosphorus lyase complex, ribose 1,5-bisphosphokinase subunit; also functions in an alternative pathway for PRPP formation
b4095phnMRibophosphonate triphosphate hydrolase
b4096phnLRibophosphonate triphosphate synthase subunit; phosphonate catabolism
b4097phnKPutative phosphonate ABC transporter ATP-binding subunit; phosphonate catabolism
b4098phnJPhosphoribosyl phosphonate carbon-phosphorus lyase; SAM-dependent; phosphonate catabolism
b4099phnIRibophosphonate triphosphate synthase complex, probable catalytic subunit; phosphonate catabolism
b4100phnHRibophosphonate triphosphate synthase subunit; phosphonate catabolism
b4101phnGRibophosphonate triphosphate synthase subunit; phosphonate catabolism
b4102phnFPhosphonate utilization, probable regulatory gene
b4104phnEPseudogene reconstruction, phosphonate ABC transporter permease; phosphonate catabolism
b4105phnDPhosphonate ABC transporter periplasmic binding protein; phosphonate catabolism
b4106phnCPhosphonate ABC transporter PhnCDE ATP-binding subunit; phosphonate catabolism
b4107yjdNFunction unknown
b4108yjdMFunction unknown
b4109yjdAMutational suppressor of yhjH motility defect, function unknown; dynamin GTPase superfamily
b4110yjcZMutational suppressor of yhjH motility defect, function unknown
b4111proPProline/betaine permease, minor; osmosensor/osmoregulator
b4112basSHistidine protein kinase sensor for Lipid A modification genes; two-component system involved in polymyxin resistance that senses high extracellular Fe(2+)
b4113basRResponse regulator for Lipid A modification genes; two-component system involved in polymyxin resistance that senses high extracellular Fe(2+)
b4114eptALipid A phosphoethanolamine transferase, associated with polymyxin resistance
b4115adiCArginine:agmatine antiporter; arginine-dependent acid resistance; acid-inducible membrane protein
b4116adiYTranscriptional activator for adiA, AraC family
b4117adiAArginine decarboxylase, acid-inducible; arginine-dependent acid resistance
b4118melRTranscriptional activator for melAB, AraC family; autoregulatory repressor in absence of co-activator melibiose
b4120melBMelibiose permease; thiomethylgalactoside permease II
b4121yjdFFunction unknown
b4122fumBFumarase B, anaerobic
b4123dcuBC4-dicarboxylate transporter, anaerobic; DcuS co-sensor
b4124dcuRResponse regulator for C4-dicarboxylate; two-component system regulation of anaerobic fumurate respiratory system
b4125dcuSHistidine protein kinase sensor for C4-dicarboxylate; two-component system regulation of anaerobic fumurate respiratory system
b4126yjdIFunction unknown
b4127yjdJPredicted acetyltransferase
b4128yjdKFunction unknown
b4129lysULysine--tRNA ligase, heat inducible; Ap4A and Ap3A synthase
b4130dtpCDipeptide and tripeptide permease C
b4131cadALysine decarboxylase, inducible; decameric
b4132cadBLysine-cadaverine antiporter
b4133cadCTranscriptional activator for cadBA, low external pH-, low oxygen-, excess lysine-responsive; homodimeric
b4134pheUPhenylalanine tRNA(GAA)
b4135yjdCPutative transcriptional repressor, function unknown
b4136dsbDTransmembrane protein-disulfide reductase, transfers electrons from cytoplasmic thioredoxin to the periplasm
b4137cutACopper sensitivity, binds Cu(II); possible role in cytochrome c maturation; trimeric
b4138dcuAC4-dicarboxylate transporter, anaerobic
b4139aspAL-Aspartate ammonia-lyase; L-aspartase
b4140fxsASuppresses F exclusion of phage T7
b4141yjeHPutative transporter, function unknown
b4142groSChaperonin Cpn10; GroESL small subunit GroES; phage morphogenesis
b4143groLChaperonin Cpn60; phage morphogenesis; GroESL large subunit GroEL, weak ATPase; binds Ap4A
b4144yjeINovel verified lipoprotein, function unknown
b4145yjeJFunction unknown
b4146epmBRequired for lysylation of EF-P Lys34; weak lysine 2,3-aminomutase activity; required for EF-P-mediated translation of polyprolines
b4147efpPolyproline-specific translation elongation factor EF-P
b4148sugEMultidrug efflux pump; overexpression resistance to cetylpyridinium
b4149blcOuter membrane lipoprotein, cell division and growth function; monomeric; prokaryotic lipocalin
b4150ampCIntrinsic weak beta-lactamase activity; penicillin resistance; affects morphology; penicillin-binding protein
b4151frdDFumarate reductase membrane anchor polypeptide
b4152frdCFumarate reductase membrane anchor polypeptide
b4153frdBFumarate reductase iron-sulfur protein subunit
b4154frdAFumarate reductase flavoprotein subunit
b4155epmAElongation Factor P Lys34 lysyltransferase; required for EF-P-mediated translation of polyprolines
b4156yjeMPutative transporter, function unknown
b4157yjeNFunction unknown
b4158yjeOInner membrane protein, function unknown
b4159mscMMechanosensitive channel protein, miniconductance
b4160psdPhosphatidylserine decarboxylase, phospholipid biosynthesis
b4161rsgARibosome-stimulated GTPase, 30S subunit assemby; low adundance protein; putative RNA binding protein
b4162orn3' to 5' oligoribonuclease; mutants accumulate oligoribonucleotides that are 2-5 residues long
b4163glyVGlycine tRNA(GCC) 3
b4164glyXGlycine tRNA(GCC) 3
b4165glyYGlycine tRNA(GCC) 3
b4166queGEpoxyqueuosine reductase, cobalamine-stimulated; queuosine biosynthesis
b4167nnrBifunctional NAD(P)H-hydrate repair enzyme; C-terminal domain ADP-dependent (S)-NAD(P)H-hydrate dehydratase and N-terminal domain NAD(P)H-hydrate epimerase
b4168tsaEtRNA(NNU) t(6)A37 threonylcarbamoyladenosine modification; ADP binding protein
b4169amiBN-acetylmuramyl-L-alanine amidase, periplasmic; role in septal cleavage during cell division; overexpression causes lysis, osmotic hypersensitivity; activated by EnvC
b4170mutLMethyl-directed mismatch repair; matchmaker protein; weak DNA-stimulated ATPase
b4171miaADimethylallyl diphosphate:tRNA dimethylallyltransferase; 2-methylthio-N6-(dimethylallyl)adenosine tRNA hypermodification
b4172hfqGlobal regulator of sRNA function; host factor for RNA phage Q beta replication; HF-I; DNA- and RNA-binding protein; RNA chaperone; binds ATP and RNAP
b4173hflXGTPase, stimulated by 50S subunit binding, function unknown
b4174hflKMembrane bound protease complex with FtsH and HflC; regulates lysogeny; non-essential
b4175hflCMembrane bound protease complex, with FtsH and HflK; regulates lysogeny; non-essential
b4176yjeTFunction unknown, DUF2065 family
b4177purAAdenylosuccinate synthase, purine synthesis
b4178nsrRNitric oxide-sensitive repressor; regulates hmp, ygbA, ytfE, tehA and hcp-hcr
b4179rnrExoribonuclease R, RNase R
b4180rlmB23S rRNA mG2251 2'-O-ribose methyltransferase, SAM-dependent
b4181yjfIFunction unknown, DUF2170 family
b4182yjfJFunction unknown, PspA/IM30 family
b4183yjfKFunction unknown, DUF2491 family
b4184yjfLInner membrane protein, UPF0719 family, function unknown
b4185yjfMDUF1190 family protein, function unknown; helps mitigate tolC mutant defects
b4186yjfCATP-Grasp family ATPase, function unknown; helps mitigate tolC mutant defects
b4187aidBDNA alkylation damage repair protein; flavin-containing DNA binding protein, weak isovaleryl CoA dehydrogenase
b4188yjfNPredicted periplasmic protein, YhcN family, function unknown
b4189bsmAConfers peroxide resistance in bioflms, YhcN family; mutants are hypermotile on soft agar; probable lipoprotein, function unknown; Cys conserved
b4190yjfPAcyl CoA esterase actviity in vitro, function unknown
b4191ulaRRepressor for the L-ascorbate utilization (ula) divergon
b4192ulaGL-ascorbate-6-phosphate lactonase, involved in the utilization of L-ascorbate by anaerobic fermentation; has phosphodiesterase activity
b4193ulaAAscorbate-specific PTS system EIIC component; L-ascorbate uptake
b4194ulaBAscorbate-specific PTS system EIIB component; L-ascorbate uptake
b4195ulaCAscorbate-specific PTS system EIIA component; L-ascorbate uptake
b4196ulaD3-keto-L-gulonate-6-phosphate decarboxylase; involved in the utilization of L-ascorbate by anaerobic fermentation; dimeric
b4197ulaEL-xylulose 5-phosphate 3-epimerase; involved in the utilization of L-ascorbate by anaerobic fermentation
b4198ulaFL-ribulose 5-phosphate 4-epimerase; involved in the utilization of L-ascorbate by anaerobic fermentation
b4199yjfYPredicted periplasmic protein, YhcN family, function unknown
b4200rpsF30S ribosomal subunit protein S6; suppressor of dnaG-Ts
b4201priBPrimosomal protein n; ssDNA-binding protein
b4202rpsR30S ribosomal subunit protein S18
b4203rplI50S ribosomal subunit protein L9
b4204yjfZFunction unknown
b4205ytfAPseudogene, C-terminal fragment
b4206ytfBFunction unknown
b4207fklBFKBP-type peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase; contains pipecolic acid residue
b4208cycAD-alanine, beta-alanine, D-serine, glycine permease; D-cycloserine uptake
b4209ytfEIron-sulfur cluster repair protein; RIC; confers resistance to nitric oxide and hydrogen peroxide; di-iron center
b4210ytfFProbable amino acid exporter, DUF6 family
b4211qorBQuinone oxidoreductase B, NADPH dependent; QOR2
b4212ytfHPredicted transcriptional regulator, HxlR-type, DUF24 family; function unknown
b4213cpdB2',3'-cyclic nucleotide 2'-phosphodiesterase, periplasmic
b4214cysQ3'-phosphoadenosine 5'-phosphate (pAp) phosphatase; converts pAp to AMP; inhibited by lithium and calcium, leading to pAP accumulation; probable PAPS (adenosine 3'-phosphate 5'-phosphosulfate) 3'(2'),5'-bisphosphate nucleotidase: probably converts PAPS to
b4215ytfIFunction unknown
b4216ytfJExpressed periplasmic protein, function unknown
b4217ytfKFunction unknown, DUF1107 family
b4218ytfLInner membrane protein, UPF0053 family, function unknown
b4219msrAMethionine sulfoxide reductase A; specific for S diastereoisomers
b4220tamATranslocation and assembly module for autotransporter export; outer membrane subunit
b4221tamBTranslocation and assembly module for autotransporter export; inner membrane subunit; required for outer membrane integrity
b4222ytfPGamma-glutamyl cyclotransferase (GGCT) domain protein, function unknown
b4224chpSChpS antitoxin, toxin is ChpB
b4225chpBChpB toxin and mRNA interferase, antitoxin is ChpS; reversible inhibitor of translation, by mRNA cleavage
b4226ppaInorganic pyrophosphatase; binds Zn(II); homohexameric, dimer of trimers
b4227ytfQGalactofuranose binding protein, periplasmic; part of a predicted ABC transporter YtfQRT-YjfF probably specific for galactofuranse transport
b4230ytfTPredicted ABC transporter permease protein; part of a predicted ABC transporter YtfQRT-YjfF probably specific for galactofuranse transport
b4231yjfFPredicted ABC transporter permease protein; part of a predicted ABC transporter YtfQRT-YjfF probably specific for galactofuranse transport
b4232fbpFructose-1,6-bisphosphatase; allosteric: inhibited by AMP
b4233mplUDP-N-acetylmuramate:L-alanyl-gamma-D-glutamyl-meso-diaminopimelate ligase; recycles cell wall peptidoglycan
b4234yjgARibosome-associated protein, UPF0307 family, function unknown
b4235pmbAProbable peptidase required for the maturation and secretion of the antibiotic peptide MccB17; involved in CcdA antidote degradation; tolerance for effects on DNA gyrase by sex factor F gene letD
b4236cybCPseudogene, N-terminal fragment, cytochrome b562
b4237nrdGRibonucleotide reductase activase, generating glycyl radical; contains iron; binds NrdD tightly
b4238nrdDRibonucleoside-triphosphate reductase; class III anaerobic ribonucleotide reductase
b4239treCTrehalose-6-phosphate hydrolase, osmoprotectant
b4240treBTrehalose permease PTS EIIBC component
b4241treRRepressor of trehalose operon
b4242mgtAMagnesium transporter, ATP-dependent; mutant has cobalt resistance; mediates Mg(2+) influx
b4243ridAEnamine/imine deaminase, reaction intermediate detoxification
b4244pyrIAspartate carbamoyltransferase, regulatory subunit; aspartate transcarbamylase; ATCase; aspartate transcarbamoylase
b4245pyrBAspartate carbamoyltransferase, catalytic subunit; ATCase; aspartate transcarbamylase; aspartate transcarbamoylase
b4246pyrLpyrBI operon regulatory leader peptide
b4248yjgHPutative reactive intermediate deaminase, UPF0076 family; reaction intermediate detoxification
b4249bdcAc-di-GMP-binding biofilm dispersal mediator protein
b4251bdcRTranscriptional repressor for divergent bdcA
b4252tabAReduces fimA expression and influences biofilm formation
b4253yjgLFunction unknown
b4254argIOrnithine carbamoyltransferase; ornithine transcarbamylase; OTCase
b4255rraBProtein inhibitor of RNase E
b4256yjgMPredicted acetyltransferase
b4257yjgNInner membrane protein, DUF898 family, function unknown
b4258valSValine--tRNA ligase
b4259holCDNA polymerase III, chi subunit
b4260pepAMultifunctional Aminopeptidase A; transcriptional regulator of carAB; DNA-binding role in site-specific recombination mediating ColE1 plasmid multimer resolution; homohexameric
b4261lptFLipopolysaccharide export ABC permease; LptBFGC export complex
b4262lptGLipopolysaccharide export ABC permease; LptBFGC export complex
b4263yjgRFunction unknown, DUF853 family with NTPase fold
b4264idnRidn operon activator; represses GntR-regulated genes gntKU and gntT
b4265idnTL-Idonate transporter; also transports 5-keto-D-gluconate (Reed, 2006)
b4266idnO5-keto-D-Gluconate 5-reductase
b4267idnDL-Idonate 5-dehydrogenase
b4268idnKD-Gluconate kinase
b4269yjgBPredicted alcohol dehydrogenase, Zn-dependent and NAD(P)-binding
b4270leuXLeucine tRNA(UAA) 5 (amber [UAG] suppressor)
b4271intBPseudogene reconstruction, P4-like integrase
b4272insC11IS2 transposase A
b4273insD11IS2 transposase B
b4274yjgXPseudogene reconstruction, EptAB family
b4277yjgZFunction unknown
b4278insGIS4 transposase
b4279yjhBPredicted transporter, function unknown; N-acetylneuraminic acid inducible
b4280yjhCPredicted oxidoreductase, function unknown; N-acetylneuraminic acid inducible
b4281yjhDPseudogene, C-terminal fragment
b4282yjhEPseudogene, putative transporter remnant; internal fragment near C-terminus
b4284insI4IS30 transposase
b4286yjhVPseudogene, C-terminal fragment
b4287fecEFerric citrate ATP-binding, membrane-associated transport protein
b4288fecDFerric citrate transport membrane permease
b4289fecCFerric citrate transport membrane permease
b4290fecBFerric citrate-binding protein, periplasmic
b4291fecAOuter membrane ferric citrate receptor; ferric citrate uptake, TonB-dependent; signals FecR to activate FecI
b4292fecRTransmembrane signal transducer for ferric citrate transport; recognizes FecA:ferric citrate complex in periplasm and activates FecI sigma factor in cytoplasm
b4293fecIAlternative RNAP sigma factor required for fecA promoter; activated by FecR
b4294insA6IS1 transposase A
b4295yjhUPredicted transcriptional regulator, function unknown
b4296yjhFPredicted GntP family transporter, function unknown
b4297yjhGPredicted dehydratase, function unknown
b4298yjhHFunction unknown
b4299yjhIFunction unknown
b4300sgcRPutative sgc cluster transcriptional regulator
b4301sgcEPredicted pentose-5-phosphate 3-epimerase
b4302sgcAPredicted phosphotransferase enzyme IIA
b4303sgcQPutative gene in sgc gene cluster, function unknown
b4304sgcCPredicted phosphotransferase enzyme IIC
b4305sgcXPeptidase homolog, function unknown
b4306yjhPPutative SAM-dependent methyltransferase, function unknown
b4307yjhQPredicted acetyltransferase
b4308yjhRPseudogene reconstruction, helicase family, C-terminal fragment
b4309nanS9-O-acetyl N-acetylneuraminic acid deacetylase; sialyl esterase
b4310nanMN-acetylneuraminic acid mutarotase
b4311nanCN-acetylneuraminic acid outer membrane channel protein
b4312fimBSite-specific recombinase, fimA promoter inversion; mediates fimbriae phase switching, along with FimE
b4313fimESite-specific recombinase, fimA promoter inversion; biased towards the "ON to OFF" fimbriae phase switching direction
b4314fimAFimbrin type 1, major structural subunit; phase variation
b4315fimIRequired for fimbriae biosynthesis, FimA homolog
b4316fimCPeriplasmic chaperone for type 1 fimbriae; FimCD chaperone-usher transport
b4317fimDOuter membrane fimbrial subunit export usher protein; involved in export and assembly of type 1 fimbrial subunits; FimCD chaperone-usher transport
b4318fimFFimbrin type 1 minor component; fimbrial morphology, assembly
b4319fimGFimbrin type 1 minor component; fimbriae length; perhaps inhibits polymerization in type 1 fimbriae assembly
b4320fimHMinor type 1 fimbrial subunit; membrane-specific adhesin; mediates mannose-binding to host surfaces
b4321gntPFructuronate and gluconate transporter
b4322uxuAD-Mannonate dehydratase (hydrolase); Fe(2)-requiring; glucuronate branch of hexuronate pathway
b4323uxuBD-Mannonate oxidoreductase, NAD-dependent; glucuronate branch of hexuronate pathway
b4324uxuRRepressor for UxuR regulon; true inducer is fructuronate
b4325yjiCFunction unknown
b4326iraDRpoS stabilzer after DNA damage, anti-RssB factor; anti-adapter protein
b4327yjiEHypochlorite-responsive transcription factor; initially identified as a cell density-dependent motility repressor
b4328iadAIsoaspartyl dipeptidase
b4329yjiGInner membrane protein, SpmB family, function unknown
b4330yjiHPredicted inner membrane protein, function unknown
b4331kptARNA 2'-phosphotransferase; ligates tRNA substrate in vitro, physiological role and in vivo substrate unknown
b4332yjiJPredicted MFS transporter, function unknown
b4333yjiKFunction unknown
b4334yjiLFunction unknown
b4335yjiMFunction unknown
b4336yjiNZinc-type alcohol dehydrogenase-like protein, function unknown
b4337mdtMMultidrug resistance efflux protein; overexpression resistance to acriflavin, chloramphenicol, TPP, norfloxacin and ethidium
b4339yjiPPseudogene reconstruction, transposase family
b4340yjiRPredicted HTH transcriptional regulator with aminotransferase domain, function unknown; MocR family
b4341yjiSFunction unknown
b4342yjiTPseudogene, N-terminal fragment
b4345mcrCMcrBC restriction endonuclease, specificity subunit; 5-methylcytosine-specific; requires GTP, inhibited by ATP
b4346mcrBMcrBC restriction endonuclease, catalytic subunit; 5-methylcytosine-specific; requires GTP, inhibited by ATP
b4347symEToxic peptide regulated by antisense sRNA symR, function unknown
b4348hsdSSpecificity determinant for HsdM and HsdR
b4349hsdMDNA methyltransferase M, host modification of foreign DNA
b4350hsdREndonuclease R, host restriction of foreign DNA; Type I restriction enzyme; ClpXP-dependent degradation
b4351mrrRestriction of DNA with certain methylated adenine or cytosine residues
b4352yjiAPredicted GTPase, binds GTP, function unknown; may have role in zinc homeostasis
b4353yjiXFunction unknown; ybdD paralog; may be involved with oligopeptide uptake
b4354yjiYPredicted transporter, function unknown; YehTU-regulated in stationary phase
b4355tsrSerine chemoreceptor, methyl-accepting; MCP I; also senses repellents; flagellar regulon
b4356yjjLL-galactonate transporter; mutants fail to grow on L-galactonate (Reed, 2006); membrane protein
b4357yjjMPositive transcriptional regulator for yjjM and/or yjjN; mutants fail to grow on L-galactonate (Reed, 2006)
b4358yjjNL-galactonate oxidoreductase; L-galactonate catabolism
b4359opgBPhosphoglycerol transferases I and II, OPG biolsynthesis
b4360yjjAPredicted secreted protein, function unknown
b4361dnaCDNA biosynthesis, helicase DnaB loader; dual ATP/ADP switch protein
b4362dnaTPrimasomal protein i
b4363yjjBFunction unknown; expressed P14 protein upstream of dnaTC; putative membrane protein with 4 TM helices
b4364yjjPInner membrane protein, DUF1212 family, function unknown; H-NS-repressed
b4365yjjQTranscriptional regulator, function unknown; H-NS-repressed, dimeric
b4366bglJTranscriptional activator for the silent bgl operon; requires the bglJ4 allele to function; LuxR family
b4367fhuFSiderophore-iron reductase; releases iron from hydroxamate-type siderophores; cytoplasmic
b4368leuVLeucine tRNA(CAG) 1, tandemly triplicate leuVPQ, duplicate with leuT
b4369leuPLeucine tRNA(CAG) 1; tandemly triplicate leuVPQ, duplicate with leuT
b4370leuQLeucine tRNA(CAG) 1; tandemly triplicate, and duplicate with leuT
b4371rsmC16S rRNA m(2)G1207 methyltransferase, SAM-dependent
b4372holDDNA polymerase, psi subunit, clamp loader complex subunit
b4373rimIRibosomal protein S18 N-acetyltransferase; modification of 30S ribosomal subunit protein S18; acetylation of N-terminal alanine
b4374yjjGNoncanonical pyrimidine nucleotide house-cleaning phosphatase; dUMP phosphatase activity
b4375prfCPeptide chain release factor 3, RF-3; stimulates activity of RF-1 and RF-2
b4376osmYOsmotically induced periplasmic protein, function unknown; mutant is slightly salt sensitive
b4377yjjUPredicted phospholipase, patatin-like family, function unknown
b4378yjjVPredicted DNase, function unknown; tatD paralog but no Tat phenotype
b4379yjjWPredicted YjjI activase, function unknown
b4380yjjIPutative glycine radical enzyme, function unknown
b4381deoC2-deoxy-D-ribose 5-phosphate aldolase (DERA); deoxyriboaldolase
b4382deoAThymidine phosphorylase; homodimeric
b4383deoBPhosphopentomutase; deoxyribouratase
b4384deoDPurine nucleoside phosphorylase; PNP; hexamer
b4385yjjJPutative HipA-superfamily protein kinase
b4386lplALipoate-protein ligase A; selenolipoate resistant
b4387ytjBFunction unknown, membrane protein
b4388serBPhosphoserine phosphatase; HAD9
b4389radASensitivity to gamma and UV radiation
b4390nadRNMN adenylyltransferase/ribosylnicotinamide kinase/repressor; nicotinamide mononucleotide adenyltransferase; involved in transport of nicotinamide riboside (NR) by PnuC
b4391yjjKPredicted ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein; low abundance protein
b4392sltSoluble lytic murein transglycosylase Slt70, major autolysin, periplasmic
b4393trpRAutogenously regulated tryptophan repressor protein; regulator of trp operon, aroH, and other members of the TrpR regulon; 5-Methyltryptophan resistance
b4394yjjXInosine/xanthosine triphosphatase; may be involved in detoxifying ITP and XTP; dimeric
b4395ytjCPhosphatase, function unknown; multicopy suppressor of serB
b4396robRight oriC-binding transcriptional activator, AraC family
b4397creAPredicted secreted protein, function unknown
b4398creBResponse regulator for CreBC regulon; induced by growth in minimal medium
b4399creCSensor kinase for CreBC regulon; induced by growth in minimal medium
b4400creDInner membrane protein, function unknown
b4401arcAResponse regulator, represses aerobic genes during anaerobic growth; also activates some anaerobic genes; phosphorylated by two-component sensor kinase ArcB; RpoS represssor
b4402yjjYFunction unknown
b4403yjtDPutative methyltransferase, function unknown
b4406yaePFunction unknown
b4407thiSImmediate sulfur donor in thiazole formation; C-terminal thiocarboxylate; ThiF-ThiS complex
b4408csrBCsrA-binding sRNA, antagonizing CsrA regulation; blocks the CsrA binding of glgC mRNA
b4409blrbeta-Lactam resistance protein; divisome-associated membrane protein; multi-copy suppressor of ftsQ1(Ts)
b4410ecnALipoprotein antitoxin to bacteriolytic lipoprotein entericidin B (ecnB) toxin
b4411ecnBBacteriolytic lipoprotein entericidin B toxin
b4412hokCSmall toxic membrane polypeptide, multimeric; homologous to plasmid-encoded plasmid stabilization toxins regulated by antisense RNA; functional relevance of chromosomal homologs is unknown
b4413sokCAntisense sRNA blocking mokC, and hence hokC, translation
b4414tffNovel sRNA, function unknown
b4415hokEPutative small toxic membrane polypeptide; homologous to plasmid-encoded plasmid stabilization toxins regulated by antisense RNA; regulatory antisense sRNA antitoxin is SokE
b4417rybBsRNA effector of ompC and ompW mRNA instability; requires Hfq
b4418psrDNovel sRNA, function unknown
b4419ldrAToxic peptide LdrA, in LDR-A repeat; proposed addiction module, with antisense sRNA rdlA
b4420rdlAAntisense sRNA RdlA affects LdrA translation; proposed addiction module in LDR-A repeat, with toxic peptide LdrA
b4421ldrBToxic peptide LdrB, in LDR-B repeat; proposed addiction module, with antisense sRNA rdlB
b4422rdlBAntisense sRNA RdlB affects LdrB translation; proposed addiction module in LDR-B repeat, with toxic peptide LdrB
b4423ldrCToxic peptide LdrC, in LDR-C repeat; proposed addiction module, with antisense sRNA rdlC
b4424rdlCAntisense sRNA RdlC affects LdrC translation; proposed addiction module in LDR-C repeat, with toxic peptide LdrC
b4425rttRrtT sRNA, processed from tyrT transcript; encodes putative Tpr protein; RNA itself may modulate the stringent response
b4426mcaSMotility and biofilm regulator
b4427micCMicC sRNA regulator of OmpC translation
b4428hokBSmall toxic membrane polypeptide; homologous to plasmid-encoded plasmid stabilization toxins regulated by antisense RNA; functional relevance of chromosomal homologs is unknown
b4429sokBAntisense sRNA blocking mokB, and hence hokB, translation
b4430rydBNovel sRNA, function unknown
b4431rprAPositive regulatory antisense sRNA for rpoS translation
b4432ryeANovel sRNA, function unknown
b4433sdsRStationary phase sRNA, mutS regulator
b4435isrCNovel sRNA, function unknown, CP4-44; putative prophage remnant
b4436sibAAntisense sRNA regulator of toxic IbsA protein; in SIBa repeat
b4437sibBAntisense sRNA regulator of toxic IbsB protein; in SIBb repeat
b4438cyaRsRNA effector of ompX mRNA instability, cAMP-induced; hfq-dependent
b4439micFRegulatory antisense sRNA affecting ompF expression; member of soxRS regulon
b4440ryfANovel sRNA, function unknown
b4441glmYsRNA activator of glmS mRNA, glmZ processing antagonist
b4442micAsRNA regulator of ompA, lamB, ompX and phoP, Hfq-dependent
b4443gcvBGcvB sRNA gene divergent from gcvA; represses oppA, dppA, gltI and livJ expression; regulated by gcvA and gcvR; this is gcvB-L, terminated at T2, 90% of gcvB RNA is from gcvB-S, encoding a 134 nt RNA terminating at T1
b4444omrAsRNA downregulating OM proteins and curli; positively regulated by OmpR/EnvZ; binds Hfq
b4445omrBsRNA downregulating OM proteins and curli; positively regulated by OmpR/EnvZ; binds Hfq
b4446sibCAntisense sRNA regulator of toxic IbsC protein; in SIBc repeat
b4447sibDAntisense sRNA regulator of toxic IbsD protein; in SIBd repeat
b4449psrONovel sRNA, function unknown
b4450arcZsRNA positive antisense regulator of rpoS; binds Hfq
b4451ryhBRegulatory sRNA mediating positive Fur regulon response; requires Hfq for function; global iron regulator; degraded by RNase E when bound to target
b4452gadYsRNA regulator of gadAB transcriptional activator GadX mRNA
b4453ldrDToxic peptide LdrD, in LDR-D repeat; proposed addiction module, with antisense sRNA rdlD
b4454rdlDAntisense sRNA RdlD affects LdrD translation; proposed addiction module in LDR-D repeat, with toxic peptide LdrD
b4455hokASmall toxic membrane polypeptide; homologous to plasmid-encoded plasmid stabilization toxins regulated by antisense RNA; functional relevance of chromosomal homologs is unknown
b4456glmZsRNA antisense activator of glmS mRNA, Hfq-dependent
b4457csrCCsrC sRNA sequesters CsrA, a carbon flux regulator; also affects biofilms and motilty
b4458oxySOxyS sRNA activates genes that detoxify oxidative damage
b4459ryjANovel sRNA, function unknown
b4460araHHigh-affinity L-arabinose transport, membrane protein
b4461yfjDInner membrane protein, UPF0053 family, function unknown; four transmembrane helices predicted; possibly involved in Co2+ resistance
b4462ygaQPseudogene reconstruction, has alpha-amylase-related domain; reported to be required for swarming phenotype
b4463ygcUFunction unknown
b4464ygfQPredicted purine permease, function unknown
b4465yggPPredicted dehydrogenase, function unknown
b4466yghJLarge probable lipoprotein, function unknown; Cys conserved
b4467glcFGlycolate oxidase 4Fe-4S iron-sulfur cluster subunit
b4468glcEGlycolate oxidase subunit
b4469ygiQRadical SAM superfamily protein, function unknown
b4470yhaMFunction unknown
b4471tdcGAnaerobic pathway, L-serine deaminase, L-serine dehydratase
b4472yhdPFunction unknown, TIGR02099 family
b4473smfFunction unknown, possible role in DNA metabolism
b4474frlCFructoselysine 3-epimerase; interconverts fructoselysine and psicoselysine, allowing psicoselysine catabolism via the frl pathway
b4475rtcARNA 3'-terminal phosphate cyclase; 5' adenylyltransferase; physiological role unknown
b4476gntULow-affinity gluconate transport protein, membrane protein
b4477dgoA2-oxo-3-deoxygalactonate 6-phosphate aldolase
b4478dgoDGalactonate dehydratase
b4479dgoRTranscriptional repressor for the dgoRKAT operon; growth on 2-keto-3-deoxygalactonate; binds D-galactonate as an inducer
b4480hdfRTranscriptional regulator of the flhDC operon, hns-dependent; not allelic to pssR
b4481wecFTDP-Fuc4NAc:Lipid II transferase; needed for ECA (enterobacterial common antigen) synthesis
b4482yigEFunction unknown, DUF2233 family
b4483tatDQuality control of Tat-exported FeS proteins; Mg-dependent cytoplasmic DNase; mutant has no general Tat defect
b4484cpxPInhibitor of the cpx response; periplasmic adaptor protein, targets some proteins to DegP; dimeric
b4485ytfRPredicted ABC transporter ATP-binding protein; part of a predicted ABC transporter YtfQRT-YjfF probably specific for galactofuranse transport
b4486yjiVPseudogene reconstruction, helicase-like, C-terminal fragment
b4487yjdPPredicted secreted protein, function unknown; compositional bias
b4488ilvGPseudogene reconstruction, acetohydroxy acid synthase II; AHAS-II (ALS-II); valine insensitive; large subunit
b4489oriCOrigin of chromosomal DNA replication, bidirectional
b4490efeUPseudogene reconstruction, ferrous iron permease; intact gene involved in iron uptake
b4491ycgHPseudogene reconstruction
b4492ydbAPseudogene reconstruction, autotransporter homolog; interrupted by IS2D and IS30C; reported to be required for swarming phenotype
b4493gapCPseudogene reconstruction, GAP dehydrogenase; glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase C
b4494arpBPseudogene reconstruction, ankyrin repeats
b4495yedNPseudogene reconstruction, IpaH/YopM family
b4496yedSPseudogene reconstruction, outer membrane protein homolog
b4497yeeLPseudogene reconstruction, glycosyltransferase family
b4498gatRPseudogene reconstruction, repressor for gat operon; interrupted by IS3E
b4499yehHPseudogene reconstruction
b4500yfaSPseudogene reconstruction, UPF0192 family
b4501torIInhibitor of TorR response regulator, CPS-53/KpLE1 exisionase; blocks torABC transcription
b4502yeiWUPF0153 cysteine cluster protein, function unknown
b4503yafFPseudogene, C-terminal fragment, H repeat-associated protein
b4504ykfHFunction unknown, CP4-6 putative prophage remnant
b4505insXPseudogene, IS3 family transposase, ISX' in CP4-6 prophage; N-terminal fragment
b4506ykgOExpressed protein, function unknown, RpmJ paralog
b4508peaDPseudogene, phage lambda replication protein P family; C-terminal fragment, DLP12 prophage
b4509ylcGExpressed protein, function unknown, DLP12 prophage
b4510rzoDProbable Rz1-like lipoprotein, DLP12 prophage
b4511ybdZStimulator of EntF adenylation activity, MbtH-like; enterochelin synthesis
b4512ybdDDUF466 family protein, function unknown
b4513kdpFInner membrane protein for high-affinity potassium transport
b4514ybfQPseudogene, H repeat-associated protein, RhsC-linked; putative defective transposase
b4515ybgTExpressed protein, membrane-associated, function unknown
b4516insA4IS1 transposase A
b4517gnsAMulticopy suppressor of null secG(Cs) and fabA6(Ts); overexpression increases unsaturated fatty acid content of phospholipids; gnsB paralog
b4518ymdFFunction unknown
b4519icdCPseudogene, isocitrate dehydrogenase, e14 attachment site
b4520ymgFInner membrane division septum protein, function unknown; binds FtsL, FtsI and FtsQ
b4521ycgIPseudogene reconstruction, autotransporter homolog; C-terminal fragment
b4522ymiAExpressed protein, function unknown
b4523yciXFunction unknown
b4524ycjVPseudogene reconstruction, malK paralog
b4525ymjCPseudogene, N-terminal fragment
b4526ydaEMetallothionein, function unknown, Rac prophage
b4527ydaFFunction unknown, Rac prophage
b4528rzoRProbable Rz1-like lipoprotein, Rac prophage
b4529ydbJProbable lipoprotein, DUF333 family, function unknown; Cys conserved
b4532hicAmRNA interferase toxin of hicAB TA pair; required for swarming phenotype
b4533ynfOFunction unknown, Qin prophage
b4535yniDExpressed protein, function unknown
b4536yobHFunction unknown
b4537yecJFunction unknown
b4538yoeFPseudogene, CP4-44 putative defective prophage; C-terminal fragment
b4539yoeBToxin in the YefM-YoeB toxin/antitoxin pair; has in vitro RNase activity
b4541yehKFunction unknown, very hypothetical
b4542yohOExpressed protein, function unknown
b4543ypaAFunction unknown, YfaD C-terminal domain-like protein
b4544arnEUndecaprenyl phosphate-alpha-L-ara4N exporter; flippase ArnEF subunit
b4545ypdJPseudogene, exisonase fragment, CPS-53/KpLE1 prophage
b4546ypeBFunction unknown
b4547ypfNPredicted membrane protein, UPF0370 family, function unknown
b4548ypjJFunction unknown, CP4-57 putative defective prophage
b4550arfAAlternative stalled-ribosome rescue factor A; binds 50S ribosomal subunits, synthetic lethal with ssrA; recruits RF-2
b4551yheVFunction unknown
b4552yrhCPseudogene reconstruction, N-terminal fragment
b4553ysaBPossible lipoprotein, function unknown
b4554yibTFunction unknown; homologs in Salmonella, Klebsiella, and Yersinia
b4555yicSPredicted periplasmic protein, function unknown
b4556glvGPseudogene reconstruction, 6-phospho-beta-glucosidase; missing an internal gene fragment
b4557yidDMembrane protein insertion efficiency factor, inner membrane protein
b4558yifLProbable lipoprotein, function unknown; Cys conserved
b4559yjdOFunction unknown
b4561insMPseudogene, truncated IS600 transposase
b4565sgcBPredicted phosphotransferase enzyme IIB, function unknown
b4566yjhXFunction unknown, UPF0386 family
b4567yjjZFunction unknown; Fur regulon
b4568ytjAFunction unknown; homologs widespread in Bacteria
b4569yhcEPseudogene reconstruction, interrupted by IS5R
b4570lomRPseudogene reconstruction, Rac prophage lom homolog; outer membrane protein interrupted by IS5Y, missing N-terminus
b4571wbbLPseudogene reconstruction, rhamnosyl transferase; lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis; interrupted by IS5I
b4572ylbEPseudogene reconstruction, yahG paralog
b4573insZPseudogene reconstruction, IS4 transposase family, in ISZ'
b4576insB6IS1 transposase B, pseudogene
b4577sgrSsRNA that destabilzes ptsG mRNA; regulated by sgrR
b4578insPPseudogene reconstruction, IS609 transposase A
b4579yaiXPseudogene reconstruction, acetyltransferase homolog, interrupted by IS2A
b4580yaiTPseudogene reconstruction, autotransporter family; interrupted by IS3B
b4581ybeMPseudogene reconstruction, putative CN hydrolase
b4582yoeAPseudogene reconstruction, CP4-44 putative defective prophage; interrupted by IS2F after codon 103; the C-terminal 552 codons have been deleted,
b4585chiXsRNA regulator of OM chitoporin ChiP(YbfM); also an antisense regulator for DpiB
b4586ykfMHyperlethality gene, predicted membrane protein
b4587insNPseudogene reconstruction, IS911 transposase A
b4588ylcHFunction unknown, DLP12 prophage
b4589ylcIFunction unknown
b4590ybfKFunction unknown
b4592yccBExpressed protein, function unknown
b4593ymgIFunction unknown
b4594ymgJFunction unknown
b4595yciYFunction unknown
b4596yciZFunction unknown, UPF0509 family
b4597rydCsRNA regulator of yejABEF; over-expression causes a thermosensitive growth phenotype on minimal glycerol, maltose, or ribose media
b4598yncLExpressed protein, function unknown;
b4599yneMExpressed protein, membrane-associated, function unknown; regulated by PhoPQ and Mg(2+)
b4600ydfJPseudogene reconstruction, MFS transporter family; possible K(+) transporter; interrupted by Qin prophage
b4601ydgUStationary phase expressed protein, function unknown
b4602ynhFStress response membrane protein, function unknown
b4603rseXsRNA regulating ompA and ompC translation, with Hfq
b4604yojOFunction unknown
b4606ypfMSoluble expressed protein, function unknown
b4608ohsCAntisense sRNA regulator of shoB toxin
b4609ryfDNovel sRNA, function unknown
b4611sibEAntisense sRNA regulator of toxic IbsE protein; in SIBe repeat
b4612yrhDFunction unknown
b4613dinQDamage inducible transcript, function unknown
b4614sokAPseudogene, antisense sRNA blocking mokA/hokA translation; the last 30/52 nt remain
b4615yibVPseudogene reconstruction, no homologs
b4616istRsRNAs IstR-1 and IstR-2, tisB regulators
b4618tisBToxin involved in persister formation, LexA regulon; membrane peptide that decreases proton motive force and ATP levels; expression regulated by the divergent istR-1 sRNA antitoxin
b4620yjbTFunction unknown, no homologs
b4621yjbSFunction unknown
b4622ytcAFunction unknown
b4623insOPseudogene reconstruction, IS911 transposase B
b4624ryjBNovel sRNA, function unknown
b4625symRsRNA destabilizing divergent and overlapping symE mRNA
b4626ykfNPseudogene, N-terminal remnant, YdiA family
b4627ykfLPseudogene, C-terminal fragment, CP4-6 putative prophage remnant
b4628ykfKPseudogene, N-terminal fragment, CP4-6 putative prophage remnant
b4629ptwFthrW pseudogene, CP4-6 prophage attachment site
b4630ykgPPseudogene, oxidoreductase fragment
b4631ykgQPseudogene, C-terminal fragment of a putative dehydrogenase
b4632ylbIPseudogene, internal fragment, Rhs family
b4633xisDPseudogene, exisionase fragment in defective prophage DLP12
b4634aaaDPseudogene, phage terminase protein A homolog, DLP12 prophage; N-terminal fragment,
b4635pauDargU pseudogene, DLP12 prophage attachment site
b4636ybfIPseudogene reconstruction, KdpE homolog
b4637uofRyhB-regulated Fur regulatory leader peptide
b4638ttcCPseudogene, prophage Rac integration site ttcA duplication
b4639yeeHPseudogene, internal fragment
b4640yoeGPseudogene reconstruction, CP4-44 putative defective prophage; N-terminal fragment
b4641yoeHPseudogene, CP4-44 putative defective prophage; C-terminal fragment
b4642yoeDPseudogene, CP4-44 putative defective prophage; C-terminal fragment of a putative transposase
b4643pawZCPS-53 prophage attachment site attR, argW pseudogene
b4644ypjIPseudogene reconstruction, CP4-57 putative defective prophage
b4645psaAssrA pseudogene, CP4-57 attachment site duplication; putative defective prophage
b4646yrdEPseudogene reconstruction, C-terminal fragment, yedZ paralog
b4647mokAPseudogene, overlapping regulatory peptide, enables hokB; first 11 aa deleted by IS150 insertion
b4648ysaCPseudogene, C-terminal remnant
b4649ysaDPseudogene, internal sequence remnant
b4650yibSPseudogene reconstruction, Rhs family, C-terminal fragment; RhsA-linked
b4651yibWPseudogene reconstruction, rhsA-linked; no homologs
b4652yibUPseudogene reconstruction, H repeat-associated protein; RhsA-linked
b4653yicTPseudogene, N-terminal fragment
b4654yjdQPseudogene reconstruction, P4-like integrase remnant; C-terminal fragment
b4655ythAExpressed protein, function unknown
b4656yjhYPseudogene reconstruction, novel zinc finger family protein
b4657yjhZPseudogene reconstruction, predicted acetyltransferase
b4658yghXPseudogene reconstruction, S9 peptidase family
b4659yabPPseudogene reconstruction
b4660yhiLPseudogene reconstruction, FliA regulated; YhiJ paralog
b4661yfcUPseudogene reconstruction, FimD family; insertions may improve fitness in glucose minimal medium
b4662sgrTInhibitor of glucose uptake
b4663azuCExpressed protein, membrane-associated
b4664ibsDToxic membrane protein, in SIBd repeat
b4665ibsCToxic membrane protein, in SIBc repeat
b4666ibsEToxic membrane protein, in SIBe repeat
b4667ibsAToxic membrane protein, in SIBa repeat
b4668ibsBToxic membrane protein, in SIBb repeat
b4669ilvXExpressed protein, function unknown
b4670yjeVExpressed protein, function unknown
b4671ykgRExpressed protein, function unknown
b4672ymiBExpressed protein, function unknown
b4673ymjDExpressed deletion pseudogene fusion remnant protein
b4674ynbGExpressed protein, function unknown
b4675yoaJExpressed protein, membrane-associated, function unknown
b4676yoaKExpressed protein, membrane-associated, function unknown
b4677yobIExpressed protein, function unknown
b4678yoeIExpressed protein, function unknown
b4679yohPExpressed protein, membrane-associated, function unknown
b4680ypdKExpressed protein, membrane-associated, function unknown
b4682yqcGExpressed protein, function unknown
b4683yqeLExpressed protein, function unknown
b4684yqfGExpressed protein, function unknown
b4685yrbNExpressed protein, function unknown
b4686yshBExpressed protein, function unknown
b4687shoBToxic membrane protein antisense regulated by ohsC
b4688ykgSPseudogene internal fragment; CP4-6 putative prophage remnant
b4689rzoQProbable Rz1-like lipoprotein, Qin prophage
b4690eyeANovel sRNA, function unknown, CP4-6 prophage
b4691sroHNovel sRNA, function unknown
b4692oweEPseudogene, lambda replication protein O homolog; CPS-53/KpLE1 prophage
b4693aaaEPseudogene, phage terminase protein A family, e14 prophage; C-terminal fragment
b4694yagPPseudogene, LysR family, fragment
b4695ykgTPseudogene, MobA/GlmU-related, fragment
b4696yneOPseudogene reconstruction, putative OM autotransporter adhesin; AidA homolog
b4697yrdFPseudogene, N-terminal fragment
b4698mgrRsRNA affecting sensitivity to antimicrobial peptides; regulated by PhoPQ and Mg(2+)
b4699fnrSFNR-activated anaerobic sRNA; mediates negative FNR regulation; Hfq-dependent
b4700sokEAntisense sRNA at remnant mokE/hokE locus
b4701sokXAntisense sRNA, function unknown
b4702mgtLRegulatory leader peptide for mgtA
b4703pmrRProbable regulator of BasS activity, membrane protein
b4704arrSAntisense sRNA ArrS, GadE-regulated, function unknown
b4705mntSMntR-repressed Mn(2)-response protein; MntS overexpression causes Mn(2)-sensitivity
b4706iroK3-hydroxypropionic acid resistance peptide
b4707esrEEssential sRNA of unknown function
b4708insI2IS30 transposase, pseudogene